Top 12 Birdwhistell Quotes

#1. I used to sing lullabies to voodoo dolls I kept in a chapel. Clearly, I have no place judging you." -Lucus

Kira Saito

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#2. You are
What you are looking for
In fragmented mirrors
Stop looking
Be Still
End the mind-noise
Silence Now
Eyes shut
Heart wide-open
And then you see

Gabriel Iqbal

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#3. Even a woman who has the soul of a pirate, at least pirate morals, even a woman who ... has constraints to heterosexual marriage, even a woman who is a freak in our society needs a home. The only characteristic freaks share is our knowledge that we don't fit in.

Kathy Acker

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#4. The art of creation lies in the gift of perceiving the particular and generalizing it, thus creating the particular again. It is therefore a powerful transforming force and a generator of creative solutions in relation to a given problem.


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#5. Keith Knight is mapping out a previously unknown vector of the vast cartoon universe.

Garry Trudeau

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#6. I've drawn myself apart from them all; I am my own skipper and later on I shall see where I come to land

Anne Frank

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#7. No such thing as the world becoming an easy place to save your soul in.

John Keats

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#8. None of my issues have included memory loss or unconscious actions," she said.
Thomas squinted back at her. "If they had, how would you know it?"
Molly frowned. "Valid point.

Jim Butcher

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#9. Man is a multi-sensorial being. Occasionally he verbalizes ... and we must seriously examine the implications of the fact that man does not communicate by word alone.

Ray Birdwhistell

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#10. I asked these Indians: "Do men ever make Chicha?" My question was met with gales of laughter. The women howled. Bent over in hilarity, one replied, "Men can't brew. Chicha made by men would only make gas in the belly. You are a funny man! Beer is women's work."

Alan D. Eames

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#11. I am old. I should have left before. Any fool can ride the chariots of victory. It takes judgement to get off at the right time.

Richard Sapir

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#12. Resentment is an evil so costly to our peace that we should find it more cheap to forgive even were it no more right.

Hannah More

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