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#1. I like to write from my life and the relationships that make it up. I think its important to use music to change people's moods. I try to write my story in a way that people can take for themselves and their own life. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#2. Seeing him standing there in his boxers and hoodie with sticking-up hair, one sock pulled up to his calf, the other scrunched around his ankle, and his glasses just a tiny bit skew, my wildly beating heart falls in love with him all over again. - Author: Rachel Morgan
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#3. He rounded the table, shrugging out of his zipped hoodie. "You want some of this?"
Stuff always got real when the clothes started to come off. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#4. I do all of marketing and promotion - it's the most exhaustive and rewarding part of the process and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The artist should be the person representing their brand because theyre the best person to do so. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#5. Really, though, there are only two kinds of weather: hoodie weather and weather where you wear a hoodie anyway. - Author: Becky Albertalli
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#6. I'll say this: Google is the best 9-5 anyone could ever get. Awesome environment, I loved my time there, but I grew up with my dream to pursue music full time. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#7. Its important to follow your dreams whatever that may be. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#8. He wore a gray hoodie with the green Jakob's Quest logo across the front. Dear God, I thought. The RG had a Jeff. - Author: Chloe Neill
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#9. Let's be honest, for a lot of well meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#10. It's easy to choose doing what you love when there are people out there supporting you. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#11. Money isnt what drives me, getting fans who truly understand what I'm about and want to see me live is where my head is at. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#12. I try not to listen to a lot of music when I'm starting the recording process, because it can be so subtly influential. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#13. Eisman took the cart to the clubhouse and bought a hoodie. The hoodie covered up his t-shirt and made him look a lot like a guy who had just bought a hoodie to cover up his t-shirt. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#14. People know I'm smart. And people know that, whether it's SNL or Jimmy Kimmel, it's a trend to take the piss out of celebrity - just as much of a trend as wearing a gray hoodie or driving a Prius. - Author: Kanye West
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#15. I've been writing songs since I was 10 years old and always had a penchant for rhyming. I started listening to hip hop through my friends and fell in love with it. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#16. I think experimentation with other stuff is great. My real focus has been more-so trying to create a sound that I can build upon and get really comfortable with. I think almost everything is experimentation 'til you find what it is that your sound is. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#17. It's unfair of me to tell anyone what to think. I make myself for myself to get out my own desire to create and make sense of things in life. Hopefully, it does the same for others. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#18. When the others were picked up and walked home by friends or fathers or best friend's sisters,
I was the kid in a grey hoodie, walking with the poets, the singers, the thinkers, and I was not alone. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#19. I'm fine," [her dad] said gently. "Back on the horse, Cath.'
'What's the horse?' she sighed, watching him pull on a South High hoodie. 'Jogging? Working too much?'
'Living,' he said, a little too loud. 'Life's the horse. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#20. I feel like I have a very unique perspective especially for someone in the hip-hop genre. I'm not afraid to explore it, and how my upbringing then shapes my music and being a New York kid and all of that stuff ... that's really the most unique thing I can offer to the music in general. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#21. If you wear a hoodie but aren't registered to vote, you got the symbolism but missed the substance. - Author: Jesse Jackson
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#22. Some people can go out in a tight, short dress and heels, and it works, but even if I'm going to a club, I've got to throw on a big hoodie or something. And that's if you can get me into something tight in the first place. - Author: Suki Waterhouse
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#23. What is going on with you?" she says, shaking her head and pushing me away. "What's up with all the love and affection? I mean, you of all people, you of the eternal iPod-hoodie combo. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#24. I've changed from my gorgeous yellow dress into my comfy Victoria's Secret pink. Some secret, it's just sweatpants and a hoodie. The hoodie's up with the strings cinched so tight there's only a small opening to see out of and pour wine into. - Author: Victoria Van Tiem
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#25. You've got to have the right attire for the right event. I attend a lot of dinners, a lot of concerts, and I have to be on the red carpet; each has its own dress code, and I have to be prepared. Jeans and a hoodie are great for a concert, but a dinner party? - Author: Amar'e Stoudemire
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#26. Hoodie was just a nickname I had growing up and I just wanted to have a name that would stick in peoples' minds and be a little bit funny and representative of who I am. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#27. Oh, so you see some chick in baggy jeans and a hoodie, and you just have to have her so bad, you decide to repeat high school, just to get her?"
"Sounds about right." He laughs. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#28. I think my music is born out of the music that I personally like to listen to. I love amazing singer-songwriters and diverse artists but it's important to know your strengths. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#29. I have the advantage of being pretty small, so if I'm flying myself, I'm flying coach. To save the money. I just put in my headphones, and it's no big thing. I keep my head down, wear a hoodie or a hat - but sometimes not even that. I'm small. People miss me. - Author: Anna Kendrick
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#30. She was thirty-two years old; it was a Friday night; and she was in a hoodie, eating popcorn and cereal, reading about brain trauma, and hate-watching hockey. - Author: Ruby Lang
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#31. I'm treating every day as a special one and trying to live in the moment. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#32. I don't focus on the results. Put my head down, put my hoodie up, and do the work. - Author: Michael Skolnik
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#33. My fans are the only people who will be with me forever, all else comes and goes. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#34. I guess this is cliche, but I'd love to work with Kanye West, Mark Ronson, Diplo. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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#35. Amelie had on black pants, a black zip-up hoodie, andrunning shoes.
So wrong. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#36. My eclectic taste allows me to do something unique and not box myself in. - Author: Hoodie Allen
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