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#1. The better to kill me in my sleep?" "It would be rude to wake you first. - Author: Rosamund Hodge
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#2. The government can destroy wealth but it cannot create wealth, which is the product of labor and management working with creation. - Author: Bill Murray
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#3. To sum up, as Bibiano said, quoting Parra: that's how it goes, the glory of the world; no world, no glory, not even a miserable mortadella sandwich - Author: Roberto Bolano
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#4. Folklore is artistic communication in small groups. - Author: Dan Ben-Amos
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#5. The jealous are the readiest of all to forgive, and all women know it. - Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky
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#6. The prime rule of reality is that we must become in our lives what we choose to experience in the world. - Author: Gregg Braden
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#7. That means I gotta fly like a movie no commercial That's Young Money, Cash Money yeah I'm universal - Author: Nicki Minaj
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#8. Aconitine is so powerful that Nazi scientists found it useful as an ingredient for poisoned bullets. - Author: Amy Stewart
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#9. I am quite sure I am more afraid of people who are themselves terrified of the devil than I am of the devil himself. - Author: Teresa Of Avila
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#10. The truth is, he tired of criticism, tired of prose measured by the yard.
Disgrace - Author: J.M. Coetzee
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#11. Some People..If you could buy them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth ... You would never have to worry about money again. - Author: Tim Kirkland
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#12. I've been very lucky as an actor. I have worked all the time. Some shows I do, they get cancelled. Some, they're critically acclaimed, and then they get cancelled. And some, I'm in the last season of this or that. But I can't complain about my career. - Author: Rena Sofer
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#13. The truth that our futures are so often determined not by some grand design or deliberate strategy but by an ordinary run-of-the-mill head cold. - Author: Catherine Gilbert Murdock
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#14. I wrote a novel about the combat experiences I didn't have in Vietnam. - Author: Tracy Kidder
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#15. The trouble with words is that no matter how much sense they make in theory, they can't change what you feel inside. - Author: Rebecca James
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