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Top 10 Big Daddy Courtroom Quotes

#1. Eat, breathe, meditate and love and you're all set - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#2. Pirate's unruly mop has been tenderly coaxed into a hairstyle as neat as biological circumstances will allow. - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#3. Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
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#4. I write about love all the time, what a tragedy those stories turn into. - Author: Turcois Ominek
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#5. I've got a couple of bands that I'm working on. The one I'm really excited about, we're called London The Child. It's folky music and it's really cool. - Author: Samuel Larsen
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#6. If, one day, I should offend God in any way, or grow remiss, though ever so little, in that which concerns His holy service and glory, I solemnly implore Him, rather let me die. - Author: Ignatius Of Loyola
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#7. I'm someone who always comes on the court no matter what's going on in my life. It's all about basketball and my teammates and my team. I don't let any distractions in, and I bring my best every night, regardless of what's going on or what people are talking about. - Author: Kris Humphries
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#8. Propaganda (things to be propagated) is inescapable. It is not *whether* certain values will be propagated, but rather, *which* values will be propagated. - Author: Douglas Wilson
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#9. I'm trying to get in the habit of, you know, picking up a book and learning how to write my feelings down, not my feelings but my thoughts, about things, and hopefully I'll moving toward the writing and directing thing soon. - Author: Corey Haim
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#10. The highest Hindu intellectual training was based on the practice of yoga, and produced, as its fruit, those marvellous philosophical systems, the six Darshanas and the Brahma Sutras, which are still the delight of scholars and the inspiration of occultists and mystics. - Author: Annie Besant
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