Top 11 Begrudginly Quotes

#1. I scowled and stabbed begrudginly at the stack before scooping up a bite with my fork, but it toppled over and plopped into my lap. I groaned and banged my head on the counter.
Mom frowned, 'You have to be smarter than the pancakes, Ellie.

Courtney Allison Moulton

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#2. Even places you know well can take on a touch of the unknown when you arrive there from a different direction.

Kate Milford

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#3. When they say inflation is bad, deflation is good, what they mean is, more money for us 1% is good; we're all for asset price inflation, we're all for housing prices going up, and we're all for our stock and bonds prices going up. We're just against you workers getting more income.

Michael Hudson

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#4. What they have done, ISIS is very well outspoken about how much they hate our freedom, who we are as Americans.

James Lankford

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#5. A sense of religion is something one is born with, like a musical ear. One can develop it, cultivate it, enrich it, but if one hasn't got its seed to begin with, no powers of the intellect, no sophistication of 'evidence' can awaken it.

Svetlana Alliluyeva

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#6. I've had to grow up with everyone watching me, which has been hard.

Joss Stone

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#7. Ladies and gentlemen, Princess Pink has officially brung it.

Sarah Ockler

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#8. The world of fantasy fills the gaps in people's knowledge.

Fred Vargas

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#9. We give people a taste of different eras of us, it's kind of like a mix-tape of us.

Mikey Way

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#10. It's as if we live in a house which has a vast treasury in one of its rooms. Only we've forgotten about it. So, instead of living a life of royalty, we go about in poverty.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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#11. Having kids sent a tornado through your marriage, then made you happy for the devastation. Even if you could rebuild everything just the way it was before, you'd never want to.

Rainbow Rowell

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