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Top 16 Beloved Slavery Quotes

#1. Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#2. An inability to handle language is not the same thing as stupidity. - Author: David Hare
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#3. If I could go back and erase the few women I'd been with, just so Emily would be my one and only, I would. No question. - Author: Kelley R. Martin
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#4. I'm always suspicious when a guy takes his date on a walk, because it reeks of poverty and an inability to plan. - Author: Julie Klausner
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#5. Communication is to relationships what breath is to life. - Author: Virginia Satir
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#6. We looked at the sky. So many stars, it seemed like a celebration, a grand, illicit party the galaxy was holding after the humans had been put to bed. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#7. I was born again. It happens to Episcopalians. Sometimes it doesn't hit you till you're 47 years old. It changed my whole life for the better ... I spent a lot of time giving Christian witness all over the country to church groups and stuff. - Author: Ann B. Davis
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#8. In a period of economic downturn, the overwhelming instinct is to pare back, cut costs, and lay off. If you do that, do so with your strategy in mind. The worst mistake is to cut across the board. Instead, reconnect and recommit to a clear strategy that will distinguish yourself from others. - Author: Michael Porter
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#9. I love romantic comedies. I know how terrible they are, but I love them! And I don't think that makes me less of a feminist. - Author: Roxane Gay
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#10. The wind and the sea and the storm were his domain and I wanted nothing to do with them any longer. I just wanted Cain. - Author: Jennifer Silverwood
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#11. given the loose-fitting clothing of the time, perhaps a great deal of Zacchaeus would have been visible to the crowd below. - Author: James Martin
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#12. I was married very young. I lived a very middle class life. I was married at age 21, divorced at 31. I didn't sleep on people's couches. - Author: John Lithgow
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#13. She had been nothing but a beloved bauble passed from a mother to a son, a decoration of vanity, devoid of identity. - Author: D. Morgenstern
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#14. To permit irresponsible authority is to sell disaster. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#15. And, as a general rule, it is more advisable to show your intelligence by saying nothing than by speaking out; for silence is a matter of prudence whilst speech has something in it of vanity - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#16. People say I stole a lot of bases. I stole the bases for a reason. I crossed the plate. - Author: Rickey Henderson
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