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#1. Fo lo, the gentil kind of the lioun! For when a flye offendeth him or byteth, He with his tayl awey the flye smyteth Al esily, for, of his genterye, Him deyneth net to wreke him on a flye, As cloth a curre or elles another beste.

Geoffrey Chaucer

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#2. Exercise is the beste intrument in learnyng.

Robert Recorde

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#3. Downstairs Peter Beste-Chetwynde mixed himself another brandy and soda and turned a page in Havelock Ellis, which, next to The Wind in the Willows, was his favourite book.

Evelyn Waugh

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#4. He knew that again now. Hennessey's death had opened to Croft vistas of such omnipotence that he was afraid to consider it directly. All day the fact hovered about his head, tantalizing him with odd dreams and portents of power.

Norman Mailer

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#5. I have no perspective as regards my work. One reason I put out records and books is people respond to it, and it enables you to actually see the work more clearly. It's a form of therapy for me. Sometimes abusive therapy.


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#6. The pattern appears so ethereally, that it is hard to remember that the shape is an attractor. It is not just any trajectory of a dynamical system. It is the trajectory toward which all other trajectories converge.

James Gleick

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#7. It broke my heart when I learned the moon had been passing the sun's light off as its own.

Joanna Newsom

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#8. The only significance of analyzing the past is that it does give us some key to the future.

John F. Kennedy

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#9. Writing distills, crystallizes, and clarifies thought.

Stephen Covey

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#10. I'm never satisfied, I always want to do better. That's how it is to be an elite athlete, you're never happy. When you start getting happy and you start feeling satisfied, you're done.

Alexander Gustafsson

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#11. Mr. Chairman, when the Fed was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world system was being set up here ... and that this country was to supply the financial power to an international superstate.

Louis Thomas McFadden

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#12. HAMM:
Scoundrel! Why did you engender me?
I didn't know.
What? What didn't you know?
That it'd be you.

Samuel Beckett

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#13. This is unfortunately a world in which things find it difficult, frequently impossible, to live up to their names.

Joseph Priestley

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#14. I suggest that the great art belongs to all people, all the time
that indeed it is made for the people, by the people, to the people.

Maya Angelou

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#15. What fools these mortals be. (Acheron)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#16. So if a person produces an object on command, Humboldt wrote, we may admire what he did but we will despise what he is, not a true human being who acts in his own impulses and desires.

Noam Chomsky

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#17. How talented was death. How many expressions and manipulations of hand, face, body, no two alike.

Ray Bradbury

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