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#1. I didn't answer her. All I could have said was I don't know, a sentence that was becoming a kind of witness to our own ignorance or incompetence. Or both.

Jeff VanderMeer

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#2. Democratic societies are unfit for the publication of such thunderous revelations as I am in the habit of making.

Salvador Dali

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#3. Love is when you come home all tired but the love and passion in your heart make you strong.

Rita Zahara

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#4. Where I am at, is not actually where I am at. Where I am at is merely a point on the path to where I am going.

Tony Cleaver

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#5. I am a very lucky guy. I can testify before Congress. I can raise funds. I can raise awareness.

Christopher Reeve

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#6. The secret to success in business is synergy.

Farshad Asl

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#7. They stood there, King of the Hill, Top of the Heap, Ruler of All They Surveyed, Unimpeachable Monarchs and Presidents, trying to understand what it meant to own a world and how big a world really was.

Ray Bradbury

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#8. Or was that fatalism another good move in design space? Did the universe evolve eyes and wings and sense organs and bitter amusement at the prospect of death all the same way?

James S.A. Corey

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#9. It's a huge headache - the more money you have, the more hassles. I find money very uncomfortable.

Upamanyu Chatterjee

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