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Top 34 Best Actor Funny Quotes

#1. I definitely knew I wanted to be an actor in high school. I was doing plays and musicals, and I loved 'Saturday Night Live' and thought that was what I wanted to do - funny sketches and comedies. So I knew then, but I didn't know how to go about it, but I found my way. - Author: Jerry Trainor
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#2. Only criminals and madmen walk into Central Park after midnight...or, occasionally, an actor. (Dark City Lights) - Author: Jane Dentinger
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#3. One of my favorite comedies is 'Groundhog Day' and 'Scrooged.' I love Bill Murray, and I think he's a great example of an actor who is funny. - Author: Fiona Gubelmann
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#4. It's weird how an actor can read a script and think 'it's really good, it's really funny, that's going to be really dramatic ... ' and then you get there and say: "Oh, I have to get in it? I have to get in the water?! Are you kidding?" - Author: Jamie Bell
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#5. I have a very healthy growth of both head and facial hair. People always want to attribute further superhuman powers to me. It's funny the way the audience really seems to want me, Nick the actor, to exhibit the same machismo as Ron Swanson. - Author: Nick Offerman
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#6. It's funny in the U.K., where I'm not really known because I never did a soap. My English cousins in the Lake District think I'm not a real actor because they've never seen me in 'Home and Away' or 'Neighbours.' - Author: Jacki Weaver
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#7. I have a really dry sense of humor. I don't think it's funny when people wink at the camera. That's more of an actor thing, just committing to whatever the thing is. - Author: Topher Grace
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#8. In all my years as an actor, I had never been me - I had always hidden behind my glasses, mustaches and funny voices. - Author: Jon Pertwee
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#9. I wasn't a class clown, I never developed this comedic flair as a kid. Even when I decided to become an actor, it was just to be an actor, not necessarily a comedic actor. I wasn't that guy who struck out with women so he became really funny, and that's when the women started to like him. - Author: Steve Carell
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#10. The comedians I liked were Bill Cosby and Steven Wright, like just always as a comedic actor. I always liked Gary Larson, who's really funny for a cartoonist, obviously. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#11. The hardest thing for me to do, and the best thing I've done and learned as an actor is to sacrifice being funny in certain circumstances in order to do something that makes sense for the story or the character, or emotionally. - Author: Jonah Hill
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#12. At one point you think, well, it's funny, I could just be a starving actor. So if somebody were to pull the plug, there'd be no room for complaint. - Author: Michael Fassbender
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#13. The great thing about Eminem is, he's just hysterical. You forget, people like Eminem because he is riotously funny. And he's a great actor. - Author: Judd Apatow
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#14. I also think if you're an actor and you can improvise, when you go on an audition and you can improvise you're just a genius. If you can, you know, take a Tide commercial and you can just say one funny line that's not in the commercial they think you're a genius. - Author: Amy Poehler
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#15. Come on, if you don't win tonight it doesn't mean you're not a good person, it just means you're not a good actor. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#16. You know what? I never really factor Hollywood into anything. I'm a black actor, so I can't really control what Hollywood thinks. I gotta go do my thing, and my jokes have got to be funny. Whatever I do has got to be great. - Author: Jamie Foxx
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#17. Jack Lemmon is my best friend and he's a very wonderful actor. A very talented, very funny man. A lovely man. We're like brothers! We are gifts to each other. He's such a fun personality. There will only ever be one Jack Lemmon. - Author: Tony Curtis
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#18. I'm a goofball, so I think comedy is one of my stronger points, as an actor. I just never get to do it. But, I'm taking classes at Groundlings, where Will Ferrell and Lisa Kudrow studied, and it's all improv comedy. It feels good to be able to do that and be funny. - Author: Tinsel Korey
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#19. Here's the funny thing about the response I've been aware of to my dating famous people: It's been very negative. I'm either not good-looking enough, not a good enough actor or not successful enough for these people. - Author: Dax Shepard
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#20. I was like, what the hell is my life coming to? I'm a trained actor! I've done Shakespeare and here I am having farting contests with an imaginary dog! - Author: Matthew Lillard
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#21. There's nothing I dislike more than being in a photo shoot where they say, 'Be yourself.' That's not why I became an actress. That's what I find so funny: that you become an actor, and all of a sudden, everyone wants to know about you. But I didn't become an actor so I could show you me. - Author: Margot Robbie
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#22. It's very hard to find a good child actor. There are a lot of child actors out there, especially in America, and they're cute kids, but most child actors appear on sitcoms where their main role is to be cute and make funny little remarks. - Author: George R R Martin
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#23. Jake Johnson wanted to make clear that he was the great American actor, not just the funny guy on 'New Girl.' - Author: Colin Trevorrow
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#24. When a dramatic actor does a funny film, people are like, 'Wonderful! I didn't know he was funny!' But when it flips, people can get really thrown by it. - Author: Will Ferrell
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#25. Bill Murray is a wonderful actor, and he's very funny, and I've seen him be serious and terrific. - Author: Geoffrey Ward
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#26. It's funny - when I first started as an actor, obviously there were long periods of being idle and all you want to do is work. So if I ever get the compulsion to feel like I should complain or feel like I want to take a break, I just remember how I was before and be very grateful for it. - Author: Neil Jackson
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#27. As an actor myself, the opportunity to sing and dance and be dramatic and be funny - it's really irresistible to actors. You get to show all sides of your talent. - Author: Elizabeth Banks
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#28. If you are a great dramatic actor then you often don't know if people are enjoying your stuff at all because they are sitting there in silence. But with comedy it's a simple premise. If it's funny, people laugh. If it's not, they don't. - Author: Steve Coogan
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#29. It's funny, because I was trained as a dramatic actor at New York's Colonnades Theater Lab in the '70s, along with Jeff Goldblum, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. People I worked with there saw a comedian in me. I'm still most at home in comedy. - Author: Peter Scolari
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#30. As an actor, you can really play the intensity and gravity and seriousness of the moment, and just rely on the circumstances being funny. The joke is kind of the situation you're in, or the way you're reacting to something, as opposed to the characters just saying something witty. - Author: Ed Helms
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#31. I want to be a little more dramatic nowadays. I definitely want something big and funny, but I look for things that can just have people see me in a different light and let me mature as both an entertainer and an actor and a comedian. - Author: Cedric The Entertainer
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#32. First of all, i'm not an actor - I'm an asshole. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#33. Alex the waiter was on my Spank Naughty list in third place, right after Henry Calvill the actor, then Henry Calvill as Superman. He was proof that God existed, and that God loved straight women. - Author: Penny Reid
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#34. You, the actor, must be aware of when you're being funny, but the character you're playing should always be oblivious to the fact. - Author: Jon Lovitz
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