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#1. Very often some of the religious miracle plays you see on television can be very corny, I find. And so simplistic. - Author: Robert Duvall
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#2. The CIA is an incompetent bureaucracy, generally. - Author: Robert Baer
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#3. I didn't learn fire-eating to conquer my fears. I learned fire-eating because I desperately wanted to be in show business. - Author: Penn Jillette
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#4. I don't want to have to be beautiful all the time. I want to be able to look cruddy in my weekend sweats, with a pimple on my face and pimple cream on top of the pimple. The expectation to always be beautiful bothers me. - Author: Cindy Crawford
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#5. I wish my nose was smaller and that I was a little taller. I also had this perennial pimple problem, so I felt people were just being polite when they said I was beautiful. - Author: Madhuri Dixit
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#6. Be realistic: plan for a miracle! - Author: Anonymous
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#7. Half of knowing who you are is knowing who you are not. Don't allow people mould you to what they have in mind. - Author: Patience Johnson
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#8. What is generally referred to as American-style films are, in fact, studio productions. - Author: Wim Wenders
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#9. I don't think you can be a good musician if you just listen to rap, or just the [type of music] you do. You gotta be open to other ideas. - Author: Freddie Gibbs
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