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#1. It's a little intimidating to walk into a studio and know that you're going to sing a duet with Barbra Streisand. - Author: Billy Joel
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#2. It takes almost no capital to open a new See's candy store. We're drowning in capital of our own that has almost no cost. It would be crazy to franchise stores like some capital-starved pancake house. We like owning our own stores as a matter of quality control. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#3. But then the pastors and men of God can only be human,
cannot altogether be men of God; and so they have oppressed us, and burned us, and tortured us, and hence come to love palaces, and fine linen, and purple, and, alas, sometimes, mere luxury and idleness. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#4. As if on a conveyer belt, there will be a never ending supply of idiots and jerks that come and go in your life. Whether you stop the belt to dance with any one of them is up to you. - Author: Dan Pearce
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#5. I pulled my arm back and then let it snap forward, punching him in the mouth with as much power as I could force out of my body. There - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#6. All bad memories erased! Now you can make new ones-good memories. - Author: Jung Woo
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#7. Following straight lines shortens distances, and also life. - Author: Antonio Porchia
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#8. I never really sympathised with Peter Parker. - Author: Jamie Bell
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#9. More minions!" he shouted. "Come to me!"
That couldn't be good. Another round of giant crocs and we'd be dead.
Why don't we get minions? I complained to Horus, but he didn't answer. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#10. A soul loves most what is lost. - Author: C.E. Morgan
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#11. I know my ambitions are big, but you've got to have something after rock and roll. - Author: Meredith Brooks
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