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#1. My father thrives on fear. You know that prayer If I should die before I wake? I had sheets that said that! - Author: Christopher Titus
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#2. Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
And if I should die before I awake,
I pray the popular attend my wake. - Author: Tonya Hurley
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#3. Yeah, well I've never tried to imagine you before me. Probably because I still wake up every morning and question whether I dreamed you. And when I realize you're my real, it's like winning the lottery every damn day of my life. - Author: Jewel E. Ann
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#4. And then I got to my feet and stumbled toward the door again. And got halfway there before I realized I was naked. Of course I am, I thought angrily, and went back to the bed for a sheet. God forbid I actually wake up dressed anymore. - Author: Karen Chance
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#5. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,I pay thee, Lord, my soul to take. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#6. When I wake up I look like a madman, like something out of a horror movie! That's why I sleep alone. But the funny thing is that I'm very impeccable and clean before I go to bed. It's just like right before I'm going out. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#7. I wanted you to watch, so I stomped around the room to wake you before I got in the shower. Didn't you wonder why the light was on? It wasn't for me, I can see in the dark. And then I kept the water cold so the glass wouldn't fog. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#8. I will set you free, he says just before he buries the knife in my chest, and I wake up. - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#9. I could have easily got T-Pain or anybody like that, but let me just get somebody very left. That'll wake them up. Gaga. She's never done a rap record before. Pay attention. It's a method to my madness. - Author: Wale
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#10. The dream never stops
But I see the end before I wake up.. - Author: Lianne La Havas
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#11. Five days a week, I read my goals before I go to sleep and when I wake up. There are 10 goals around health, family and business with expiration dates, and I update them every six months. - Author: Daymond John
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#12. The only time I get headaches is when my alarm clock makes me wake up before noon. Now that's my version of morning sickness. - Author: Joyce Rachelle
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#13. This is how I disappear in pieces.
This is how I leave without moving from my place.
This is how I dance away.
This is how I'm gone before you wake. - Author: Emma Brynstein
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#14. Slayde came out of the kitchen, long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, T-shirt dusted with flour, coffee in hand. If you wake the kids up before two, I'm going to beat you with a skillet. - Author: Sean Michael
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#15. When I was young, before school, my father would wake me up and we would go running together. A love of being physical, being active and being outside was something he instilled in me. - Author: Jake Gyllenhaal
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#16. That, I realized, is the great beauty of dreams: the devil may inevitably find a way to jerk you off, but you can always wake up before he makes you cum. - Author: Jim Carroll
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#17. Sometimes I wake up before dawn, and I love sitting up in the middle of the bed with all the lights off, pitch-black dark, and talking to the Father, with no interruptions and nothing that reminds me that there's anything in life but me and Him. - Author: Charles R. Swindoll
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#18. If I can wake up everyday before I die and know that I don't have to serve anyone food or drinks, I will be happy! - Author: Kelly Clarkson
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#19. I stepped back and looked at all the people as they continued to weave in and out, around and around, faster and faster until they were one blur, until they were One. And then I knew what Bubbe meant. Here, was God. - Author: Han Nolan
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#20. Hearing things like 'Wake Up' by Lora Logic, or the Raincoats' 'In Love' - that was something I wasn't prepared for. I couldn't hear anything that came before it in the music, and I didn't want to. I was absolutely in love with its out-of-nowhereness. - Author: Greil Marcus
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#21. Every person must face the consequences of their actions. I just pray all who are sleeping, wake up before their "consequences" affect me. - Author: L.M. Fields
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#22. I never get enough sleep, even when I travel. I wake up in the middle of the night, either with the help of my kids or because my mind is going. I wish I got eight hours a night, but it is more like an interrupted six or seven. The secret is to go to sleep well before midnight. - Author: Summer Sanders
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#23. Strange that in my remoteness I seemed to feel, as never before, the vital presence of Earth as of a creature alive but tranced and obscurely yearning to wake. - Author: Olaf Stapledon
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#24. I'm not one of those people who sits at dinner on their iPhone all night. I'm either working or I'm not. I've gone down that path where you sleep with your phone beside the bed and send an email just before you put your head down and check everything again when you wake up, and I don't like it. - Author: Curtis Stone
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#25. When I can no more stir my soul to move, and life is but the ashes of a fire; when I can but remember that my heart once used to live and love, long and aspire- O, be thou then the first, the one thou art; be thou the calling, before all answering love, and in me wake hope, fear, boundless desire. - Author: George MacDonald
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#26. Now, every day when I wake up I am grateful. I have to be. And I have to count the things that are abundant in my life. Literally count them. If I don't they will begin to disappear. I've watched them disappear before. I don't want it to happen again. In - Author: James Altucher
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#27. And I think back over my own life and I realize that my own nature-the core me-essentially hasn't changed all these years. When I wake up in the morning, for those first few moments before I remember where I am or when I am, I still feel that same way I did when I woke up at the age of five. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#28. Lucy: Our teacher wants us to write an essay on praying. Charlie Brown: Praying is important when you wake up at two o'clock in the morning feeling sick from eating something dumb the day before. Lucy: I'll just say we were out of town and I didn't have time to write anything. - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#29. Emily Gannett is tireless. I know this because I have traded emails with her at 2 A.M. only to later wake blearily to a chipper morning missive sent south of 6 A.M. before her morning run. - Author: Rachel Sklar
