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#1. Men crowd into honorable careers without other vocation than their vanity, or at best their love of fame. - Author: Luc De Clapiers
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#2. It is impossible to pursue a successful literary career and follow the advice of all one's 'best friends'.I feel compelled to follow the light which my own intellect & judgement cast upon my way, rather than any one of the many conflicting rays which other minds would lend me. - Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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#3. Google attracts so much talent, it can afford to look beyond traditional metrics, like G.P.A. For most young people, though, going to college and doing well is still the best way to master the tools needed for many careers. - Author: Thomas Friedman
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#4. I have to say I owe my career to the master composers of the Great American Songbook who have written such high-quality songs - the best popular music ever composed. - Author: Tony Bennett
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#5. One of the things my career as an artist might say to young artists is: The things that are close to you are the things you can photograph the best. And unless you photograph what you love, you are not going to make good art. - Author: Sally Mann
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#6. If there's anything the world disdains more than uppity young women, it's uppity old women. Dying young has always been a woman's best career move. - Author: Erica Jong
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#7. I wouldn't count it out, but right now I feel like my career is still just starting. The best years are yet to come. - Author: Phil Ivey
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#8. Just make as much money as you can, but try your best not to rob or get robbed, it will sweep all that you have and leave your hands empty. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#9. Leaving my first agent was both my best business decision and my worst business decision. It depends on how I want to look at my career because of opportunities that may have come had I stayed with him and because of the opportunities that did come because I had to fight harder for roles. - Author: Carmen Ejogo
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#10. I told a joke and people laughed and it was the best feeling. I knew I wanted to do this as a career. I never knew I could get such a high from telling a joke. There's something so extraordinary about having people listening to you and hanging onto your words - it's a great feeling. - Author: Chris Tucker
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#11. From the beginning of your career until the end, you have people telling you, you can't do something or you're only going to get so far. That either drives you to be become the best or it stops you at the stipulations that other people have for you. - Author: Dominick Cruz
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#12. There are two very different types of artists: those I call Old Masters, who work by trial and error and tend to improve with age, and conceptual people, or Young Geniuses, who generally do their best work early in their careers. - Author: David Galenson
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#13. A great teacher once taught me that you've got to have faith that everything happens for the best. I have had many setbacks in my career and every setback has led me that much further into my truth. - Author: Suze Orman
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#14. The work environment can bring out the 'best' or the 'worst' in you. - Author: Abhishek Ratna
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#15. I think I enjoy London the best as it's where I started my career. But Paris is beautiful too. - Author: Alek Wek
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#16. To me the Olympic spirit embodies the magic of competition, hard work and coming to a point in your career when you're around the best athletes in the world, and having the whole world watching. - Author: Julia Mancuso
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#17. Some of the best business and nonprofit CEOs I've worked with over a sixty-five-year consulting career were not stereotypical leaders. They were all over the map in terms of their personalities, attitudes, values, strengths, and weaknesses. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#18. I know it sounds very typical to say, but the best part of being an actor, and the reason why I think a lot of actors do it, is that it's always changing. You get to play so many things that it's like you've had so many different careers. - Author: Jerry Ferrara
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#19. When I went to acting school, the kids that got the best grades were the kids that could cry on cue. But it didn't really translate into careers for any of them, because the external is the easy part. - Author: Albert Brooks
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#20. You can learn more from the lows than the highs. The highs are great but the lows make you really look at things in a different way and want to improve. Every player will have both in their careers and I have, but what you get is that experience which is so important to perform at your best. - Author: Wayne Rooney
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#21. Even now, there are young actors who want careers as romantic leading men, and the best thing is not to reveal you're gay. - Author: Ian McKellen
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#22. I love Dallas, Austin and Houston. Why? Because some of the best comedians, like Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison, started their careers in Texas, and because the crowds there are comedy-educated. - Author: Bobby Lee
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#23. You can't micromanage. People who try to do that often fall on their faces. Incentivize those who work with you so you get the best work you can. Every career is a team effort, even if you're the one in front. - Author: Michael Franzese
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#24. Suddenly it was gone. I'd lost more than my voice and my career. I'd lost my best friend. - Author: Jack Klugman
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#25. I regret that I didn't enjoy it all more. I didn't savour it until the end because I was so hard on myself. Life goes by so quickly. A dancer's career goes by so quickly. You've got to enjoy those moments when you know you've done your best. - Author: Karen Kain
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#26. The worst days of those who enjoy what they do are better than the best days of those who don't. - Author: Jim Rohn
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#27. I've done a lot of independent travelling, which hasn't been the best career choice, but it's been a really great life choice. - Author: Nikki Reed
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#28. I'd like to think that throughout my career whatever my current record is has 110% of my best. - Author: Aaron Watson
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#29. Satan will tempt you with many things in life, but the most powerful is the temptation to be grateful for what you have, when it is not the best life God had to offer you. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#30. In a very real way Norman [Lear] godfathered me into my career. He was the best mentor anybody could have ever had. - Author: Richard Masur
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#31. Political renegades always start their career of treachery as 'the best men of all parties' and end up in the Tory knackery. - Author: Neil Kinnock
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#32. Many people worry so much about managing their careers, but rarely spend half that much energy managing their LIVES. I want to make my life, not just my job, the best it can be. The rest will work itself out. - Author: Reese Witherspoon
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#33. As a mentalist, perhaps only Orson Wells was in Jason's league. After a career in television, Randal has my endorsement. He's simply the best I've ever seen! - Author: Merv Griffin
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#34. The best thing about having my very first audition lead me to an Oscar nomination means that I don't have to struggle the rest of my career to be nominated for an Oscar, to prove that I'm a great actress, because I've already done it. Now I can do things that just make me happy. - Author: Gabourey Sidibe
