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#1. It is all possessions, possessions, bullying you and turning you into a generalisation. You must leave your surroundings sketchy, unfinished, so that you are never contained, never confined, never dominated from the outside. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#2. It is a question whether he died by his own hand; for he fell from a sudden wound received in his groin, some doubting whether his death was voluntary, no one, whether it was timely. It - Author: Seneca.
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#3. Moral activity? There is scarcely such a thing possible! Everything is sketchy. The world does nothing but sketch. - Author: Florence Nightingale
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#4. I don't trust a girl that doesn't eat. I find that a little sketchy. - Author: Miles Teller
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#5. It was my bad luck (considering Lee's moral code was a bit sketchy) that I fell into Liam Nightingale's Ethical Rule Book at Rule Number Two (with Rule Number One being "Thou shalt not nail your brother's girlfriend"), I was "Thou shalt not nail your little sister's best friend. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#6. I thought it was a huge conflict of interest to be the director and the subject - it's very sketchy territory to be in. I've seen what's happened to other directors who have done that. - Author: Aaron Rose
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#7. Sure things are going to get sketchy, but when your having the time of your life whats sketchy? - Author: Rob Dyrdek
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#8. Hillary Clinton's younger brother Tony is facing criticism for using the Clintons' political connections to help his career. So on the down side, she has a sketchy brother named Tony. On the up side, she just locked up every vote in New Jersey. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#9. My sense of the family history is somewhat sketchy, because my mother kept a great deal to herself. - Author: Julie Andrews
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#10. I had no money. I just figured out hustles to get by, like maybe selling my clothes. I wanted to travel around and be broke and live in sketchy apartments. - Author: Leo Fitzpatrick
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#11. Having the competitive edge to be able to succeed is having control of your time, life and mind. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#12. An as-yet-unpublished poet in Boulder, Colorado, once said to me that anything worth doing was worth doing badly. I may seem, in the foregoing sketchy pages, to have followed her advice rather too well. - Author: Joanna Russ
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#13. Er, she hated it when she was trying to be morally superior and someone pointed out that her idea was only slightly less sketchy. - Author: Lindsay Buroker
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#14. Riot squads were ready to go into action. Although these young English boys (many of them civilians themselves little more than a year ago, and with only a very sketchy idea of the problems of administering Imperial - Author: Paul Scott
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#15. His education was sketchy, yet he was immensely learned in the oblique and selective way of someone self-taught. - Author: Paul Theroux
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#16. In the early 1970s, phone phreaks manipulated the long-distance system using blue boxes that they built from sketchy photocopied schematics that were often riddled with errors. Not many had the skill to do this. Phreaking was restricted to a select few. - Author: Charles Platt
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#17. I don't remember my first two marriages ... the details are very sketchy. - Author: Ian McShane
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#18. I've never been competitive with anybody but myself. - Author: Ice-T
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#19. I know a flute player is technically called a "flautist," but something about it sounds a little sketchy, as does "pianist," so I will refrain. - Author: Julie Halpern
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#20. Near my house in Los Angeles is a waterfall. I love to take the wife and kids, but it's also near a sketchy neighborhood. So there's a lot of gang members that hang out at the waterfall. It's like somebody took an Ansel Adams photo and then put a Cypress Hill video inside it. - Author: Al Madrigal
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#21. If you love Southern men, raise your glass. If you don't raise your standards. - Author: Nick Wilgus
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#22. All family histories, personal histories,are as sketchy and unreliable as histories of the Phoenicians, it seems to me. We should note everything down, fill in the wide gaps if we can. Which is why I am writing this my darlings. - Author: William Boyd
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#23. Sketchy: I'm no stranger to stoner logic. - Author: Joss Whedon
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#24. Frederic Leighton to James McNeill Whistler: 'My dear Whistler, you leave your pictures in such a sketchy, unfinished state. Why don't you ever finish them?' James McNeill Whistler to Frederic Leighton: 'My dear Leighton, why do you ever begin yours? - Author: James Whistler
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#25. This recipe is certainly silly. It says to separate two eggs, but it doesn't say how far to separate them. - Author: Gracie Allen
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#26. I am sorry, as well, to present such a sketchy and disappointing exegesis of what is in fact the central part of my story. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#27. Almost all aspects of life are engineered at the molecular level, and without understanding molecules we can only have a very sketchy understanding of life itself. - Author: Francis Crick
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#28. I was brought up, and my sister too, with two people who were always saying, "What you do is really nowhere near as important as the things that are going on in the world, and if your work needs to reflect that, or you want it to, then you need to strive for a certain type of excellence." - Author: Jake Gyllenhaal
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#29. To do a drawing for a painting most often means doing something very sketchy and schematic and then later making it polished. - Author: Jasper Johns
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#30. I didn't have to look at him to know I'd just lost everything I'd ever wanted because I felt it. I felt the loss seep into bone and tissue. I felt it settle between the cracks in my heart and the empty holes in my soul. - Author: Julie Bale
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#31. Almost everything on Craigslist paid more than I was making, but my qualifications were sketchy. I had a college degree in liberal arts. That and a dollar could get me a soda. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#32. Yet any time I opened up a book of medieval art, or walked into the Renaissance galleries in a museum, I was confronted with Mary. - Author: Holly Ordway
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#33. Supposedly the term hobo comes from a description of the sketchy characters who were the main inhabitants on the cross streets of HOuston and BOwery. Hey, that's right where I live. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#34. I'm always sketchy of people who don't like grits. - Author: Jaycee Ford
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#35. Sketchy black van? Weird stalking of my house? What are you going to do next, offer me some candy? - Author: Hannah Harrington
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#36. Man, I love coming home. St. Louis is actually hard to capture. - Author: Chingy
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#37. I love to play things that are out-of-the-box. It's just that I don't always get the chance to do it! - Author: Kelli O'Hara
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#38. Believe in yourself when nobody else does. - Author: Mary J. Blige
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