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Top 12 Betterness Quotes

#1. As a director, I never feel that I have the answers. - Author: Diane Paulus
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#2. There are quantities of human beings, but there are many more faces, for each person has several. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#3. You can't rationally argue out
what wasn't rationally argued in. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#4. I have had many occasions this year where I questioned and second-guessed my decision in a game, but it comes down to learning from mistakes and being accountable for what you did right or did wrong. - Author: Don Mattingly
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#5. He'd never been shy, but he'd always been a little uncertain around girls. He just couldn't believe they liked him. - Author: Robyn Carr
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#6. That is the best-to laugh with someone because you both think the same things are funny. - Author: Gloria Vanderbilt
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#7. But never mind; faint heart never won true Friend. O Friend, may it come to pass, once, that when you are my Friend I may be yours. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#8. I began to believe the fairy tales: You know, how we're all out there looking for our magical missing half. - Author: Michael Bergin
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#9. This is what schizophrenia is: endless despair, endless, inconclusive treatment; endless clutching at little straws of betterness; endless realisation that that is all they are, is all there is. - Author: Tim Salmon
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#10. Light never shined on a man like me and that was certain. In a lot of ways, that made men like Daddy the lucky ones to have only ever known the darkness. Knowing only darkness, a man doesn't have to get his heart broken in search of the light. I envied him for that. - Author: David Joy
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#11. We seek for truth in ourselves; in our neighbours, and in its essential nature. We find it first in ourselves by severe self scrutiny, then in our neighbours by compassionate indulgence, and, finally, in its essential nature by that direct vision which belongs to the pure in heart. - Author: Saint Bernard
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#12. Zen has nothing to do with letters, words, or sutras. - Author: D.T. Suzuki
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