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Top 13 Best Corny Movie Quotes

#1. So much emotion can be brought in an animated film that's very hard to get in a live-action film. I haven't quite put my finger on why, but it might be because the characters can make facial expression that, if you made them in a movie, they'd call them corny. - Author: Steve Martin
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#2. I believe how you measure a good movie is how many times you can see it. With comedies, I like to be a producer, because comedies can get corny and go off track real fast. I'm always the 'less is more' guy when it comes to a scene. So I'ma be the one who will keep it grounded. - Author: Ice Cube
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#3. This happens to be that the power of laughter and love would beat out the power of fear every time. You know, I hate to sound corny about it but it's true, and I think that's what this movie is about. - Author: John Goodman
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#4. We don't need someone who can think. We need someone with enough digits to hold a pen. - Author: Grover Norquist
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#5. To Seek Glory in Battle is Glorious emerged high above the planet's southern continent, almost two thirds of the way to the pole. - Author: Craig Alanson
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#6. I'm sorry, but nothing 'just happens'. Stuff happens because either we make it happen or we let it. - Author: Jessie Jones
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#7. Careful writers and discerning readers delight in the profusion of words in the English lexicon, no two of which are exact synonyms. Many words convey subtle shades of meaning, - Author: Steven Pinker
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#8. That love doesn't come easily and that relationships are supposed to be a struggle. Everything else is so hard; hopefully love is the one thing that is actually fun. - Author: Lana Del Rey
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#9. Life is like a B-picture script. It is that corny. If I had my life story offered to me to film, I'd turn it down. - Author: Kirk Douglas
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#10. We're gonna try and bring on all the different aspects of horror movie making and bring on guests and show all these old '50's B movies. Not the real corny ones, the real cool ones. - Author: Jerry Only
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#11. Veiled melancholy has her sovereign shrine - Author: Stephanie Danler
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#12. High Noon is a pretty corny movie. - Author: Robert Duvall
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#13. Tyrant will eat whatever the fuck is available. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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