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#35. You learn to do your best writing on story rather than off story. Very often at the beginning of their careers, writers including me do their best dialogue writing off story - the best lines, the best observations - but they haven't got enough to do with the plot to stay in. - Author: Victor Levin
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#36. There is no escaping the fact that, even in a great career, sometimes the best advances happen through luck, chance and accident. - Author: Edmond H. Fischer
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#37. He only is great at heart who floods the world with a great affection. He only is great of mind who stirs the world with great thoughts. He only is great of will who does something to shape the world to a great career. And he is greatest who does the most of all these things and does them best. - Author: Roswell Dwight Hitchcock
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#38. I know that when I have had whatever run-ins I have had throughout my career, I have had them because I have done the things that I feel like I need to do to be the best, and that is why I am in this sport, that is what drives me. - Author: Brad Keselowski
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#39. Work in a place that feels good to you. Select the best of that which is available. The Zen of working is just to do it, not to worry about it. Feel you would be doing it without the money. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#40. I was trying my best to just stop that ball from going over the fence, I'd sacrifice my body if I have to. I've done that my whole career. - Author: Torii Hunter
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#41. Many years ago when I first started my career Maradona told me "to enjoy and play as you know", and that's stayed with me ever since and is the best advice I've been given. - Author: Lionel Messi
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#42. Potter for me is something that's been giving me these amazing opportunities to start a career and learn while I'm doing, which is the best way to learn. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#43. The best advice I got throughout my career was understanding what my current managers' pains and challenges are - it's not always just about hitting the number. - Author: Jim McDonough
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#44. I walked out the wrong car door and started walking into the crowd, An interviewer said, 'Give your best horror scream,' and Stan did this great scream, and I was too much of a wimp to do one. It was pathetic! - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#45. [About John Evershed] There is much in our medallist's career which is a reminder of the scientific life of Sir William Huggins. They come from the same English neighbourhood and began as amateurs of the best kind. They both possess the same kind of scientific aptitude. - Author: Hugh Newall
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#46. Winning is an approach to life. The place it starts is not on the playing field or in the business organization; nor is it competitive. We are trying to do our best to bring perfection into whatever we turn our attention to. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#47. Ken always says that his job is to create the best team possible, not to shepherd the careers of individual athletes. - Author: Patrick Lencioni
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#48. You'd be lucky to get tortured to death in one of my films. It's the best thing that could happen to your career. But I'm very aware that as soon as you put women in this situation, all of a sudden people are like: "Wow, well wait a second!" Immediately, people become very sensitive to it. - Author: Eli Roth
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#49. I learn from everyone by observing traits that makes them successful and traits that bring them down, and try to incorporate only the best traits into my professional career. - Author: Olivia Stuck
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#50. One of the reasons we survive as a band is that we are seen as a band of today. We don't want to be seen as a band that tours and plays old songs. We feel that we are making the best music of our careers. - Author: Andrew Fletcher
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#51. I wish HP nothing but the best. I think HP is an icon. Those of us who had their careers in the Valley think of Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett as role models. We would love to be half as good as they were. - Author: Larry Ellison
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#52. I've learned to accept the fact that my students are far too busy preparing for their own legal careers to care one bit about the off-campus antics of Professor Burke. I get the impression that my students are vaguely aware of my novels, but are at best mildly curious. - Author: Alafair Burke
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#53. I don't think many actors are the best judge of careers. I think generally we have good instincts about what we can do in terms of acting. And often they become directors, which I don't want to be. - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#54. We work so hard as young artists to further our careers or improve our technique, sometimes it gets so easy to not actually go and see things like a play or a film. I think the best way to get better is to see other actors do what they do well. - Author: Juliet Rylance
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#55. One of the best years of my life was the very last one of my career. Playing for Rangers was my dream and it meant everything to my family. - Author: Andy Gray
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#56. Don't let people scare you from a career that may not net you a six figure salary. If you want to be a teacher, teach. But knowing that your salary may only reach a certain level, do all that you can to become the best money manager you can be. - Author: Michelle Singletary
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#57. You must showcase your work, achievements and performance in the best possible manner. - Author: Abhishek Ratna
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#58. I remember when I got a call and was told I was traded [to the Yankees in 1974], I actually cried because I liked Kansas City. But coming to the Yankees was the best thing that ever happened to me in my baseball career. - Author: Lou Piniella
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#59. Some artists will tell you that's all they want to do is write their own music, and that's great, but George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, they didn't write everything they recorded, and they've had major, major careers. I think it's all about the best song. - Author: Jake Owen
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#60. For me, Lionel Messi is quite clearly the best player ever. It's a pleasure to put myself against him and when I finish my career it's something I can look back on and know I've tested myself against the very best. - Author: John Terry
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#61. I think now what you're seeing is guys that are in the peaks of their careers anywhere from 27 to 35 years old, seems to be when they play their best hockey. - Author: Mark Messier
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#62. I have a limited amount of time to build a career out of football and be the best that I can be at this job. When this job is over, I have the rest of my life to do what I want with my time. - Author: J. J. Watt
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#63. I think doing the podcast may have been one of the best career decisions I've ever made in my life. - Author: Chris Hardwick
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#64. Tom Hanks hits a new career peak. One of the best films of the year. - Author: Peter Travers
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#65. Working with Ronnie Barker was always a joy and were without doubt some of the best years of my career - Author: David Jason
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#66. Career politicians do not have the courage to prioritize spending and say no to demanding special interest groups who do not reflect the best interests of the country. - Author: Tom Coburn
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#67. I've always been me. The last three weeks of my career, I've cut some of the best promos I've ever cut, and I do consider myself to be a promo guy. - Author: CM Punk
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