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#1. You must put the odor of the human body into images describe for me the implacable, the egoistic, the sensual, the cruel there are nothing but disgusting people in this world. - Author: Kenji Mizoguchi
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#2. For me the future of the image is going to be in electronic form ... You will see perfectly beautiful images on an electronic screen. And Id say that would be very handsome. They would be almost as close as the best reproductions. - Author: Ansel Adams
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#3. My job is to take the pictures, communicate a message, to bring those images to the greater public through whatever publication I'm working for. My job is really to be a messenger, and that's what I've been doing. - Author: Lynsey Addario
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#4. Forgers can start with the same photographic images Warhol did, and sometimes knock off silkscreens only an expert can distinguish from the originals. - Author: Michael Shnayerson
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#5. Memory is that trick by which we see the awful events of the past loom over the good, like mountains over mouse. We don't recall life as it was. Instead, we remember what was different, frightening, or strange, and we turn our lives into the fun-house mirror images of the truth. - Author: Jamie Kain
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#6. Longing for our idealized images of life separates us from our true selves and from our true callings. - Author: Stephen Cope
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#7. But in the old days, visual artists used to fall into two distinct categories: those of us who created images with cameras and those of us who applied stuff onto other stuff, with brushes or other tools. - Author: Buffy Sainte-Marie
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#8. The focus in the Western pictorial tradition is on the body of Christ, the bit you can paint, the Nativity and the infancy, but above all the Passion, where you can find images for every stage and every moment. - Author: Neil MacGregor
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#9. It's important to realize that the images are everywhere, not just where you want or expect them to be. - Author: Jay Maisel
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#10. The best ways of marketing were email and banner advertising, but I needed images ... and they were very expensive. - Author: Jon Oringer
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#11. The images I like best are parts of series that I've started, in some cases, with the pregnancies of the mothers of the children in question, and I continue that series right on through the birth of children to the child that resulted from that first pregnancy. - Author: Jock Sturges
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#12. All furnished, all in arms;
All plum'd like estridges that with the wind
Bated like eagles having lately bathed;
Glittering in golden coats like images;
As full of spirit as the month of May
And gorgeous as the sun at midsummer;
Wanton as youthful goats, wild as young bulls. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#13. The second commandment is "Thou shall not construct any graven images." Is this really the pinnacle of what we can achieve morally? The second most important moral principle for all the generations of humanity? - Author: Sam Harris
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#14. She had no images of this love. She could offer no anecdotes. It was a belief rather than a memory. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#15. My true function within a society which embraces all of us is to continue an age-old tradition. This tradition is to create images from the depths of the imagination and to give them form, whether visual, intellectual or musical. - Author: Michael Tippett
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#16. Artist paint images unseen, musicians create sounds that emerge from silence, and authors write from a synthetic point of view about a world that can never exist. - Author: Carl Henegan
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#17. Evolutionary learning calls upon our creative potentials as it empowers us to envision images of the future and bring those images to life by design. - Author: Bela H. Banathy
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#18. I knew what it was to be uncomfortable in a movie theater watching unfolding on the screen images of myself - not me, but black people - that were uncomfortable. - Author: Sidney Poitier
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#19. Images at their passionate and truthful best are as powerful as words can ever be. If they alone cannot bring change, they can at least provide and understanding mirror of man's actions, thereby sharpening human awareness and awakening conscience. - Author: Cornell Capa
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#20. Above all, it's hard learning to live with vivid mental images of scenes I cared for and failed to photograph. It is the edgy existence within me of these unmade images that is the only assurance that the best photographs are yet to be made. - Author: Sam Abell
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#21. I sing the best when I'm really in my voice. It's kind of like I'm meditating but I sort of imagine my voice as a physical thing. I see colours, I feel it moving out of me and I try to tap into images that I was tapping into when I was writing the song. - Author: Brett Dennen
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#22. We of today must conceive our relation to the rest of the universe as best we can; and even if our images must seem fantastic to future men, they may none the less serve their purpose today. - Author: Olaf Stapledon
