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Top 40 Best Rushing Quotes

#1. Tick tock? I didn't care how long he thought it was taking me to get to the beach, I was not crashing my new car by rushing. - Author: Emma Doherty
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#2. The music business used to carry a certain amount of brotherly love, but it isn't that way now. - Author: Jimmy Rushing
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#3. When I love, I feel endorphins rushing through, that is my joy. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#4. I'm not rushing into my divorce, because I'm not looking to get married tomorrow, so I don't have a deadline. I'm not rushing it. So when it's time, and it's supposed to happen, it will. - Author: Khloe Kardashian
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#5. Worry and trouble weighed heavily on the hands of her clock, rushing time along. - Author: V.C. Andrews
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#6. We didn't have counsellors rushing around every time somebody let off a gun. You just got on with it! - Author: Prince Philip
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#7. Today was not a day for the sounds of life. Today was for the hollow wind rustling branches, for the rushing of a half-frozen river, for the crunch of snow under her boots. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#8. This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance. A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky, Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#9. Fervency in prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit is a good preservative against thoughts rushing in. Flies never settle on the boiling pot. - Author: Dwight L. Moody
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#10. Through the opened heart, the world comes rushing in, the way oceans fill the smallest hole along the shore. It is the quietest sort of miracle: by simply being who we are, the world will come to fill us, to cleanse us, to baptize us, again and again. - Author: Mark Nepo
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#11. Before marriage, many couples are very much like people rushing to catch an airplane; once aboard, they turn into passengers. They just sit there. - Author: J. Paul Getty
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#12. You were the inspiration for all of the earth, every rolling hill and rushing stream. - Author: Key Ballah
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#13. I compare it to being in a car accident. There's so much adrenaline rushing through you that you remember being in the accident but you don't remember any of the details. - Author: Brooke Langton
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#14. Rushing off to the Ministry the night that he had died. Harry clung to this notion, because it - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#15. I'm more relaxed when I can hear the beat clearly all the time I'm singing. - Author: Jimmy Rushing
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#16. Your best ideas, those eureka moments that turn the world upside down, seldom come when you're juggling emails, rushing to meet the 5 P.M. deadline or straining to make your voice heard in a high-stress meeting. They come when you're walking the dog, soaking in the bath or swinging in a hammock. - Author: Carl Honore
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#17. Nostalgia washes over me with tons of memors and lifetime rolled on this land. Every oblivious memory from the childhood wraps open in the fragrance of these busy roads and familiar land, long signals, irritating traffic,honking cars,rushing people,excessive pollution defining Delhi at its best. - Author: Parul Wadhwa
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#18. I'm constantly on the go and have found rushing round after a new born baby is the best form of exercise! I always remind myself that men appreciate a womanly shape and some curves! - Author: Abbey Clancy
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#19. Back at the guest house I tried to acclimatise. A travel-worn adventurer had once told me that leaning with one's head dangling over the end of a bed was the best way to achieve this. It was while I was in this position, the blood rushing to my temples, that the door swung open. - Author: Tahir Shah
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#20. Life is beautiful, so long as it is consuming you. When it is rushing through you, destroying you, life is glorious. It is best to roar away, like a fire with a great draught, white-hot to the last bit. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#21. One who journeying Along a way he knows not, having crossed A place of drear extent, before him sees A river rushing swiftly toward the deep, And all its tossing current white with foam, And stops and turns, and measures back his way. - Author: Homer
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#22. And then it all came rushing back; that's when I realized I'll never stop having a thing for you. - Author: Ahmed Mostafa
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#23. Great and unexpected successes are often the cause of foolish rushing into acts of extravagance. - Author: Demosthenes
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#24. Rushing, rushing, rushing. We are always rushing. Never have enough time here, always trying to make our way there. Need to have left here five minutes ago, need to be there now. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#25. Don't rush your legs to feed your greed. They will rush to judge you as the greedy one. - Author: Auliq Ice
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stops. - Author: Ruth Ozeki
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#27. Her gaze settling on Bush International Airport. What is it with politicians anyway, always rushing to put their name on everything? She couldn't think of a single politician who deserved his name on a sewage treatment facility, much less an airport where everyone had to look at it all the time. - Author: D.B. Reynolds
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#28. As the years go on a sense of deep patience comes over one; one seems to know the virtue of ripeness, and the danger of rushing events. - Author: Carolyn Heilbrun
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#29. missionaries are now rushing in droves to the Solomons to convert their wicked souls. - Author: Lily King
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#30. Most people are enduring a marginalized isolation. One of the great obstacles to modern friendships is the 'religion of rush.' People are rushing all the time through time. Friendship takes time. - Author: John O'Donohue
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#31. When I smell pho, I just automatically think of my mom. All these nostalgic feelings and memories come rushing through my head. - Author: Michelle Phan
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#32. Anytime a person can play the blues, he has a soul and he has a 'lift' to play anything else he wants to play. It's sort of like the foundation to a building. - Author: Jimmy Rushing
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#33. Time is the silent, never-resting thing ... rolling, rushing on, swift, silent, like an all-embracing oceantide, on which we and all the universe swim. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#34. It was just that, no matter where I found myself, I felt like there was a hole inside me, with the wind rushing through. I never felt satisfied. From the outside you wouldn't imagine I had any troubles. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#35. We get such a kick out of looking forward to pleasures and rushing ahead to meet them that we can't slow down enough to enjoy them when they come. - Author: Alan Watts
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#36. The ghost of a smile appeared on her face. Learn to love the moment you are in. Treasure your experiences, for precious moments too quickly pass you by, and if you are always rushing toward the future, or pining for the past, you will forget to enjoy and appreciate the present. - Author: Colleen Houck
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#37. The first great thing is to find yourself and for that you need solitude and contemplation - at least sometimes. I can tell you deliverance will not come from the rushing noisy centers of civilization. It will come from the lonely places. - Author: Fridtjof Nansen
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#38. There is but a gentle stillness inside every cerebral. Tiny waterfalls of blood vessels rushing, becoming lethal. - Author: Justin Bienvenue
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#39. The free expression of opinion, as experience has taught us, is the safety-valve of passion. The noise of the rushing steam, when it escapes, alarms the timid; but it is the sign that we are safe. The concession of reasonable privilege anticipates the growth of furious-appetite. - Author: Herbert Gladstone, 1st Viscount Gladstone
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#40. History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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