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#30. But I know nothing of time. I am new every day. I am born when I wake up in the morning, I grow old during the day, and I die at night when I go to sleep. It is not my fault. And I am doing so well today. I am doing so much better than I have ever done before. - Author: Paul Auster
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#31. It's a kind of meditation, especially when you wake up before everyone else. And it gives my hands something to do while I scheme." "Is that what I've been doing wrong?" Maeve wondered aloud, stirring a lump of sugar into her coffee. "I've never actually set aside time to deliberately scheme. - Author: Gabriella Pierce
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#32. Now I lay me down to sleep my bomb proof cellar's good and deep but if I'm killed before I wake remember god it's for your sake amen. - Author: Dalton Trumbo
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#33. I can't promise you I won't ever screw up, but I can promise you that every single day I wake up, I will love you more then the day before. - Author: T.K. Chapin
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#34. When I wake I ask myself, how much longer before they will just let me die? - Tier, Clutch - Author: J.A. Huss
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#35. See, for some reason, I feel like it's a victory if I wake up one minute before the alarm. It's like I'm in a contest with myself, with my foot kicking around until it wakes up the rest of my body. It's the stupidest thing. But it makes me feel like I've already won something. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#36. And if I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take
But please don't cry
Just know that I have made these songs for you. - Author: Kid Cudi
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#37. I have only the vaguest memory of a life before fear. Every morning when I wake up there is one blissful second before I took around the room and remember my daily terrors. - Author: Lena Dunham
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#38. I didn't really care for coffee-it was too bitter for my tastes-but I knew it would help wake me up, so I braced myself to take a drink.

Before I could even sip, Maxon slid the bowl of sugar in front of me. Like he knew. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#39. Revolutionary or gimmicky? Shan't know until it's finished, and by then it'll be too late, but it's the first thing I think of when I wake, and the last thing I think of before I fall asleep, even if J. is in my bed. She should understand, the artist lives in two worlds. - Author: David Mitchell
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#40. I think the nicest thing about days is their unexpectedness. It's jolly to wake up like this on a golden-fine morning and day-dream for ten minutes before I get up, imagining heaps of splendid things that might happen. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#41. And if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#42. I always wake up early, you know that."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah I do, because you always touch me arse before you get out of bed and it wakes me up."

Dominic frowned. "I have to say goodbye to my baby and reassure her that I'll be back. - Author: L.A. Casey
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#43. She dropped her voice to a hoarse whisper that turned his blood to slush. "You will wake up and find me standing over your bed. You will see the flash of a blade before I plunger it into your heart. My face will be the last thing ever see. - Author: B. J. Daniels
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#44. But there's food if you know how to find it. My father knew and he taught me some before he was blown to bits in a mine explosion. There was nothing even to bury. I was eleven then. Five years later, I still wake up screaming for him to run. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#45. When I wake up in the morning, I meditate immediately, before I even get out of bed. - Author: John Densmore
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#46. I always comb my hair before i went to sleep at night. Why? Because if i don't wake up in the next day, at least i look good - Author: Acha Salim
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#47. I pray every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up. - Author: Demi Lovato
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#48. I really like Tracie Martyn beauty products for skin care. Take off your makeup before you go to sleep. Sometimes I forget, and it is always horrible when you wake up. - Author: Georgia May Jagger
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#49. Some of the happiest moments of my life have occurred just before I fall asleep or wake up, when I linger in that twilight world between consciousness and unconsciousness, in a state of somnolent repose but also savoring the vital goodness of remaining this close to the vegetative in myself - Author: Irving Singer
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#50. It's just that the churches have been sleeping for a long time. A lot of people argue that the churches are even dead. I don't believe they're dead, but they've been sleeping, but they, I hope, will wake up, and that's one of my tasks is to make sure they wake up as much as they do before I die. - Author: Cornel West
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#51. People ask me whether I think that one day I might wake up one morning and run dry, but I've had the opposite feeling - that I would die before I had time to write all the ideas in my drawer. - Author: Woody Allen
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#52. I think the whole business of people emigrating was that no one ever told them, although everyone knew, especially if it was to the United States, that it was forever, and the party before you left was called an 'American wake,' in the sense that they knew you wouldn't come back. - Author: Colm Toibin
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#53. O what a flowery track lies spread before me, henceforth! What dust clouds shall spring up behind me as I speed on my reckless way! What carts I shall fling carelessly into the ditch in the wake of my magnificent onset! - Author: Kenneth Grahame
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#54. I wake up every morning, and I go to ballet class no matter what's going on the night before. That's my priority, and that's what makes me feel sane and not removed from the realities of my world. - Author: Misty Copeland
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#55. The things I want from you, darlin', will give you nightmares, ones like you've never had before. A nightmare that will have you begging me not to wake you up."

