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#1. Sure, sometimes guys pass you up in salary, and maybe it's a lesser player, but it's all based on what a team has as far as value in that person. - Author: Brett Favre
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#2. It isn't about changing the mechanics of economics. It is about changing the ideas, the dogmas that have driven economics for centuries: debt and fear, insufficiency, divide and conquer. - Author: John Perkins
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#3. You are aware that a healthy portion of the vagina-owning population wants to do you? Don't even get me started about the penis-wielding people, because there's quite a few of them into you as well. - Author: Kylie Scott
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#4. At the weekend, one of the paparazzi left their lunch box filled with half-eaten pasta salad on my doorstep: it was like a little warning, you know? 'We have been here.' - Author: Katherine Jenkins
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#5. A single lie is the father of all lies - Author: Sheeja Jose
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#6. Programming is an explanatory activity. - Author: Roman Harper
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#7. On Pride: This sickness is most dangerous when it succeeds in looking like humility. When a proud man thinks he is humble his case is hopeless. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#8. Too much redesign has to do more with fad and fashion than with fitness and function. It is change for the sake of change. Such redesign is not only unnecessary, it is all too often also retrogressive, leading to things that work less effectively than those they were designed to replace. - Author: Henry Petroski
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#9. She'd have to trust Jasper, knowing he was human. Knowing he could hurt her, even when he didn't mean to. She'd have to trust that he'd do his best, and make amends when his best wasn't enough. - Author: Kit Rocha
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#10. I was just past forty, that age when you wake up in the morning and feel something thickening inside and only people too old to matter refer to you as a young man anymore. (The Last Days of Il Duce) - Author: Dominic Stansberry
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#11. The Idea of the University, Cardinal John Henry Newman's great work defining how the republic of the mind should be governed, hailed the importance of increasing the breadth of understanding, promoting excellence in scholarship, advancing student dialogue and freedom of expression and inquiry. - Author: Andrew Roberts
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