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Top 30 Best Cartoon Character Quotes

#1. Finn crossed his arms and glared at Volusian. It was kind of a bold move, considering Finn looked like a cartoon character and Volusian looked like he ate the souls of small children. For all I knew, he probably did. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#2. Making cartoons means very hard work at every step of the way, but creating a successful cartoon character is the hardest work of all. - Author: Joseph Barbera
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#3. Maybe I'll just become a cartoon character because there's nothing left for me to do in an R-rated comedy. - Author: Seann William Scott
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#4. It's all about being comfortable, being easy and having you be able to wear something and not having it wear you. It's classic. Every time I've tried to be bold and crazy, I feel like a Japanese animated cartoon character. - Author: Jennifer Aniston
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#5. People will always consider me a cartoon character, a bimbo. They will never give me credit. - Author: Jessica Hahn
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#6. Note to self: Try to stop reacting to surprises like a cartoon character.
Jane Jameson - Author: Molly Harper
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#7. Over the years, I have been approached about making Ramona into a cartoon or movie, but I was afraid that no one could really capture the spunky character of Ramona. - Author: Beverly Cleary
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#8. The critics had an image of me, and they wouldn't accept any other ... I was a cartoon character. A joke. - Author: Ann-Margret
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#9. When you work on anything, you want to find the range of impulses - which ones get portrayed is another question, but you want to have that complexity and that fullness, even if you're playing a cartoon character. - Author: Willem Dafoe
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#10. All kids draw some kind of cartoon characters. They just grow out of them, and I didn't - Author: Jeff Smith
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#11. I did take some voiceover classes. I always loved the idea of doing a voice for a cartoon character. I just voiced the character of Suzi X in the upcoming 'The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.' - Author: Sheri Moon Zombie
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#12. Children have always responded to me because I have that cartoon-character look. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#13. Tick is a cartoon character, I don't know if you're familiar with him. This is the third step in his evolution. Comic book to cartoon to, now, live-action. - Author: Patrick Warburton
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#14. Honestly, at one time I though Babe Ruth was a cartoon character. I really did, I mean I wasn't born until 1961 and I grew up in Indiana. - Author: Don Mattingly
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#15. I wanted draw the cartoon characters, and then it all started to make sense as I was watching these classics come back to the theater like Lady and the Tramp and so forth. If you want to animated the dog, you have to know where the ribcage is and the hip bone and all that. - Author: Andreas Deja
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#16. I take great pride in the artistic development of cartoons. Our characters are made to go through emotions. - Author: Walt Disney
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#17. People just expect you to show up, be a cartoon character of yourself, take your money and go home. But don't screw up to the point where you're gonna be out of the picture. - Author: Jimmy Chamberlin
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#18. A cartoon character isn't a specific person. It isn't Tom Cruise or George Clooney playing the part, it's a character that could be you. It's easier for you to get drawn into it in a special way. - Author: Tomm Moore
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#19. As a feminist, just to speak to what women go through, I think women are put in a box way too often. What I love about 'You're the Worst' is that no female character is portrayed as a black-and-white cartoon character. We're all complicated, messy human beings. - Author: Kether Donohue
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#20. It hurts that, you know, the media's made me into sort of this like punching bag or cartoon character-they think that I don't have any feelings, and, you know, it hurts like anyone else. - Author: Paris Hilton
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#21. When I was younger, when I was a teenager, the work was more satirical and funny and cartoony. And part of it was chops - if you have a more limited repertoire of stick figures and cartoon characters, they lend themselves more to humor than to tragedy. - Author: Eric Drooker
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#22. She's wearing the same red and yellow BAM! T-shirt from before, which means (a) she slept in, (b) she owns several identical T-shirts, or (c) she's a cartoon character - all of which are appealing alternatives. - Author: Robin Sloan
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#23. I had a very specific goal and I think kids, more than adults, don't understand obstacles and competition. I wanted to be this one cartoon character [Porky Pig], couldn't figure out why I couldn't do it, other than living in the midwest. - Author: Bob Bergen
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#24. It took a while for the first 'Blade' to get made, and Marvel decided they liked the Whistler character so much, when Blade guest starred on the 'Spider-Man' cartoon, they put Whistler on the cartoon, and the movie hadn't come out yet. - Author: David S.Goyer
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#25. The way I saw the characters these things just happened naturally. At the same time - and I know it's probably not apparent when you read the book - but I really tried to hold back because I didn't want it to become a cartoon. - Author: Donald Ray Pollock
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#26. 'Cinderella' the cartoon scared me. I watched the bits with the mice, and the scenes with the stepsisters ripping her dress apart scared me. Cinderella was never even my favorite character in 'Into the Woods.' - Author: Anna Kendrick
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#27. I am definitely not scared of Mike Tyson. I am at the top of the food chain and he is looking to knock me off. Mike's an arrogant imbecile. He sounds like a cartoon character. - Author: Lennox Lewis
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#28. I laugh when I end up on the worst-dressed lists. I'm not trying to be fashionable. I know I'm kind of a cartoon character. Do people honestly think I'm wearing a kafkan in order to be fashionable? - Author: Pamela Anderson
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#29. I was hesitant to do 'Mulan II.' For me, I felt like the story that needed to be told, this legendary character of Mulan, was already encompassed in the first movie, and I was worried they would try to create this crazy cartoon character out of this legendary character of China. - Author: Ming-Na Wen
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#30. I'm often asked where my nickname 'Kun' comes from. My parents says it was a Japanese cartoon I used to watch on television when I was very young, set in the Stone Age, where the main character was a boy called Kum Kum, the little caveman. - Author: Sergio Aguero
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