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Top 30 Best Swag Quotes

#1. A lot of young kids like myself use Instagram because it has swag - it's more personal, and your friends generate it. - Author: Theophilus London
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#2. Being a superhero is great. Everyone should try it. - Author: Kate Bishop
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#3. The great thing is anytime you see an artist that has a piece of what I've already done, you can see it from afar. 'He's doing that lil' hammer right there' - whether it's the energy, the swag or the look - it's a blessing. - Author: MC Hammer
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#4. You can't build a life on a backstage pass or free swag at Sundance. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#5. Gift ain't what you take by effort,
as swag ain't what you worthy have. - Author: Toba Beta
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#6. If you want a great replacement, like, who can follow Barack and still have that swag, that charisma, that charm and be historic - I think it would be Tina Fey for president. - Author: Hasan Minhaj
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#7. I'm just gonna do my own kinda swag of kinda dumbing something down and speaking some knowledge. - Author: SonReal
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#8. Harlem is a stage. It's like its own planet, from the way we dress to the swag in the way we walk and talk. - Author: Teyana Taylor
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#9. Swag is not something you wear, it is something you are born with. - Author: Batuhan Ibal
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#10. I'm one of those artists who have the presence and that swag ... I was always built for the music, I don't get on cameras and pop sh*t and base it on a whole lot of hype and talk, I was built off my music ... - Author: Juelz Santana
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#11. We don't get the Tony gift basket anymore. You used to get incredible swag - there was like $5,000 worth of stuff. I remember getting an MP3 player, gift certificates to restaurants, a three-year gym membership. - Author: Kevin Chamberlin
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#12. Swag?" "Scientific wild ass guess. - Author: Michael Connelly
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#13. Soulja Boy is on his dance, down south, young, 18-year-old, comedic swag. It's really just each person's personality; if every rapper had the same swag, it would be kind of boring. - Author: Soulja Boy
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#14. My swag is always capital and live in north Virginia. - Author: Donald Glover
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#15. My swag was phenomenal. - Author: Gilbert Arenas
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#16. I got the swag and it's pumping out my ovaries - Author: Kreayshawn
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#17. My swag is off the charts. - Author: Roman Reigns
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#18. My dad worked for different companies that made whiskey for a long time, so we were definitely whiskey drinkers. Growing up, my friends would get toy cars, and I would get swag from whisky companies. - Author: Mike Krieger
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#19. I love Tinkerbell because she's feisty and about it. She's got swag! She's going to do what she wants to do. I even have a Tinkerbell tattoo, and she is wearing Adidas flip-flops! - Author: Kidada Jones
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#20. Even the gods were impressed. They descended from Olympus and loaded Hercules down with so much swag, it got embarrassing. Hermes - Author: Rick Riordan
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#21. There is no such thing as phD in swag. Only uni. After learning the principles of swag, one must do their own individual trainibg to increase horizons of their 4 elements of swag. Then comes controlling the swag count that's is released from within. - Author: Batuhan Ibal
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#22. where locals and fans could dance the night away and take home expensive swag, - Author: Melissa Foster
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#23. I like Ryan Gosling as an actor. I watch all of his movies, and he's Canadian and I just like his swag. I read his interviews and I'm a big fan of his. - Author: Drake
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#24. Swag is something that I've had for a long time. - Author: Amar'e Stoudemire
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#25. Hopped up out the bed / Turn my swag on - Author: Soulja Boy
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#26. Swag is my ethic, s/o to my bitches - Author: Joe Prophet
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#27. It's not me trying to act or pose in a certain way. It's a lifestyle - like a suaveness or a swag, per se. - Author: Justin Bieber
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#28. Uh huh. Swag...Scientific Wild-Ass Guess - Author: Charles Henderson
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#29. I am scared of spiders! And I still get a little afraid every time I have to do something new or have to get out in front of a big crowd. The first time I sang "Swag It Out" live, I was really scared. - Author: Zendaya
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#30. Boys had something else ... a sort of swagger about them. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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