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#23. We are not permitted to linger, even with what is most intimate. From images that are full, the spirit plunges on to others that suddenly must be filled; there are no lakes till eternity. Here, falling is best. To fall from the mastered emotion into the guessed-at, and onward. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#24. Being young and female in America, you watch a lot of T.V., and you grow up on false images of what love truly is. We think the man with the best rap will protect and save us, about it's not usually that way. Then you learn love is something deeper and purer in form. - Author: Lauryn Hill
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#25. These days, I like to think of sentences as workers. Only one of their jobs is to look and sound good. Sentences are the carriers of plot. They're the conjurers of images, the conveyors of tone and meaning and voice. The best sentences surprise us. - Author: Karen Thompson Walker
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#26. I love acting. I've been doing it since I was 16, and it's in my nature. It's the thing I do best. But as much as I love acting, I love cinema more. I always had a thing about creating images. - Author: Valeria Golino
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#27. If I am lucky, something new and inexplicable often appears in front of my lens. I am always surprised by the mystery of how my best images appear. That excitement and shock of discovery makes my life at these moments a gift. - Author: Joyce Tenneson
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#28. The large ensemble cast and the fact that it was being shot in New York, combined with a lot of strong positive images as far as African Americans are concerned, really turned me on to The Best Man. - Author: Taye Diggs
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#29. I don't do my best work while I'm in therapy. I'm too onto myself immediately seeing meanings in things and more likely to censor myself. I'd rather find images I don't understand. That's what generates the work. - Author: Ellen McLaughlin
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#30. The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed. - Author: Anne Geddes
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#31. I've never worried about how a new release will be received. I simply try to do the best I can and leave the rest to the gods. The music industry in those terms is something I loathe and detest. It conjures up images of a gigantic factory spewing out parts of the machine. - Author: Gerry Rafferty
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#32. It may be that hidden in the poets and writers we love best is a vital clue about the heaven we are aiming for; that we should stay with and return often and with confidence to those lines and images that have most inspired us, even from our childhood. - Author: Malcolm Guite
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#33. I think of myself as a writer who photographs. Images, for me, can be considered poems, short stories or essays. And I've always thought the best place for my photographs was inside books of my own creation. - Author: Sam Abell
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#34. I didn't take inspiration from other photographers, which in a way helped to find my own images. - Author: Peter Lindbergh
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#35. The painter who strives to represent reality must transcend his own perception. He must ignore or override the very mechanismsin his mInd that create objects out of images(symbols) ... The artist, like the eye, must provide true images and the clues of distance to tell his magic lies. - Author: Colin Blakemore
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#36. I'm trying to trick people into thinking about the unthinkable by using pop culture images. - Author: John Shirley
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#37. We're losing film, especially in projection, we're losing a great achievement of civilization. A still image and darkness make up 50% of the experience. The still images become movement in your head. That's the magic of cinema. - Author: Laszlo Nemes
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#38. He knew her, and she knew him. He had no idea if the images he saw came from past or future, or both, but he knew her. Their souls were bound, had always been bound, and always would be. They were two with one soul between them, perfectly joined, perfectly fitted. - Author: Ann Marston
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#39. TR on using extramarital accusations against Wilson: It won't work. You can't cast a man as Romeo who looks and acts like an apothecary's clerk. - Author: David Pietrusza
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#40. The very beautiful rarely love at all; those precious images are placed above the reach of the passions: Time alone is permitted to efface them. - Author: Walter Savage Landor
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#41. Most of the images of reality on which we base our actions are really based on vicarious experience. - Author: Albert Bandura
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#42. The traveller in the read-brown clothes that he wears that dust may not show upon him, the girl searching in her bed for the petals fallen from the wreath of her royal lover, the servant or the bride awaiting the master's home-coming in the empty house, are images of the heart turning to God. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#43. the BIG issue nowadays is that on TV and in magazines, the images we see, while they appear surreal, "really aren't surrealistic, because they're just random, and there's no subconsciousness underneath to generate the images. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#44. The military has been determined to control the images of war since Vietnam. They're convinced that they lost the war because of loss of political support back home, because people saw what was going on. - Author: Bob Simon
