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#1. In Russia, writers with serious grievances are arrested, while in America they are merely featured on television talk shows, where all that is arrested is their development. - Author: Neil Postman
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#2. Best movie ever?! Come on, my appearance on Arrested Development had more dynamics, realism and feel to it than the whole trilogy combined. - Author: Zach Braff
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#3. No, Arrested Development was such an amazing experience in every way, and you know it was very unique in that it was a show that received a lot of critical acclaim, and yet we didn't ever achieve the ratings that we wanted. - Author: Will Arnett
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#4. I'm a bad case of arrested development, stuck in early adolescence, more screwed-up-twisted-up-tangled-up than a couple earthworms makin' babies. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#5. You're not a moron. You're only a case of arrested development. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#6. I suppose actors crave attention of some kind or they have suffered some form of arrested development and are still living in a sort of child's fantasy existence at some level in their psyche. - Author: Hugh Laurie
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#7. Comedy is essentially made by young men, or older men with some form of arrested development, for young men or immature older men. - Author: Harold Ramis
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#8. I'd like to see an arrested growth of development. You can't stop it, but it's important we do something about the developers having the upper hand. - Author: John Murray
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#9. Cole Archer's Chillout Mix. That's my son's mix. He's ten weeks old, and this is what he listens to: 'Valerie' by Amy Winehouse, 'Everyday People' by Arrested Development, The Beatles' 'Rocky Raccoon,' and Bruce Springsteen's 'Atlantic City.' - Author: Adam Pally
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#10. I think in retrospect that all those 'alternative'modes of living were little more than exercises in arrested development. - Author: Will Self
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#11. I've always believed in the adage that the secret of eternal youth is arrested development. - Author: Alice Roosevelt Longworth
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#12. The meaning ascribed in popular usage to the word 'selfishness' is not merely wrong: it represents a devastating intellectual 'package-deal,' which is responsible, more than any other single factor, for the arrested moral development of mankind. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#13. Any preoccupation with ideas of what is right or wrong in conduct shows an arrested intellectual development. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#14. I don't think American family sitcoms are mean. I guess I really love 'Arrested Development.' I guess they are quite mean in that, but that is also a very silly, surreal, absurd show as well, and it has got a heart as well. - Author: Simon Bird
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#15. I don't believe I'll be in the new 'Arrested Development' unless they ask me, in which case, okay! That's how easy I am to get. - Author: Simon Helberg
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#16. The establishment of Christianity ... arrested the normal development of the physical sciences for over fifteen hundred years. - Author: Andrew Dickson White
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#17. Obnoxious smart-ass. Never been anywhere, never done anything, huh. Arrested development, huh. Considering that it was coming from a man who spent his nights peeing on his neighbors' fences, that was rich. Shoot, I should've told him that. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#18. To me it seems certain that the fatalistic teachings of Muhammad and the utter degradation of women is the outstanding cause for the arrested development of the Arab. He is exactly as he was around the year 700, while we have kept on developing. - Author: George S. Patton
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#19. Anthropocentrism, regarding human kind as the very center and pinnacle of existence, is a disease of arrested development. - Author: Michael Fox
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#20. I feel, as an adult, I'm very similar to how I was as a pre-teen. Maybe it's a case of arrested development, but I feel like it's easy to slip back into those shoes, and I feel like if we were all magically transported back to our middle school years, we'd all act like we did in middle school. - Author: Jeff Kinney
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#21. And then we've got Blades of Glory, and we've got Brothers Solomon, and I've got a script in development with this guy Chuck Martin who used to write on Arrested, and, you know, we have a few things in various stages of development. - Author: Will Arnett
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#22. You step over the threshold of your parents' home, and you're instantly transported back to your childhood. It's like time travel. You revert at once to a place of arrested development. - Author: Tamsin Greig
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#23. To be called a genius at 17 or 18 years old can sometimes cause arrested development. - Author: Paul Dano
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#24. I love 'Arrested Development.' - Author: Rob Thomas
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#25. A predilection for genre fiction is symptomatic of a kind of arrested development. - Author: Thomas M. Disch
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#26. I'm usually late to the game on shows and watch them after they've aired. But I love 'House of Cards,' 'The Killing,' 'Orange Is the New Black,' loved 'True Detective,' and 'Arrested Development' when it was on. Also 'The Wire,' though I was way late to the game on that. - Author: Finn Wittrock
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#27. With 'Arrested Development,' we tried showing the deep disdain that connects a family. We wanted to hold up a mirror to American society. And, just as predicted, America looked away. - Author: Mitchell Hurwitz
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#28. Surely arrested development consists not in refusing to lose old things but in failing to add new things. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#29. When I was 16, I was working on 'Arrested Development.' My memories of being 16 were just trying to keep up with school while doing the show and trying to be around all those people on the show, as much as I could. - Author: Michael Cera
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#30. For me, 'Arrested Development' is the cornerstone of recent television comedy. It's so incredibly flawless and perfect. - Author: John Krasinski
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#31. I was a huge fan of 'Arrested Development,' and there's just something it tickles in me and it's bright and it's hilarious. - Author: Keri Russell
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#32. I've been doing It's Aways Sunny for 12 years, and so I have this cable sensibility. When I read the Grinder script, I was like "this is edgy," which is great, but in a different way from Arrested Development. I feel like the characters are a little more relatable, so maybe that's the difference. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Ellis
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