Top 7 Bellinis Quotes

#1. And," Price adds, smiling, "if another round of Bellinis comes within a twenty-foot radius of our table we are going to set the maitre d' on fire. So you know, warn him.

Bret Easton Ellis

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#2. Don't worry about what candidates have done or said, just vote for the Democrats. Then, afterwards, you can go eat fried chicken.

Michelle Obama

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#3. That which distinguishes this day from all others is that then both orators and artillerymen shoot blank cartridges.

John Burroughs

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#4. I think it's very much a matter between Barbara Walters and ABC.

Tom Brokaw

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#5. Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise.

Samuel Lover

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#6. He didn't speak for a bit, but his weight drew me closer, like a moon pulled near to its planet. I lay quiet, my hand on him, my hip against his - flesh of his flesh.

Diana Gabaldon

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#7. Beanie and Cecil was the first cartoon I remember watching and I think there are analogies.

Joel Hodgson

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