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#1. Like other Americans, I've reconciled myself to the idea that an animal's life has been sacrificed to bring me a meal of pork or chicken. However, industrial meat production - which subjects animals to a life of torture - has escalated the karmic costs beyond reconciliation. - Author: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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#2. The gap between enthusiasm and indifference is filled with failures. The great man is he that does not lose his child's heart. - Author: Mencius
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#3. Leaders do not sway with the polls. Instead, they sway the polls through their own words and actions. - Author: Bob Ehrlich
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#4. It is statistically proven that the strongest institution that guarantees procreation and continuity of the generations is marriage between one man and one woman. We don't want genocide. We don't want to destroy the sacred institution of marriage. - Author: Alveda King
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#5. It's in our blood - we heard their distresses like a rung bell in our bones. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#6. You are the one who knows yourself - which is to say, you know how much you are worth in your own estimation, and therefore at what price you will sell yourself; because people sell themselves at different rates. - Author: Epictetus
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#7. You'll be very close to him when you shoot him. So shove the pistol in his face and pull the trigger instantly."

Ingrid aka 'Alis K'
The Informer - Author: Steen Langstrup
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#8. You did when you were a child, then give your cells those commands: "I feel amazing today." "I have so much energy." "I have perfect eyesight. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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#9. I am certain that there are extremists on both sides of the gun control debate in Hawaii, as in the rest of the nation. However, it has been our willingness and ability to develop mutually respectful and effective gun control laws that have kept our community safe. - Author: Colleen Hanabusa
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#10. The guy you've been seeing, the one you were all so secret-squirrel about, was my dad?" Cooper nodded. "Yes." "Oh, fucking hell," Ryan squeaked. "The one you said sucked dick like a Dyson? - Author: N.R. Walker
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#11. What is said is given out to suit the temperament of the hearers - Author: Sri Ramana Maharshi
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#12. Everyone lets their hair down here. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#13. Embrace the faff. Stare out of the window. Bend paperclips. Stand in the middle of the room trying to remember what you came downstairs for. Pace. Drum your fingertips. Move papers around. Hum. Look at the garden. - Author: Tom Hodgkinson
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#14. When he comes to the door
he always looks mocking and half-way angry.
You can see he has sympathy for nothing.
It's written on his forehead
that he can love no one. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#15. It is a horrible wonderful thing to be in love with you. To get to hear you sing for hour after hour but never be the subject of the song. To listen and listen and listen. - Author: David Levithan
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