--Lucca - Author: Sarah Brianne
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#56. If I die before I wake, pray the lord my soul to take. - Author: Angela Richardson
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#57. You make me see the world in new ways. You're the first thing my heart greets when I wake up in the morning. You're the last thing I see in my mind before I fall asleep. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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#58. You can be a rapper born and raised in go-go music, violence, drugs, crack, Reagonomics, and still, if you hear 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,' you're going to find a way to hum along. Guilty pleasures? It don't matter. Sue me - I like the song. To dance to it is another matter. - Author: Wale
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#59. I always wake up 10 minutes before I have to be anywhere. - Author: Cara Delevingne
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#60. I'm big about washing my face before I go to bed, washing it when I wake up in the morning, getting good sleep and drinking a lot of water. Those are just easy things that you can do for your skin. - Author: Kendall Jenner
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#61. I woke up full of hate and fear the day before the most recent peace march in San Francisco. This was disappointing: I'd hoped to wake up feeling somewhere between Virginia Woolf and Wavy Gravy. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#62. Most of all, I believe God has chosen to bless this series. In doing so, he's giving the country and maybe the world, one last, big wake-up call before the events transpire. - Author: Tim LaHaye
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#63. I wake up each morning wanting to die before the day is out, but I continue to live, suffering and fighting, fighting and suffering, clinging on to that certainty that it will all end one day. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#64. I wake up to an email from the writers with the new script, and I always get so excited because I know it'll be better all-around than the script from the week before. - Author: Bailee Madison
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#65. My schedule is usually pretty busy, so when I wake up in the morning, first thing I usually do is turn on the TV and watch shows from the night before. I eat breakfast and watch TV and try to wake up. - Author: Nolan Gould
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#66. We were talking about how old quarterbacks can't throw before 10 am ... Practice starts too early for us. Wake me up in the middle of the night and I can throw. I can throw anytime. - Author: Dan Marino
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#67. She's the first thing in my mind when I wake and the last thing in my mind before I sleep. I've never felt like this before, Zedd, never felt this alone before. - Author: Terry Goodkind
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#68. I am not a morning person. Never have been - never want to be. As a matter of fact, I am vaguely distrustful of people who bound out of bed early like demented puppies. It's barbaric to wake up before 9:00 a.m. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#69. Most of us are tiptoeing through life so we can reach death safely. We should be praying, "If I should wake before I die ... " Life can get away from you. - Author: Tony Campolo
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#70. Now you're here and everything's changing
Suddenly life means so much
I can't wait to wake up tomorrow
And find out this promise is true
I will never have to go back to
The day before you
- Author: Rascal Flatts
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#71. Where have the years gone, Ruby Rose? Sometimes I have to stop and think about how old I am. When I wake up in the morning, before I move this tired old body or look in the blasted mirror, I swear I'm still a young man. It just feels like yesterday. I don't know how it's gone so fast. - Author: Lea Davey
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#72. Baby don't wake me, let me take you on an endless journey. We touch and the softest kiss explodes with lust. It's real and you can't deny the heat you feel. And if I die before I wake, baby that's all right. - Author: Steve Vai
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#73. The one thing I don't consume during 'Today' - which surprises many people - is coffee. I find that a lot of water helps wake me up, without the buzz. I love coffee, but usually reserve a double espresso as an afternoon pick-me-up before settling in to do the weekend 'Nightly News.' - Author: Lester Holt
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#74. You are the last thought in my mind before I drift off to sleep and the first thought when I wake up each morning. - Author: Richard Kronick
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#75. The pain never goes away, Freya, but it becomes manageable. One day, you'll wake up and realize you can breathe a little easier than the day before. Until then, all you can do is lean on people closest to you... lean on me. I want you to. - Author: Jessica Prince
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#76. I felt sad because everyday I had to wake up early to practice before going to school. After school I had to go back to tennis again, and then after tennis I had homework. I didn't have time to play. - Author: Li Na
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#77. I'm always thirsty when I wake up, so I guzzle a bottle of Smart water before I scramble tofu with onions, peppers and spinach and top it with salsa. I've been a vegetarian for years, but I recently became vegan. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#78. You're sleeping next to me right now. You're all wrapped up in blankets, and you look like a delicious lady-sandwich. I might eat you before you wake up. Just wanted to let you know. - Author: Kate Ellison
