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Top 34 Best Friend Since Day One Quotes

#1. I'm not sure what kind of love you mean, baby, but if you mean do I want you to be with me forever, that I can't bear the thought of being without you as my lover, my best friend, my whole day my wife, and my baby mama, then yes, I Love you, Love you! - Author: S.E. Hall
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#2. The answer, The answer, my friend, is not yours to invent or create. It will be decided for you. It is outside you. It is real and objective and firm. One day you will hear it. You don't create it. You don't define it. It comes to you, and sooner or later you conform to it - or bow to it. - Author: John Piper
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#3. My best friend is the most important girl, outside of family, to me. I met her when I went to college and we bonded immediately. I'd do anything for her at any time. We phone each other every day. - Author: Dawn French
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#4. I had a friend who introduced me to a meditation practice which involves a couple of half-hours a day of meditation, where essentially you try to achieve a stillness that allows you to just be there in the moment. - Author: Kenneth Branagh
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#5. The Voice
There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
"I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong."
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What's right for you
just listen to
The voice that speaks inside. - Author: Shel Silverstein
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#6. And so it continued all day, wynde after wynde, from a room beyond came the whistle of a teakettle. Now, you really must join me. I've some marvelous Darjeeling, and some delicious petits fours a friend of mine gave me for Christmas. - Author: Martha Grimes
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#7. The other day, a friend of a friend said that everyone started out as girls, but boys evolved ... But don't worry girls, I hit him. - Author: Ben Mitchell
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#8. But let my death be memoried on this disc.
Wear it, sweet friend. Inscribe no date nor deed.
But let thy heart-beat kiss it night and day,
Until the name grow vague and wear away. - Author: Wilfred Owen
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#9. We have all our own way and Possibilities to progress in life, if somebody think to put others away from his path, many power to be consumed for doing that, happy day my Friend keep Smiling. - Author: Jan Jansen
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#10. When I was 11 my friend's mom made a peanut butter sandwich. I ate the sandwich and was like, 'I'm never eating anything else again.' And I still eat peanut butter every day. I would put peanut butter on a steak. - Author: Aasif Mandvi
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#11. An important day in a young person's life is the day on which he becomes convinced that Christ is the only Friend who will not disappoint him, on which he can always count. - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#12. I have a group of friends in my life, and we all give each other something different. I've known my two closest friends for many years. One is a friend from high school, and the other I met right after college. My deep, deep friends remind me every day of the good parts of my personality. - Author: Brooke Shields
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#13. Today I and one friend we have lost in the shopping center, loads of laugh enjoy and that's what suppose to be interesting... Not something which makes your day horrible. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#14. The day I showed up to South Carolina to work, I was with my kid and my ex and our dog and Kirk was hanging with this weird guy and I kind of defined the two of them by his friend and made a vow to avoid him. - Author: Donal Logue
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#15. One of the greatest acts of service you can do is to find someone who is secretly lonely and be a friend to them, if only for a day. - Author: Dan Pearce
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#16. On a good day, he was friend enough. On a bad day, running into his inadequacy was like tripping up the stairs. It hurt, but it felt like my own fault. - Author: Rachel Hartman
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#17. The friend of God must not spend a day without God, and he must undertake no work apart from his God. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#18. You smile upon your friend to-day, To-day his ills are over; You hearken to the lover's say, And happy is the lover. 'Tis late to hearken, late to smile, But better late than never: I shall have lived a little while Before I die for ever. - Author: A.E. Housman
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#19. I am no friend of present-day Christianity, though its Founder was sublime. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#20. You and I will meet again, When we're least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won't say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again. - Author: Tom Petty
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#21. Every day is beautiful when you're holding hands with your best friend. - Author: Dave Willis
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#22. If you're a friend or a relative of George Herbert Walker Bush, Prez 41, or George W. Bush, Prez 43, or any other Bushes, then you know an 18-hole round of golf shouldn't take more than three hours out of your day - there are other important things to do. - Author: Dan Jenkins
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#23. I'd love to have a room full of taxidermy. I'd be devastated if my cat, Archimedes, ever died. I was debating the other day with a friend whether I should stuff him, but don't know whether he would end up looking like himself. I'd be really sad if he looked strange. - Author: Tuppence Middleton
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#24. Still is just the right way to be. You rise in the morning to go about your day. You remember a friend who has troubles. You don't quibble with yourself about whether to call her; you don't write a reminder on your Palm Pilot or in your planner to make the call tomorrow. You just call. Simple. - Author: C. Terry Warner
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#25. Happy Holidays

Is it not this day to smile?
Is it yet a time to give?
Is this friend as old as good?
Is my family so well?

Santa is just on his way,
Bringing gifts and love tonight,
Have a prosperous New Year!
And a happy day to last! - Author: J.M.K. Walkow
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#26. It was a gusty day, and from the windows of Caroline's top-floor flat, only the sky was visible with its little hurrying clouds. It was a day when being indoors was meaningful, wasting an afternoon in superior confidences with a friend before the two-barred electric heater. - Author: Muriel Spark
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#27. Come out my friend. Come out from the narrow lanes of darkness into the vivacious light of the day. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#28. One day my best friend said to me 'Jess, you rock a lot of polka dots' and that was the deal breaker, now we're mortal enemies - Author: Zooey Deschanel
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#29. Is my mother my friend? I would have to say, first of all she is my Mother, with a capital 'M'; she's something sacred to me. I love her dearly ... yes, she is also a good friend, someone I can talk openly with if I want to. - Author: Sophia Loren
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#30. I met a zillion people through Ronnie Wood. He's been my friend since he was in The Faces, and he's still my best friend. A real person, earthy, working 24 hours a day, uplifting to be around, and he's still got that fire about music. - Author: Bobby Womack
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#31. A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside. - Author: A.A. Milne
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#32. I knew from Brianna that being beautiful wasn't all great. Brianna had changed in middle school. One day we were both seventh graders and the next, she was a supermodel who had a seventh grader for a best friend. - Author: Elizabeth Scott
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#33. Budge and I were sworn enemies from day one. But ever since the day I lifted the lid on the craziness that killed his best friend last fall, Budge has been extremely nice to me. We talk all the time. Like last week he said, "Hey, moron, can you pass the milk?"
That's some good progress. - Author: Jenny B. Jones
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#34. Music has been my everything since day one. It's been my shoulder to cry on, my rock and my best friend. - Author: Christina Perri
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