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Top 17 Best Dsm Quotes

#1. Take away the motive, and you take away the sin.

Miguel De Cervantes

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#2. If we could somehow end child abuse and neglect, the eight hundred pages of DSM (and the need for the easier explanations such as DSM-IV Made Easy: The Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis) would be shrunk to a pamphlet in two generations.

John Briere

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#3. Every time the DSM prepares for a new edition, there are countless groups lobbying to get their particular mental illness recognized by the diagnostic manual. Surely, this is a social and cultural phenomenon.

Siri Hustvedt

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#4. The pill for Insurance Deficit Disorder - aspirin.

Brian Spellman

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#5. DSM-IV is the fabrication upon which psychiatry seeks acceptance by medicine in general. Insiders know it is more a political than scientific document ... DSM-IV has become a bible and a money making bestseller - its major failings notwithstanding.

Loren Mosher

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#6. What firefighters and people in our military and cops do is separate from what the rest of us do; basically these people say, 'I'm going to protect all these strangers.'

Denis Leary

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#7. Obviously, many people may remember me as the first winner of 'The Apprentice,' but prior to that, I was an entrepreneur. I started my first business when I was in college, and then getting my lucky break was when Donald Trump hired me on.

Bill Rancic

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#8. They have this big book called the 'DSM-IV,' you know, that is supposedly written about crazy people, but I think it is a book that is written by crazy people!

William Glasser

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#9. Even sleep offered no respite from my mental disorders. There was Nightmare Disorder, which is diagnosed when the sufferer dreams of being "pursued or declared a failure." All my nightmares involve someone chasing me down the street while yelling, "You're a failure!

Jon Ronson

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#10. After I read David Suzuki's book, I took salmon from my dinner plate and I buried it in the woods, hoping to assist the growth of a large tree.

Ned Hayes

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#11. Knowing the names of things is a way to pay respect to the beauty of the world ...

Dean Koontz

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#12. I was much crazier than I had imagined. Or maybe it was a bad idea to read DSM-IV when you're not a trained professional. Or maybe the American Psychiatric Association had a crazy desire to label all life a mental disorder.

Jon Ronson

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#13. Favor comes because for a brief moment in the great space of human change and progress some general human purpose finds in him a satisfactory embodiment.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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#14. God doesn't reveal his grand design. He reveals Himself.

Frederick Buechner

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#15. Note to our readers - Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who was repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims - 1.6 million members of an entire religion - from entering the U.S.

Ryan Grim

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#16. I want people to have a new way of looking at the world when they leave the theater.

Jenni Olson

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#17. DSM definitions do not include personal and contextual factors such as whether the depressive symptoms are an understandable response to loss, a terrible life situation, psychological conflict or personality factors.

Allen Frances

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