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#1. Hey, tell me, when did this conversation go completely whoosh? - Author: Justin Richards
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#2. Love is like a rose, It's beautiful and strong. But if you play with it, you'll get cut. - Author: Tyler Hoyt
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#3. Tyler studied him over his coffee. "From what I've seen so far you're not much of a time-waster.
And you're not so bad, for a suit."
With a half-laugh, David lifted his own coffee. Steam from it rose and merged with the mist.
"Coming from you, that's a hell of a kudo."
"Damn right. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#4. Recai's hold on sanity shattered as he peered into the same two black eyes that had mocked him as Rebekah lay bleeding across his lap.
A scream rose into the night, competing with the sky for the very ear of God. - Author: Pavarti K. Tyler
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#5. Rose:i love you
Doctor:Quite right, and i guess if it's my last chance to say it ... Rose Tyler ...
(the doctor fades, him in his TARDIS, with tear tracks and a tear running down his cheek) - Author: Russell T. Davies
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#6. This is the goddess Fortuna. She brought luck - or took it away. But you'd put up with whatever she did. Because when she decided to favour you, it made everything worthwhile - Author: Jacqueline Rayner
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#7. A teacher is like the candle, which lights others in consuming itself. - Author: Elizabeth George
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#8. I'll tell you one thing. Being with you keeps a girl fit.'
The Doctor beamed breathlessly at her. 'Fun to be with and good for you. Gotta be just what the doctor ordered. - Author: Mike Tucker
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#9. Look at this lot - how we all threw ourselves into a fight just for him. We're not soldiers. But we know that what we do when we're with him matters. - Author: Scott Tipton
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#10. Researchers discovered that people who have just consumed caffeinated drinks were more likely to be swayed by arguments about various controversial topics.55 In short, good evidence that there really is no such thing as a free lunch or an innocent cup of coffee. - Author: Richard Wiseman
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#11. Rose Tyler: Can't you come through properly?
The Doctor: Then the whole thing would fracture. The two universes would collapse.
Rose Tyler: So? - Author: Russell T. Davies
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#12. To choose art means to turn one's back on the world, or at least on certain of its distractions. - Author: Melvin Maddocks
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#13. I deal in facts, not forecasting the future. That's crystal ball stuff. That doesn't work. - Author: Peter Lynch
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#14. Rose had a kitchen that was so completely alphabetized, you'd find the allspice next to the ant poison. She was a fine one to talk about the Leary men. - Author: Anne Tyler
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#15. When you have an organization that's neither political nor religious and doesn't take part in the civil rights struggle, what can it call itself? It's in a vacuum. - Author: Malcolm X
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#16. The moment you are wrapped up in the world, you become blind to the things wrapped in the mysteries. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#17. Rose wasn't 'ordinary'. What was I supposed to do? Wrap her in cotton wool? Tell her 'Here, I could give you the universe, but I'm not going to in case you get hurt? There's all this stuff out there, all these planets, all these wonders, but I want you to stay at home and work in a shop? - Author: Jacqueline Rayner
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#18. At least I could relate to Rose's sense of adventure and Harriet Jones' wacky determination and ingrained sense of responsibility. I can stomach the Tardis when my heroines are in place. - Author: Chila Woychik
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#19. Nothing was really so important to my father as the achievement of selflessness. He rarely mentioned it directly, but tried to guide us to it in a roundabout way. - Author: Tahir Shah
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#20. If you want to build a recursively self-improving AI, have it go through a billion sequential self-modifications, become vastly smarter than you, and not die, you've got to work to a pretty precise standard. - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
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#21. Rose: Look at you, beaming away like you're Father Christmas!
The Doctor: Who says I'm not, red-bicycle-when-you-were-twelve?
Rose: [shocked] What?
The Doctor: And everybody lives, Rose! Everybody lives! I need more days like this! Go on, ask me anything; I'm on fire! - Author: Steven Moffat
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#22. Aside from being terrifying, it was totally humiliating. Rose Tyler, Barbie doll. - Author: Jacqueline Rayner
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#23. Rose: 'If you are an alien, how come you sound like you're from the north?'
Doctor: 'Lots of planets have a north! - Author: Russell T. Davies
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#24. We had to go back to the coffeehouse: the Wreck was there. Mel had walked over. Well, I don't know about walked. He had come over without vehicular assistance anyway. - Author: Robin McKinley
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#25. We prize books, and they prize them most who are themselves wise. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#26. Our system requires a continuous supply of highly capable people who are so disgruntled with their jobs that they are willing to chew off their own arms to escape their bosses. - Author: Scott Adams
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#27. Because she deserved more than me. She deserved someone who could give her the whole universe. - Author: Jacqueline Rayner
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#28. Buy old masters. They fetch a better price than old mistresses. - Author: Max Aitken
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