Top 13 Berdien Schepers Quotes

#1. Your memory is a monster; you forget - it doesn't. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you - and summons them to your recall with will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you!

John Irving

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#2. If you're worried about life-work balance, something is probably wrong with your life or your work. Instead of agonizing over balance, get excited and create change.

Chris Guillebeau

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#3. How we respond to something is just as important - if not more important - than our initial reaction.

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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#4. It was nearly five before Jake walked in. He was sunburnt, wet, and smelled faintly of fish. Sexy as hell. Don't ask me to explain.

Josh Lanyon

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#5. I need new ones of these. Victor pushed his glasses up the Sisyphean slope of his nose.

Sloane Crosley

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#6. I would love very much to win a medal at the Olympics for myself, by my own performance. But that will never happen.

Bela Karolyi

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#7. The public," he said, "bless them. It's the same in tailoring: they always think they know more about your job than you do, and then you get the blame when it ends up looking a mess." He

K.J. Parker

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#8. I think there are good men and women in all decades. We've grown cynical. And look at what we do to all our heroes: Churchill, FDR, Kennedy, they all had affairs. But heroic things happen every day.

Kevin Costner

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#9. How does a mortal make answer to what his or her kind are capable of? Does each of us, soldier or no, reach a point when all that we've seen, survived, changes us inside? Irrevocably changes us. What do we become, then? Less human, or more human? Human enough, or too human?

Steven Erikson

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#10. I'm obsessed with the Clarisonic brush. It actually makes you feel like you've had a facial. It helps prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, too.

Brad Goreski

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#11. The church is often like a football stadium where 22 people need a rest and thousands of people need exercise.

Timothy Keller

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#12. Caches of data are being recovered all the time. Why, just the other day, I heard that we now had complete texts for all three of Shakespire's plays!

Dan Abnett

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#13. That's death and life, you see. We all shine on. You just have to release your hearts, alert your senses, and pay attention. A leaf, a star, a song, a laugh. Notice all the little things, because somebody is reaching out to you. Qualcuno ti ama. Somebody loves you.

Ben Sherwood

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