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#1. To have entered a strange house, and to have consumed the best part of a cake without the knowledge or consent of the lawful owners, was a solecism worthy of severe retribution. - Author: Jennifer Worth
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#2. There was a strange rumor in Highbury of all the little Perrys being seen with a slice of Mrs. Weston's wedding-cake in their hands: but Mr. Woodhouse would never believe it. - Author: Jane Austen
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#3. You bite the bullet and get on with it. One can't expect to be happy all the time ... You expect to be happy, as if it's a right. It's not a right. It's a bonus. The cherry on the cake. - Author: Santa Montefiore
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#4. Just thinking about the cake she was not eating made her cry. - Author: Michael Kaplan
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#5. If you're making a cake, you don't just make the cake and have it look nice and have nobody tastes it. But that doesn't take away from your ability to execute what you do as well as you can and to have it be something for many. - Author: Mel Gibson
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#6. Your favorite kind of cake can't be birthday cake, that's like saying your favorite kind of cereal is breakfast cereal. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#7. My Dad always used to say, " The first hundred years are the hardest ! After that it's a piece of cake ! - Author: Harold Lee
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#8. Cast bread upon the water and it comes back chocolate cake! - Author: Barbara B. Appelbaum
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#9. If you're trying to work the art game, if you're like Andy Warhol or something, then you're in with cake-eaters of society. You want to get in with them and please them and get their money. - Author: Robert Crumb
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#10. My favorite song is happy birthday,
as that means there will be cake - Author: Jane Yates
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#11. It is neither necessary nor desirable that national boundaries should mark sharp differences in standards of living, that membership of a national group should entitle to a share in a cake altogether different from that in which members of other groups share. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
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#12. I haven't met a cake I didn't like. - Author: Amy Clipston
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#13. Somewhere, excitement waited for me like an uncut cake. - Author: Lauren Wolk
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#14. I wanted to persuade her, but I didn't want to scare her, and I certainly didn't want to make her cry. I wanted her to be safe. I wanted her to be mine. I wanted to have my cake and eat it, too. - Author: Nenia Campbell
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#15. Being a depressed hippie is a lose-lose. It would be like if a rice cake had the caloric content of a MoonPie. - Author: Adam Carolla
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#16. Pain was a difficult concept to conjure in memory, Hoop had said. Like tasting the best cake ever. Such thoughts only really meant anything when the tasting-or the pain- was happening. - Author: Tim Lebbon
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#17. I wrote ghost stories because I'd always enjoyed reading them, and they seemed to be fizzling out ... I don't take them terribly seriously. It's like a cake, with ingredients. - Author: Susan Hill
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#18. Silence is the best reply to those who provoke you. Smile is like icing on the cake. - Author: Saru Singhal
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#19. Writing is like making a delicious cake. Use the best ingredients, layer the flavors, and finish it with panache. If your product is made with good taste, people will ask for more. - Author: Claudia McCants
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#20. I guess I feel that I was following my instincts, and at the same time being guided by the best. I became totally intrigued with Louisiana - the people, the food. It is a part of my life. Everything that has happened for me since moving here has just been icing on the cake. - Author: Emeril Lagasse
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#21. Silas baked me a cake for my birthday. It was awful. I think he forgot the eggs. But it was the most beautiful chocolate failure I've ever seen. I was so happy that I didn't even make a gag face when I ate a slice. But, oh god, it was so bad. Best boyfriend ever. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#22. She could hear the voices and laughter coming from the yard, and she thought, really, this was the best part of any wedding, not the ceremony or the cake or the dancing but the downtime when they were all together without the lights shining on them. - Author: Elin Hilderbrand
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#23. So if I have two pieces of cake, do I have twice as good an experience as the first piece of cake? One of the things I've found in life is that the first piece of cake is the best. - Author: David Frum
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#24. CHILD: "Why does carrot cake have the best icing?" MOTHER: "Because it needs the best icing." Quantum Nonlocality and the Death of Elvis Presley You may remember - Author: B.J. Novak
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#25. Mrs. Bright cut another slice of the rich, dark cake. It was Mindy's fourth, counting dessert at home. But Mrs. Bright's layer cakes were, Mindy felt sure, the best in the world. Where else did you find the layers of icing almost as thick as the layers of cake? - Author: Jane Louise Curry
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#26. Teddy bears are best because they understand it's nice to be alone. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#27. In life one cannot eat his cake and have it, too; he must make his choice and then do the best he can to be content to go the way his judgment leads. - Author: Clarence Darrow
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#28. Mont Blanc confronted us, dazzling, immense, cut sharp out of the bue sky; more prosterous than the most baroque wedding cake, more convincing than the best photograph. It fairly took my breath away. It made me want to laugh. - Author: Christopher Isherwood
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#29. During difficult times, it's best to cut down on sweets like cookies, cake and candy. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit to help prevent blood sugar dips and spikes. - Author: Karen Salmansohn
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#30. A bad review is like baking a cake with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it. - Author: Danielle Steel
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#31. That cake tasted good. But the cake in the garbage tasted better. It was the best cake I ever ate. - Author: Loretta Ellsworth
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#32. Celebration is life's frosting: isn't frosting the very best part of the cake? - Author: Bethenny Frankel
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#33. The method of drinking tea at this stage was primitive in the extreme. The leaves were steamed, crushed in a mortar, made into a cake, and boiled together with rice, ginger, salt, orange peel, spices, milk, and sometimes with onions! - Author: Okakura Kakuzo
