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#1. There is nothing so nice as supposing. It's almost like being a fairy. If you suppose anything hard enough it seems as if it were real. - Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
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#2. I never faked anything. I never played the Disney game of smiling and being a princess and then suddenly having a hard time, saying, 'That isn't who I really am.' - Author: Miley Cyrus
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#3. Beside him, Gauri looked distraught. Chivalry demanded that he
should inquire after the Princess's well- being. She caught
him looking at her and frowned:
"You're heaving like a water buffalo in its death throes."
Never mind. - Author: Roshani Chokshi
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#4. Apparently being princess wasn't all about beautiful palaces, fantastic castles, shopping, archery lessons, wearing awesome crowns and kickass underwear and being married to a hot guy who named his ship after you. Apparently there were drawbacks - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#5. It is not a happy lot being a princess in any country, but especially Japan in which every tiny aspect of one's life is governed by the most rigid rules of protocol. - Author: Kathryn Lasky
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#6. Can you imagine anything more tragic?' Rose asked. 'To be born a princess
native and to the manor born
and then to forget who you are and settle for being something horrible like an
an accountant! - Author: Regina Doman
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#7. I was compelled to perform. When I say perform, I was compelled to go out and do my engagements and not let people down and support them and love them. In a way, by being out in public, they supported me although they weren't aware of just how much healing they were giving me. It carried me through. - Author: Princess Diana
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#8. It feels like a dream come true, being a Bond girl. I feel like a princess. It's hard to believe it when I say, 'I'm a Bond girl.' - Author: Stephanie Sigman
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#9. In the conventional storyline, I'm supposed to be the one slaying dragons to save you, the princess in distress. So, you see, I feel odd being the rescued. - Author: E. Journey
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#10. Nikolushka and his upbringing, Andre, and religion were Princess Marya's comforts and joys; but, besides that, since every human being needs his personal hope, Princess Marya had in the deepest recesses of her soul a hidden dream and hope, which provided the main comfort of her life. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#11. She is not the princess locked away in the fortress and you are not some hero who's going to save her. - Author: Heather Anastasiu
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#12. But could you not be mended?" asked the girl. "Oh, yes; but one is never so pretty after being mended, you know," replied the Princess. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#13. Being born a princess is all right, but behaving like one can be dangerous. - Author: Siddhartha Choudhary
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#14. The euphoric lust cloud is gone and once the smoke begins to clear, like in all good fairytales, the princess turns into nothing more than a common farm girl while the prince goes back to being a regular frog. - Author: Tali Alexander
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#15. Why did being a princess always come down to taxes and cows? - Author: Merrie Haskell
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#16. You expect me to believe that you're being held against your will?" I raised a skeptical eyebrow. "You're roaming around the castle freely."
"As are you." He turned away from me then. "Not all prisons have bars. You should know that better than anyone, Princess. - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#17. I'd like to be a queen in people's hearts but I don't see myself being queen of this country. - Author: Diana Princess Of Wales
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#18. The dog, who had sounded so ferocious in the winter distances, was a female German Shepherd. She was shivering. Her tail was between her legs. She had been borrowed that morning from a farmer. She had never been to war before. She had no idea what game was being played. Her name was Princess. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#19. I don't like being preachy. I think using fun and humor is an excellent way to make people think. - Author: Princess Superstar
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#20. Galen, who forgot this little thing called "tact" when he accused my mom of being a runaway fish-princess. - Author: Anna Banks
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#21. She smiled at the idea of being a captive princess in the rookeries, or a restrained mouse in the glitter of the ton. - Author: Michelle Diener
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#22. I mean, every child at one stage dreams of being a prince or a princess. - Author: Mary, Crown Princess Of Denmark
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#23. Oh no, princess. I would never carry out anything which could harm your being. This was just something I was told to say. I'm not sure what is planned, if, you go against their wishes. But, I'm sure you're smart and won't test them. - Author: Chayada Welljaipet
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#24. I was floating around in the Garden of Eden, thrilled to be a human being at the Human-Be-In, knowing the world could be saved if we loved one another. I was draped in flowers, bestowed upon me by my brothers and sisters. I was laughing, loving, breathing Princess of Peace ... - Author: Pamela Des Barres
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#25. [I have] been in love with one princess or another almost all my life, and I hope I shall go on so, till I die, being firmly persuaded, that if ever I do a mean action, it must be in some interval betwixt one passion and another. - Author: Laurence Sterne
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#26. I liked being Princess Leia. Or Princess Leia's being me. Over time I thought that we'd melded into one. I don't think you could think of Leia without my lurking in that thought somewhere. - Author: Carrie Fisher
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#27. Being a vampire princess, on another planet, it requires a guardian, especially when she discovers a day that her powers are not enough to help her follow her own path in an unknown planet ... - Author: Pet Torres
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#28. He was seething inside with a new emotion. Nothing seemed very important anymore except the Princess. He was single-minded about her. He was enchanted. He was possessed. He was in love. - Author: Ken Follett
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#29. It's not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don't even exercise! - Author: Andre The Giant
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#30. No one sat me down with a piece of paper and said, This is what is expected of you. But ... I'm lucky enough in the fact that I have found my role ... I love being with people. - Author: Princess Diana
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#31. She was the royal princess. She had to start acting like one. She had to stop talking about being trapped, about being handed over from one man to another. She had to start acting.
She had to start being the hero. - Author: Liz Braswell
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#32. Don't you mind being short?' she blurted. He spread his small hands and looked at them. 'I am a magician, not a princess. A pony costs less to keep than a horse, which means I can buy more books.' He paused. 'It is not always a bad thing, to be overlooked. - Author: Robin McKinley
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#33. Is it enough to be a princess, when being a princess means nothing? - Author: Alex Flinn
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#34. The silence became uneasy. It was broken by the elderly princess saying, The most distressing thing about being up here above the clouds is that there is no weather to make conversation out of. - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
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#35. I am forever being captured these days. It isn't like me at all. You must think me such a silly princess. - Author: Philip Reeve
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#36. I found myself being more and more involved with people who were rejected by society - with drug addicts, alcoholism, battered this, battered that - and I found an affinity there. - Author: Princess Diana
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#37. Also, now as a result of that show being on, the cruise industry is just growing all over the place. Princess Cruises, who I now represent, is the fastest growning cruise line in the world. - Author: Gavin MacLeod
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#38. What! I don't care about being a princess! And since I'm already a young lady, how else could I behave? That's like asking a fish not to swim!"
~Princess Eilonwy, daughter of Angharad, daughter of Regat, of the Royal house of Llyr - Author: Lloyd Alexander
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#39. Creative entitlement doesn't mean behaving like a princess, or acting as though the world owes you anything whatsoever. No, creative entitlement simply means believing that you are allowed to be here, and that - merely by being here - you are allowed to have a voice and a vision of your own. The - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#40. He's not your prince charming if he doesn't make sure you know that you're his princess. - Author: Demi Lovato
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#41. I have never dreamed of being a princess. I have not longed for Prince Charming. I have and do long for something resembling a happily ever after. I am supposed to be above such flights of fantasy, but I am not. I am enamored of fairy tales. - Author: Roxane Gay
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#42. You are never alone as long as you are in the company of your precious self. - Author: Miya Yamanouchi
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#43. Being discreet has never been your strong suit. - Author: Jen Calonita
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#44. A Magnificent Banquet, being
A Thanksgiving for the Safe Return
Of our Beloved Daughter,
Princess Esmeralda.
Bring your own plates. - Author: Angie Sage
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