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#45. Images are made palpable, ironed flat by technology and, in turn, dictate the seemingly real through the representative. - Author: Barbara Kruger
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#46. I can't stand these damn shows on museum walls with neat little frames, where you look at the images as if they were pieces of art. I want them to be pieces of life! - Author: W. Eugene Smith
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#47. My suggestion is that at each state the proper order of operation of the mind requires an overall grasp of what is generally known, not only in formal logical, mathematical terms, but also intuitively, in images, feelings, poetic usage of language, etc. - Author: David Bohm
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#48. The worry over media manipulation of photographs pales beside the threat that we will be exposed to an unedited, unvetted picture world where all images seem equally important and equally trivial. - Author: Andy Grundberg
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#49. Memories of our childhood are like images painted on a wet canvas, they merge until they lose all shape, often remaing only as feelings. - Author: Brian Mynott
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#50. Each of you, get rid of the vile images you have set your eyes on, and do not defile yourselves - Author: Anonymous
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#51. We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather around us, that they may see their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer perhaps even a fiercer life because of our quiet. William Butler Yeats - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#52. Home is a place in the mind. When it is empty, it frets. It is fretful with memory, faces and places and times gone by. Beloved images rise up in disobedience and make a mirror for emptiness. - Author: Maeve Brennan
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#53. You may read any quantity of books, and you may almost as ignorant as you were at starting, if you don't have, at the back of yourminds, the change for words in definite images which can only be acquired through the operation of your observing faculties on the phenomena of nature. - Author: Thomas Huxley
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#54. I have a large personal collection of pictures. For every project, I choose images. Usually I don't do this until I've done an extensive script breakdown and distilled the text down to poetic form. I have to plant enough seeds so that there will be vibration. - Author: Christine Jones
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#55. Thomas knew what he thought. Those images would never leave - the Gladers would be haunted by the horrible things that had happened in the Maze for the rest of their lives. He figured that most if not all of them would have major psychological problems. Maybe even go completely nutso. - Author: James Dashner
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#56. You need to learn to see and compose. The more time you waste worrying about your equipment the less time you'll have to put into creating great images. Worry about your images, not your equipment. - Author: Ken Rockwell
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#58. Combine your mental images with the emotion of desire to accelerate their realization. - Author: Brian Tracy
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#59. A lot of the lyrics I write involve images that just swing the song in a way that feels really good to me and there isn't a literal explanation. They're not riddles for the listener to solve. - Author: Matt Berninger
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#60. In every form of art, you really want the experience of the images to transcend the medium, for the medium to disappear into the greater experience of viewing the work. So that you forget you are looking at a painting, or a photograph. - Author: Bill Henson
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#61. Unless you periodically unbind yourself from the world as it is given to you from moment to moment, you will fail to release those qualities of your mind that can generate images of the world as you would prefer it to be or the world as you declare it to be. - Author: Peter London
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#62. The idea is to spin the wheel of metaphors and images until sparks of associations begin to fly for the reader. - Author: Charles Simic
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#63. The human eye is restricted to see the useen, because there's a price to be paid to the rulers of this image and if this image is seen by you, you'll dare not divulge it to others, for others must pay a price - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#64. All names of good and evil are images; they do not speak out, they only hint. He is a fool who seeks knowledge from them. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#65. a television bomb would instantly blind you with its eruption of images as its icons burned through your flesh and imprinted themselves on your bones in tiny hieroglyphs that recounted the brief history of the body's destruction. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
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#66. I simply painted images of what was before my eyes; it is for others to find hidden meaning in them. - Author: Pablo Picasso
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