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#1. Success is a project that's always under construction. - Author: Pat Summitt
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#2. A little matter will move a party, but it must be something great that moves a nation. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#3. The perfect gadget would somehow allow me to fly. Isn't that what everybody wants? It would also cook a damn good microwave pizza. So while in flight you had something to eat - an in-flight meal. Where would I go? Well, nowadays, it would probably just take me to work a lot quicker. - Author: John Krasinski
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#4. My mother's eyes were incomprehensible; they were dark stages where dimly seen mob scenes were staged and all one ever sensed was tumult and drama, and no matter how long one waited, the lights never went up and the scene never was explained. - Author: Harold Brodkey
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#5. As Bonaparte would sigh centuries later, it takes very few defeats to unmake a self-made man. - Author: Derek Leebaert
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#6. I have seen many successful people fail after they start fearing they might lose what they have built. - Author: Guy Laliberte
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#7. I'm a generous host, but I'm a difficult and interfering guest. When I go around to other people's houses and they're cooking, I'm always telling them what to do. - Author: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
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#8. I can do something else besides stuff a ball through a hoop. My biggest resource is my mind. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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#9. If anything in this life is certain ... if history has taught us anything, it's that you cn kill anyone. - Author: Mario Puzo
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#10. Boys do what they can; men do what they want - Author: Project Pat
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#11. A G-SHOCK WATCH. THE BLACK WATCH and its rubber wristband - Author: Chris Kyle
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#12. Loyalty and obedience to wisdom and justice are fine; but it is still finer to defy arbitrary power, unjustly and cruelly used
not on behalf of ourselves, but on behalf of others more helpless. - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
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#13. In the vastness of the ocean there is no individual "I" clamoring for attention. There are waves and eddies and tides, but it is all, in the end, ocean. We are all patterns of nonlocality pretending to be people. In the end, it is all spirit. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#14. 'The Unity Band' project has been life-changing for me. I have led many groups of talented musicians, but this is unlike anything else. - Author: Pat Metheny
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#15. The record companies are interested in the kind of sales they can get from the rock groups. - Author: Norman Granz
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#16. Two things I ain't ever seen, a U.F.O. and a hoe that won't go. - Author: Project Pat
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