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#1. Even in societies where words are often strictly controlled, messages diverse never die. Resembling seeds scattered here and there, they find all manner of cracks and crevices to root. - Author: William E. Jefferson
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#2. There can be no progress nor achievement without sacrifice, and a man's worldly success will be by the measure that he sacrifices his confused animal thoughts, and fixes his mind on the development of his plans, and the strengthening of his resolution and self-reliance. - Author: James Allen
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#3. I do read books. I suppose it's more or less the same thing, but at least I'm alone and I'm an individual. I can stop anytime I want, which I frequently do. - Author: Jack Vance
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#4. Every team is beatable, you never know. The right moment, the right time, every team is beatable. - Author: Tom Coughlin
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#5. Art should communicate with as many people as possible. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#6. I'm not a person who comes with bodyguards. I'm a simple jhola-kurta kind of girl. So people treat me as a buddy. - Author: Shreya Ghoshal
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#7. Laughter aids the digestion. You can eat a huge stew with your schoolmates and digest it with no bother at all, whereas you can get indigestion eating a leaf of lettuce in boring company. - Author: Maurice Messegue
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#8. Every team is beatable, you know. - Author: Tom Coughlin
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#9. She greeted me very happily and asked if the children had been bad. To me, that was a strange question--in my culture, we expect children to be bad and good, and that parents will teach them the difference. - Author: Mini Aodla Freeman
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#10. The cat crossed the street daintily, pointing his feet like a ballet dancer, lifting them high as if his feet were too good for the pavement. - Author: Vera Caspary
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#11. Everybody's beatable. Mixed martial arts, there's many ways to win, and that also means there are many ways to lose, as well. - Author: Bas Rutten
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#12. Another Quarter Pounder sometimes seems like a good idea- but I always regret later. Only in hindsight do we see how God would not let us settle for our well-intentioned but limited desires, but called us- sometimes weeping and kicking- to something more enduring and satisfying. - Author: Christopher Ruddy
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