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#1. What keeps me awake at night is just, Am I making the best use of the time that remains for me, to both be as good an example as I can in my own daily life, and as compelling as possible a voice for the ways in which we can all work together to tackle these issues. - Author: Queen Noor Of Jordan
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#2. It was the best night of my life and not just because you kept calling me King Dong. - Author: Elle Casey
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#3. My formula for life is very simple: in the morning, wake up; at night, go to sleep. In between I try and occupy myself as best I can. - Author: Cary Grant
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#4. How do you feel about going on a date with me? I'm abroad for another two weeks; you've got plenty of time to prepare yourself. It will be the best night of your life, of course. - Author: Lucy Robinson
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#5. Sometimes I lie awake at night thinking about all the dumb things I do every day ... If I live to be eighty and I do ten dumb things each day ... That would be about two hundred and ninety thousand dumb things ... When you add up all the dumb things you do, it's best to use round figures ... - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#6. The best life you can have as you get into old age is good food, good teeth to eat it with, and few worries when you go to bed at night. - Author: Amy Tan
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#7. The best night of my life was watching the Japanese Noh theater. I've only seen it once, but even saying it now, I think, 'How can I ever have this experience again?' It was so mesmerizing, so complicated and so primordial; I could not believe it. - Author: Vivienne Westwood
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#8. She wasn't my kind of woman and that's why, that night she was. This wine is the Blood of Christ. Brings the truth out of a woman sooner than any confession box does. Makes you trust a stranger with your life, your car keys, your best-guarded secret. - Author: Amruta Patil
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#9. Last night was one of the best nights of my life."

"Sleeping in between the toilet an the tub on a cold, hard tile floor with a vomiting idiot was one of our best nights? That's sad, Trav. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#10. I'm someone who always comes on the court no matter what's going on in my life. It's all about basketball and my teammates and my team. I don't let any distractions in, and I bring my best every night, regardless of what's going on or what people are talking about. - Author: Kris Humphries
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#11. There are many kinds of love, as many kinds of light,
And every kind of love makes a glory in the night.
There is love that stirs the heart, and love that gives it rest,
But the love that leads life upward is the noblest and the best. - Author: Henry Van Dyke
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#12. As a standup comedian, I've worked almost every New Year's Eve of my adult life. It's the best-paying night of the year. - Author: Elayne Boosler
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#13. Many a life has been injured by the constant expectation of death. It is life we have to do with, not death. The best preparation for the night is to work diligently while the day lasts. The best preparation for death is life. - Author: George MacDonald
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#14. With women, the best part is the discovery. There's nothing like the first time, nothing. You don't know what life is until you undress a woman for the first time. A button at a time, like peeling a hot sweet potato on a winter's night. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#15. College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night? - Author: David Wood
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#16. It was the best night of my life, getting to dance on stage with Madonna! - Author: Amy Schumer
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#17. Happiness, it seems to me, consists of two things: first, in being where you belong, and second
and best
in comfortably going through everyday life, that is, having had a good night's sleep and not being hurt by new shoes. - Author: Theodor Fontane
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#18. I promise you won't regret it. I promise to make you feel things and enjoy things you never even thought of before. I'll make every night the best night of your life until you say it's over. - Author: M. Leighton
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#19. If anything's going on in our lives, we have each other. One time, I was having a bad day, and I called Chris Colfer. He came over with a pint of ice cream and Madea Goes to Jail, and it was, like, the best night of my life. - Author: Lea Michele
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#20. He leaned down and placed his lips on mine and gave me the most delicious kiss of my entire life. I saw fireworks light up the night sky. My heart beat like a drum. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I loved him, and that made this kiss the best of my entire life. This kiss was the real thing. - Author: Shannon McCrimmon
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#21. Just because it is night now it doesn't mean that there is no morning. Just hope for the best and be patient. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#22. This is the best night of my life. And it's going to get better. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#23. I always have on my headphones to block out all of the other distractions and I'm just focused on doing the best that I can ... There a few of them ... DMX Party Up ... Mack 10 BC and Ice Cube Connected for Life. I also listen to the Eminem CD ... whichever song really gets me going that night - Author: Michael Phelps
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#24. To get the best out of life here ... Good grief. There's plenty of it about, so indulge. Give yourself some thing to remember. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Gamble. Get drunk. See how long you can stay awake. Go for long walks at night. Discover what you're afraid of doing, and then do it. - Author: Philip Pullman
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#25. My best friend and I go to bed at 11 o'clock. We have such old lady schedules. Everyone's always like, 'Let's go out!' And we're always like, 'No, we don't want to.' They call us the grandmas. L.A. can get really old really quickly if you waste your life away in a club all night. - Author: Britt Robertson
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#26. Let me tell you something, baby." he said, his voice going hoarse.
"Last night was the best fucking sex I've ever had in my life and it wasn't even really sex. You know why that was? Because it was with you. - Author: Evangeline Anderson
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#27. When things go wrong and will not come right,
Though you do the best you can,
When life looks black as the hour of night,
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#28. I've never wanted anything more in my life, if i died tomorrow, being with you, like this tonight, will have been the best night of my entire existence. And it's not because of a stupid bucket list; it's because i love you. - Author: M. Leighton
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#29. After all these years, his best friend is malaria.
Even on the brink of an Alaska summer, it comes calling: a bone-deep chill one night, a ministry of sweat the next. Calling him back to old battles. - Author: Louis Bayard
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#30. Edward: It wasn't the worst night of my life.
Jake: Did it make the top ten?
Edward: Possibly. But, if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten of the best nights of my life. Dream about that. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#31. Such a slender moon, going up and up, Waxing so fast from night to night, And swelling like an orange flower-bud, bright, Fated, methought, to round as to a golden cup, And hold to my two lips life's best of wine. - Author: Jean Ingelow
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#32. Just for the record, a nymphomaniac girlfriend might be great material for imagination, but in real life, trust me, having a nympho in your bed night after night is not as fantastic as it sounds. At worst, they are sick; at best they are exhausting, and in both cases they wear you out. - Author: Carol Vorvain
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#33. If you knew when your last day of life was going to be, it was the best place to spend your last night on earth, because in Russia people party like tomorrow will never come. - Author: Kenneth Eade
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#34. There's pressure every night to be the best on the court. I put a lot of pressure on myself. Pressure is part of the game. It is also part of life. I want to prove I can do the work and be a success off the court as well as on it. - Author: Lamar Odom
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#35. That night, before you sent me away, was the best night of my life. The marks you laced me with lasted a full week. Every time I looked in a mirror, or touched a bruise in the shower, I grew slick for you. You visited my dreams. I woke to aching wetness and an empty heart. - Author: Pepper Winters
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#36. But, the best times I have found, in my life, are late at night or early in the morning and I think it's because you're outside the social realm. - Author: Edward Hirsch
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#37. My mom and dad worked very hard to give me the best chance in - not just in golf but in life. You know, I was an only child, you know, my dad worked three jobs at one stage. My mom worked night shifts in a factory. - Author: Rory McIlroy
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#38. I had a dream about you last night. It wasn't until after you sold me the talking car, I realized you were the world's best ventriloquist. - Author: Michael Summers
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#39. When something extraordinary shows up in your life in the middle of the night, you give it a name and make it the best home you can. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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