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#1. I'm competitive at everything. - Author: Drew Carey
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#2. I've always been a bit of a sound freak in the movies I've done. - Author: Stephen Hopkins
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#3. Because if he wasn't really, really careful, Lori Sullivan was just going to keep stealing his heart
one sentence, one meal, one smile at time - Author: Bella Andre
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#4. I would rather deal with a tyrant any day than a committee. Committees, as a general rule, aren't willing to take chances, which is why you have a committee in the first place - so you can share the blame. - Author: Hal Riney
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#5. I think there are school teachers who are on the exact same mission as me. - Author: Kanye West
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#6. Keep your voice down!' I warned. 'The house is asleep.' 'Come quick,' he repeated, though in a lower tone. 'And bring gun.' 'Why? - Author: Robert Masello
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#7. A man is too apt to forget that in this world he cannot have everything. A choice is all that is left him. - Author: Harlan Mathews
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#8. We didn't have to talk, and it wasn't awkward. We were just two lonely, out of place people sharing a holiday with junk food from the vending machine and a Claymation classic on the television." oh and later "I guess its a good thing we found each other then. - Author: J.M. Richards Tall Dark Streak Of Lightning
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#9. And though I am not nostalgic for what we did have, I am hopeful about life being filled with everything we didn't. - Author: Chelsea Fagan
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#10. If I have learned how to write fiction it's by working with great writers and getting them to explain their craft to me so that I can do it in English. - Author: Elliott Colla
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#11. We lost a hell of a lot more than just people when we abandoned them to the dead. - Author: Max Brooks
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#12. We are to till the soil and work the land - not worship it. - Author: Billy Graham
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#13. How much longer will you sit back and wait for your dream to spontaneously come true? Too many days, weeks, months, and years have passed! Do not be unresponsive to your own dreams. Now, set a course of action that will lead to bringing your dream into reality. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#14. Like the Roman town grid, the New York plan was laid down on largely empty land, a city designed in advance of being inhabited; if the Romans consulted the heavens for guidance in this effort, the city fathers of New York consulted the banks. - Author: Richard Sennett
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#15. I'm like a dude. Jordans are my favorite. I wear them all the time for shows. I can get girly-girly when I want to, but I can't perform in heels. I would bust my face open on stage, and we don't want that. - Author: Rita Ora
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