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#34. The main prank that we play with props is for people's birthdays. The special effects people will put a little explosive in the cake so it blows up in their face - that's always fun to play on a guest star, or one of the trainees or someone who's new. - Author: Catherine Bell
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#35. I threatened him with bodily harm. He promised to bring me cake for the rest of my life. - Author: Chris Cannon
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#36. What I really do is take real plums and put them in an imaginary cake. - Author: Mary McCarthy
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#37. Come, eate thy fill of this thy God's white loaf. It's food too fine for Angels, yet come, take and eate thy fill. It's Heaven's Sugar Cake. - Author: Edward Taylor
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#38. The cake that launched a thousand hips - Author: Steph Bennion
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#39. Can this really call itself a cake when its main ingredients are cheese and carrots? - Author: Sarra Manning
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#40. While lying in traction in the hospital the next day, I informed Jerry that he could promptly take his cake, hideous football photo and smelly socks and fuck off out of my apartment. - Author: Kate Langdon
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#41. The cake had a trick candle that wouldn't go out, so I didn't get my wish. Which was just that it would always be like this, that my life could be a party just for me. - Author: Janet Fitch
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#42. Will there be cake? - Author: Anthony Cupitt
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#43. I like to photograph miniature constructed scenes - I'll buy a very sad cake decoration like a plastic computer for a dreary office birthday party and construct a wildly colorful scene to put on its screen, or do a series of dollhouse chairs frozen in ice cubes. - Author: Matthea Harvey
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#44. You don't want to raise a kid in a culture where the kid who asks the most questions is annoying. You want a culture where the kid who asks the most questions gets awards and gets another piece of cake. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#45. As one who appreciated the tragic side of eating, it seemed to him that anything other than fruit for dessert implied a reprehensible frivolity, and cakes in particular ended up annihilating the flavour of quiet sadness that must be allowed to linger at the end of a great culinary performance. - Author: Manuel Vazquez Montalban
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#46. I never got a chocolate birthday cake; I got a carob one. And when I went to other kids' houses, I was very covetous of things like Cheez Whiz that I'd find in their refrigerators. - Author: Amanda Marshall
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#47. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?" I said. "How about Tristan and I make you and Jax a romantic dinner? And you bake him a cake for dessert. We'll warm him up with a gourmet meal, but once he tastes your cake, he'll be putty in your hands. - Author: Kristie Cook
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#48. Sometimes, no matter how screwed up things seem, I feel like we're all at a wedding. But you can't just come out and say, We're at a wedding! Have some cake! You need to create a world into which we can enter, a world where we can see this. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#49. Food is like clay; you can sculpt with it. Also it has an odor, and you can eat it. I don't eat a lot of cake, but I do make cakes! And unlike the Campbell's Soup Cans, my food is a humanized form and scale. - Author: Claes Oldenburg
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#50. The waited stopped by and Nathan order a cup of coffee.
"No cake?" I asked, surprised.
He patted his flat stomach. "Trying to watch my figure."
I laughed. "Whatever, Captain Skittles. - Author: Elicia Hyder
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#51. Why should a woman cook? So her husband can say 'My wife makes a delicious cake' to some hooker? - Author: Joan Rivers
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#52. She snorted and went back to the cake. As she smoothed on the last of the icing, she frowned. "It doesn't really look like suklaada cake, does it?"
No, but he wasn't going to admit that. "Looks good to me.

-Brianna & Aeron - Author: Savannah Stuart
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#53. These are big trade-offs for a simple piece of cake - add five hundred calories, subtract well-being, allure, and self-esteem - and the feelings behind them are anything but vain or shallow. - Author: Caroline Knapp
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#54. They don't have to choose either/or. They can have their cake and mutilate it too. - Author: Rob Thurman
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#55. When you are a hero you are always running to save someone, sweating, worried and guilty. When you are a villain you are just lurking in the shadows waiting for the hero to pass by. Then you pop them in the head and go home ... piece of cake. - Author: James Marsters
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#56. Constructing a social system that tends to those who agree with it is a piece of cake compared to constructing one that makes those who disagree with it want to obey its principles. - Author: Erik Naggum
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#57. Once upon uh time, Ah never 'spected nothin', Tea Cake, but bein' dead from the standin' still and tryin' tuh laugh. But you come 'long and made somethin' outa me. So Ah'm thankful fuh anything we come through together." "Thanky, Ma'am. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#58. They listened with flattering attention. He was filled with enthusiasm. He began at the beginning and tried to tell it as he thought Penny would do. Half-way through, he looked down at the cake. He lost interest in the account.
"Then Pa shot him," he ended abruptly. - Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
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#59. Resisting a beautiful chocolate cake or a wonderful foie gras is as difficult as (the idea of) saying no to Paul Newman. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
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#60. Pie can't compete with cake. Put candles in a cake, it's a birthday cake. Put candles in a pie, and somebody's drunk in the kitchen. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#61. I'm amazed. When I was 40, I thought I'd never make 50. And at 50 I thought the frosting on the cake would be 60. At 60, I was still going strong and enjoying everything. - Author: Gloria Stuart
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#62. Sunshine Cake is just a fun hobby thing. That's about it. - Author: Krist Novoselic
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#63. I could be hit by a Sara Lee truck tomorrow. Which is not a bad way of going: 'Richard Simmons Found in a Freeway in Pound Cake and Fudge, With a Smile on His Face.' Let's face it. We don't know anything. - Author: Richard Simmons
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#64. She wants to have baked a cake that banishes sorrow, even if only for a little while. - Author: Michael Cunningham
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