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#1. The people were shocked to find out that their vote is worthless because of the major fraud that takes place in Iraq. - Author: Saleh Al-Mutlaq
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#2. This is not to say I don't feel my own grief, which can hit powerfully at unexpected times. It's just that the telling does not automatically bring on my own upset, as people assume. I deal more with their reaction than they do with mine, and so you have to choose your timing. - Author: Deb Caletti
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#3. Opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making. - Author: John Milton
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#4. I dont know whether you've ever looked into a miner's eyes for any length of time, that is. Because it is the loveliest blue you've ever seen. I think perhaps that's why I live in Ibiza, because the blue of the Mediterranean, you see, reminds me of the blue of the eyes of those Doncaster miners. - Author: Alan Bennett
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#5. During the civilisation and development process of more than 5,000 years, the Chinese nation has made an indelible contribution to the civilisation and advancement of mankind. - Author: Xi Jinping
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#6. I should become happier at what I do and leave others happier than before they'd met me. - Author: Chris Murray
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#7. Common prick of conscience. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#8. Good sides to adversity are best admired at a distance. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#9. I don't like eating in restaurants. - Author: David Chang
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#10. Once a pallid Vestal Doubted truth in blue; Listed red in ruin, Harried every hue; Barricaded vision, Garbed herself in sighs; Ridiculed the birthmarks Of the butterflies. - Author: Nathalia Crane
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#11. Into the Volcano (Wood 2008) holds out the promise of - Author: Teri S. Lesesne
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