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#1. I remember when I was younger, there was a well-known writer who used to dart down the back way whenever saw me coming. I suppose he was in love with me and wasn't quite sure of himself. Well, c'est la vie! - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#2. An explosion in space makes no sound, as there is no air to transmit the sound waves. - Author: Kip S. Thorne
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#3. If any of us hopes to survive, she must meet the extremity of the American female condition with immediate and political response. The thoroughly destructive and indefensible subjugation of the majority of Americans cannot continue except at the peril of the entire body politic. - Author: June Jordan
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#4. I'm so glad cities have personalities, just like people have personalities. That's something that makes me smile. - Author: Fred Armisen
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#5. Brilliant ... Marriage Confidential is both laugh-out-loud funny and gasp-out-loud shocking, and nothing less than a Feminine Mystique for our time. Mark my words, your marriage will change after reading this book. - Author: Debby Applegate
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#6. I had been out of the game for too long. I couldn't even get drunk and flirt anymore. I could however, get drunk and look like a stroke victim. - Author: Tara Sivec
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#7. My studies are going well. The university library is my second home now. They've had to get me a private room because it takes me only a second to absorb the printed page, and curious students invariably gather around me as I flip through my books. - Author: Daniel Keyes
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#8. Empty promises can kill a good woman. She may still breathe, but inside her heart will be dead. I'm - Author: Emily Minton
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#9. Moving a pile of bricks from one side of the room to the other requires strength. Time, discipline, patience. - Author: Sarah Hepola
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#10. I thought of how life had been before I realized I was a frog in a pot - Author: Stephen King
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#11. I had spent so much time secretly scared of rape that in that moment I was hardly even afraid anymore. Or rather I had moved on to my next fear - what happens when it's over? Would I be left there, alone? Injured? Or worse? - Author: Amber Dawn
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#12. What do you think, that a dollar in a savings account is freedom? Maybe you have understood nothing I have said. - Author: Klaus Kinski
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#13. I spend roughly $80 per year watching bananas go brown. - Author: G.H. Eckel
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#14. Growing up in rural Louisiana, the ecosystem around our home wove harmoniously into our family and into our daily life. Every life lesson that trickled its way into my being came from a mutually respectful relationship between the environment and my family. - Author: Ian Somerhalder
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