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#79. The night before I left home, there was the wake in our kitchen as was the custom for anyone going so far away. The kitchen was full of people, two men left their flash lamps lit - Author: Edna O'Brien
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#80. I don't need a baby growing inside me for nine months. If I'm going to feel nauseous and achy when I wake up, I want to achieve that state the old-fashioned way: getting good and drunk the night before. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#81. Every morning when I wake up, I make up my mind to solve as many problems, before retiring home - Author: Aliko Dangote
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#82. I told him he wasn't my friend. Before he could protest I said that real friends don't wake up other friends in the middle of the night for money for drugs. (Even as I said it I thought of at least half a dozen occasions when that has happened to me, but that wasn't the point.) - Author: Peter Moore
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#83. Age does take it out of you, and I haven't the energy I had before. Sometimes I have breakfast and sit in this chair, and I wake up and it is lunchtime. In the past, the idea of sleeping through a morning would have horrified me, but you have to accept the limitations that old age imposes on you. - Author: Tony Benn
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#84. So I think there's going to be a constituent backlash against this thing soon, as they see it moving in that direction ... Whether they can pass something before the American public wakes up, I don't know. - Author: Steve King
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#85. I swear by my Clarisonic Mia 2! I use it every morning when I wake up and every night before bed. - Author: Erin Heatherton
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#86. By the way, pornography? It's a new synaptic pathway. You wake up in the morning, open a thumbnail page, and it leads to a Pandora's box of visuals. There have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed. - Author: John Mayer
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#87. My morning begins with trying not to get up before the sun rises. But when I do, it's because my head is too full of words, and I just need to get to my desk and start dumping them into a file. I always wake with sentences pouring into my head. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#88. Waking up early on Saturday gives me an edge in finishing my work with a very relaxed state of mind. There is a feeling of time pressure on weekdays that aren't there on weekends. If I wake up early in the morning before anybody else, I can plan the day or at least my activities with relaxed mind. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#89. I sleep seven hours. If I go to bed at two, I wake up at nine. If I go to bed at midnight, I wake up at seven. I don't wake up before - the house can fall apart, but I sleep for seven hours. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#90. It's too bad we only had the courage to live our lives fully in dreams. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#91. Every morning when I wake up I think about you. Before going to bed you still linger on my mind. If there was any better way of letting you know exactly how I feel, you would know that I'm so in love with you. - Author: Rebecca White
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#92. Before the next minute had passed, they had all fallen to the ground. Just like that. As though someone had reached inside and turned off a switch.
"What happened?" Matt asked, gasping.
I went from one person to the next, trying to wake them up, but they were all dead, wrote Daft Donald. - Author: Nancy Farmer
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#93. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look at is the checking account report from the day before. I love checking accounts. I dream about them. - Author: John Stumpf
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#94. I have to convince myself every night that I love you before I go to sleep lest I wake up empty. - Author: Ahmed Mostafa
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#95. I love waking up with you, Sam. You feel so good. You smell so good and when I open my eyes and see you laying there so peaceful and serene, I can't help myself. I'm usually able to look at you for a few minutes before my body decides it needs to be in you. - Author: P.J. Fiala
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#96. I didn't just wake up one morning and think, "I'm a boy!" It sort of crept up on me and tapped me on the shoulder a few times before I started to pay attention I began to think that the word "girl" didn't quite fit me. It was like a shoe that was too small -- it pinched me. - Author: Cat Clarke
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#97. When I worked as a newspaper photo engraver in the only job I ever had, many years ago, I'd get the train home to Pukerua Bay where I was staying with my parents. An hour ride, 16 stops, and almost always, I'd have automatic wake-up, seconds before we pulled into my station. - Author: Peter Jackson
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#98. If I Should Die Before You Do
you wake up
from death,
you will find yourself
in my arms,
I will be
kissing you,
will be crying. - Author: Richard Brautigan
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#99. Love is blind. Especially in the morning, because I can't see a damn thing before having coffee. - Author: Aleksandra Ninkovic
Before I Wake Quotes #601618
#100. I wake up every morning in a cold sweat, regardless of how well things went the day before. And put that I said that in a somewhat but not completely tongue-in-cheek way. - Author: Harvey Pekar
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