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#1. His was the coiled, urgent restlessness of a person who believed that fate had mistakenly allotted him a place below his true destiny. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#2. You must never fear anything at all. - Author: Vernon Howard
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#3. I do have a large audience overseas, and I want to continue to be an international artist. - Author: Neil Diamond
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#4. If you ask most high schoolers who Bruce Lee is, they will say that it someone they sit next to in English class. - Author: Seth Rogen
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#5. Eventually cancer becomes just another annoying thing that you deal with, you know, like cellulite. - Author: Kris Carr
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#6. My thing is, I'm just way too harsh. It's an enormous impediment, and that's just the truth of it. It doesn't make me any better, make me any worse, it certainly isn't more valorous. I have a character defect, man. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#7. What is faith? If you believe something because you have evidence for it, or rational argument, that is not faith. So faith seems to be believing something despite the absence of evidence or rational argument for it. - Author: Peter Singer
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#8. There are no compacts between Lions and Men: and Wolves and lambs have no concord.- Homer - Author: Rick Royster
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#9. Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, you all had great moments, but you never tasted the supreme triumph; you were never a farm boy riding in from the fields on a bulging rack of new-mown hay. - Author: Grant Wood
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#10. Once I asked my dad how you know when you're in love. He said you just know, and that if you have to ask the question then you haven't been in love yet. And he's right. Because there aren't words for this. No combination of letters could ever represent what she is to me. - Author: Mindy McGinnis
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