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#1. That absolute pure honesty of the horse, man that's just the greatest thing there is - Author: Buck Brannaman
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#2. We may sing our hymns and psalms, and offer prayers, but they will be an abomination to God, unless we are willing to be thoroughly straightforward in our daily life. - Author: Dwight L. Moody
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#3. And that reminds me, Mama! I have just intercepted another of that puppy's floral offerings to my sister. This billet was attached to it. (Charles) - Author: Georgette Heyer
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#4. Hell, what balls! - Author: Kevin O'Leary
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#5. I come from a democratic world. My world is moderate Democrats, Reagan-type Democrats if you want, the blues or whatever you call them, the Blue Dogs. That's been my world, historically. - Author: Carl Paladino
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#6. Writing, madam, is a mechanic part of wit. A gentleman should never go beyond a song or a billet. - Author: George Etherege
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#7. I want to keep on the move, keep stimulated and challenged. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#8. Not every actor gives their life to do this job. Some just do it as a job. Well, it's my life. - Author: Jeremy Renner
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#9. The man who kills a man kills a man.
The man who kills himself kills all men.
As far as he is concerned, he wipes out the world. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#10. It's a question of attitude. If you really work at something you can do it up to a point. If you really work at being happy you can do it up to a point. But anything more than that you can't. Anything more than that is luck. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#11. Heaven know its time; the bullet has its billet - Author: Walter Scott
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#12. We cannot lead anyone farther than we have been ourselves. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#13. And if you are not a bird, then beware of coming to rest above an abyss. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#14. Abstract anger is great for rhetorical carrying on. You can go on endlessly about the post office, but it doesn't mean you're mad at your mailman. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#15. If you're a white person in the wrong neighborhood, you're an underdog. - Author: Robin Thede
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#16. An exquisite invention this, Worthy of Love's most honeyed kiss,
This art of writing billet-doux
In buds, and odors, and bright hues! In saying all one feels and thinks In clever daffodils and pinks; In puns of tulips; and in phrases, Charming for their truth, of daisies. - Author: Leigh Hunt
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#17. Every bullet has its billet. - Author: William III Of England
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#18. The afflicted are not listened to. They are like someone whose tongue has been cut out and who occasionally forgets the fact. When they move their lips no ear perceives any sound. And they themselves soon sink into impotence in the use of language, because of the certainty of not being heard. - Author: Simone Weil
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#19. The more you know, the more you owe, - Author: Li
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