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Top 30 Best Nigerian Quotes

#1. My dad is a minister, and my mum is a worker with the less fortunate and the disabled. They're Nigerian natives. Their first language is Yoruba, and their second language is English. - Author: John Boyega
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#2. Gratitude is here presented as more than a feeling, a virtue, or an experience; gratitude emerges as an attitude we can freely choose in order to create a better life for ourselves and for others. The Nigerian Hausa put it this way: Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot. - Author: David Steindl-Rast
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#3. I've always felt very much from a mixed culture - mainly English and French, but also Nigerian, Thai, Mexican. Everything's had its influence on me. - Author: J.M.G. Le Clezio
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#4. I'm not sure where I'm from! I was born in London. My father's from Ghana but lives in Saudi Arabia. My mother's Nigerian but lives in Ghana. I grew up in Boston. - Author: Taiye Selasi
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#5. I mean you think about the guy, the Nigerian guy, who was going to blow up the plane. He was wearing a pair of Fruit of the Lunatic ... Guy was not too bright. He said that the reason he became a suicide bomber was to work his way up in the al Qaeda organization. - Author: David Letterman
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#6. There's no such a thing as American, Belgian, or Nigerian blood. There's only one kind: human blood. - Author: Ben Tolosa
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#7. Oh, I love labels, as long as they are numerous. I'm an American writer. I'm a Nigerian writer. I'm a Nigerian American writer. I'm an African writer. I'm a Yoruba writer. I'm an African American writer. - Author: Teju Cole
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#8. Since when has outright denial of truth become a Nigerian factor? - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#9. Why we cannot build a system like El Al to be proactive. Why do we have only to react? The shoe bomber - reaction? Take off your shoes. The Nigerian - the body scanner is a result of the Nigerian guy. - Author: Isaac Yeffet
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#10. I'm of Nigerian descent, from the Yoruba tribe. Names are very significant in that culture. It basically states your purpose in life. - Author: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
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#11. With a name like Cush Jumbo, you never get forgotten. The 'Jumbo' is from my father, who is Nigerian, and 'Cush' was a king in ancient Egypt. It's a name that took a few years to grow into, but now I feel it was meant to be. It's absolutely who I am, and I love it. - Author: Cush Jumbo
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#12. Every Nigerian must begin to raise their voice against our societal failures and call them as such at every juncture. In this way we could all bring about a modern, progressive and civilized society. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#13. You cannot come to a Nigerian restaurant without having pepper soup. - Author: Ben Okri
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#14. I'm grounded in who I am, and I am a confident black man. A confident, Nigerian, black, chocolate man. I'm proud of my heritage, and no man can take that away from me. - Author: John Boyega
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#15. The challenge as we saw in the Nigerian project was to restructure the economy decisively in the direction of a modern free market as an appropriate environment for cultivation of freedom and democracy and the natural emergence of a new social order. - Author: Ibrahim Babangida
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#16. Is it my fault if I do not look like an English girl and I do not talk like a Nigerian? Well, who says an English girl must have skin as pale as the clouds that float across her summers? Who says a Nigerian girl must speak in fallen English ... ? - Author: Chris Cleave
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#17. We define masculinity in very narrow way. Masculinity is hard, small cage, and we put boys inside this cage. We teach boys to be afraid of fear, of weakness, of vulnerability. We teach them to mask their true selves, because they have to be, in Nigerian-speak
a hard man, - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#18. I was born to a Nigerian dad and a Kenyan mom, and coming to the States was really academic. - Author: Dayo Okeniyi
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#19. My earliest vivid memory would be my Nigerian mother. She would wrap me on her back. I remember being on her back a lot. It felt like a ride, like I was riding a dinosaur; going everywhere and seeing everything. - Author: John Boyega
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#20. As far as the constitution allows me, I will try to ensure that there is responsible and accountable governance at all levels of government in the country. For I will not have kept my own trust with the Nigerian people if I allow others abuse theirs under my watch. - Author: Muhammadu Buhari
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#21. If you are a Nigerian professor and your professorship cannot be felt practically in the Nigerian society; then to hell with your professorship! - Author: Tony Osborg
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#22. Being Nigerian is a strong part of my identity. Being American is a strong part of my identity. And there are important parts of who I am that really have nothing to do with my national connection. - Author: Teju Cole
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#23. The work of Nigeria is not complete for as long as there is any one Nigerian who goes to bed on empty stomach. - Author: Ibrahim Babangida
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#24. There's a Nigerian adage that says 'no matter how long an okra plant grows it can never be taller than its owner'. - Author: S.A. David
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#25. Since when has bringing stolen money to churches for Pastor's blessings become a Nigerian norm? - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#26. ...a Nigerian couple visiting from Maryland, their two boys sitting next to them on the sofa, both buttoned-up and stiff, caged in the airlessness of their parents' immigrant aspirations. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#27. A religious person without no job is a dead person. (Iigbagbo ti koni ise oku ni. - Yoruba proverb) - Author: Habeeb Akande
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#28. And of all its money-making rip-offs, the selling of indulgences must surely rank among the greatest con tricks in history, the medieval equivalent of the Nigerian Internet scam but far more successful. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#29. I think I'm ridiculously fortunate. I consider myself a Nigerian - that's home; my sensibility is Nigerian. But I like America, and I like that I can spend time in America. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#30. I've come across a novel called The Palm-Wine Drinkard, by the Nigerian writer Amos Tutuola, that is really remarkable because it is a kind of fantasy of West African mythology all told in West African English which, of course, is not the same as standard English. - Author: William Golding
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