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#1. If you ask me about vocal technique, I don't know anything. I could never be a teacher. I just know what my teacher told me: 'Always sing with a full voice. When they tell you, less sound, more piano - no.' - Author: Anna Netrebko
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#2. The less friendly your relationship is on camera, the more useful it is to be friends with them off camera. - Author: Harry Lloyd
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#3. No isolated experiment, however significant in itself, can suffice for the experimental demonstration of any natural phenomenon; for the "one chance in a million" will undoubtedly occur, with no less and no more than its appropriate frequency, however surprised we may be that it should occur to us. - Author: Ronald Fisher
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#4. For the first time in history it is now possible to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. Only ten years ago the 'more with less' technology reached the point where this could be done. All humanity now has the option to become enduringly successful. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
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#5. Those who take knowledge to be a whole zoo of sub-disciplines will react to my giving metaphysics a privileged position in that zoo or to my thinking of knowledge as a tree, with more and less fundamental parts. - Author: Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
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#6. The price of peace is to abandon greed and replace it with giving, so that none will be spiritually injured by having more than they need while others in the world still have less than they need. - Author: Peace Pilgrim
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#7. Every one, more or less, loves Power, yet those who most wish for it are seldom the fittest to be trusted with it. - Author: Samuel Richardson
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#8. Some degree of novelty must be one of the materials in almost every instrument which works upon the mind; and curiosity blends itself, more or less, with all our pleasures. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#9. If scientists could communicate more in their own voices - in a familiar tone, with a less specialized vocabulary - would a wide range of people understand them better? Would their work be better understood by the general public, policy-makers, funders, and, even in some cases, other scientists? - Author: Alan Alda
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#10. The mental game of business is understanding this Paradox: the better you think you are doing, the greater should be your cause for concern: the more self-satisfied you are with your accomplishments, your past achievements, your 'right moves', the less you should be. - Author: Mark McCormack
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#11. A well-designed welfare state can actually encourage people to take chances with their jobs and be more, not less, open to changes. - Author: Ha-Joon Chang
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#12. Doing more with less, is a crucial principle to learn; especially if you're going to be in business in this rapidly changing world. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#13. I believe how you measure a good movie is how many times you can see it. With comedies, I like to be a producer, because comedies can get corny and go off track real fast. I'm always the 'less is more' guy when it comes to a scene. So I'ma be the one who will keep it grounded. - Author: Ice Cube
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#14. Would it be possible to find a more ungrateful boy, or one with less heart than I have! - Author: Carlo Collodi
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#15. Be the kind of person you want to be attracted to. You will find that you are less and less drawn to people with difficult character issues and more desirous to find people who are full of grace, safety, acceptance, and a hunger to grow. - Author: John Townsend
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#16. You're blessed when you're content with just who you are - no more, no less. That's the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can't be bought. - Author: Anonymous
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#17. I have learned that it is by serving that we learn how to serve. When we engaged in the service of our fellowmen, not only do our deeds assist them but we put our own problems in fresher perspective. When we concern ourselves more with others, there is less time to be concerned with ourselves - Author: Spencer W. Kimball
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#18. She stuffed in more waffles, and thought if every day started off with sex and waffles, people would maybe be less inclined to kill each other. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#19. My sexuality is something I'm completely comfortable with and open about. There's a lot of prejudice toward us but the more people talk about it, the less of a big deal it will be. And that will be better for everyone. - Author: Anna Paquin
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#20. To the extent that you eliminate ego from your activities, God comes into them - but no more and no less. Begin with that, and let it cost you your uttermost. In this way, and no other, is true peace to be found. - Author: Meister Eckhart
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#21. It didn't seem right that Sinead could be so careless with other people's lives but still lover her brothers so much. Did loving them make her less of a villain, or did loving them and still being a traitor make her more of one? - Author: C. Alexander London
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#22. I could go around poking people in the eye with a sharp stick to keep them on their toes, but I'd probably be arrested sooner or later. Poetry is better. More lawful. Less bloody. - Author: Frances Winkler
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#23. I'm a lot less precious than I used to be about putting things out, for better or for worse. The result of a public that has a very high consumption rate and turnover rate is people listen to more music but spend less time with individual bits of music. - Author: Trent Reznor
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#24. We can be just as safe with a smaller, more efficient nuclear arsenal at less cost. - Author: Mike Quigley
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#25. In Africa, as resources inevitably disappear, people have to make do with a lot less. You have to be much more ingenious with a lot less, and accept that you can't get your perfect tuna sandwich on a street corner. - Author: Damon Albarn
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#26. Those of us in positions of responsibility, we'll need to be less concerned with the judgment of special interests and well-connected donors, and more concerned with the judgment of posterity. - Author: Barack Obama
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#27. A miracle is nothing more or less than this. Anyone who has come into a knowledge of his true identity, of his oneness with the all-pervading wisdom and power, this makes it possible for laws higher than the ordinary mind knows of to be revealed to him. - Author: Ralph Waldo Trine
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#28. It could fairly be said that the U.S. is increasingly out of step with the rest of the world. As our neighbors to the south elect left-wing or even socialist governments, we are lurching further to the right. As Europe becomes less engaged to the Church, we are becoming more fundamentalist. - Author: Graydon Carter
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#29. The less affluent must be able, at least in theory, to catch up with the more affluent. Hence politics remains without substance, a realm from which the crucial dimensions of life, the core values, are excluded.42 Who, then, can criticize this situation? - Author: Morris Berman
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#30. From earlier orgasms. He was slow and steady with his pace, less rough than he often tended to be, his usual sex talk absent. But, because of the things we'd shared, his measured thrusts felt raw, more intent on - Author: Laurelin Paige
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#31. But in this Second Work if thou extract our Air and our Fire with the phlegm water, they will the more naturally and easily be drawn out of their infernal prison, and with less losse of their Spirits, than by the former way before described. - Author: George Ripley
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#32. The more one is obsessed with God, the less one is innocent. Nobody bothered about him in paradise. The fall brought about this divine torture. It's not possible to be conscious of divinity without guilt. Thus God is rarely to be found in an innocent soul. - Author: Emil Cioran
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#33. What is needed now is for leaders to become more open, more flexible, less egoistic and less hypocritical. We must loosen our death grip on whatever we believe to be the truth simply because it is how we want the truth to look. We must be honest with ourselves and invite honesty from others. - Author: Susan Scott
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#34. I know not anything more pleasant, or more instructive, than to compare experience with expectation, or to register from time to time the difference between idea and reality. It is by this kind of observation that we grow daily less liable to be disappointed. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#35. I think, as I've gotten older, I've been able to be more reckless with my choices, because practically speaking, you get less careful. Your choices become more instinctive, and you feel like if you make a mistake, it won't destroy you. - Author: Willem Dafoe
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#36. I think maybe when you live with someone who is really very ill for a long time, it somehow gives you more of a greedy appetite for life and maybe, yes, you are less measured in your behaviour than you would otherwise be. - Author: Nigella Lawson
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#37. I started to write in about 1950; I was thirty-five at the time; there didn't seem to be any strong motivation. I simply was endeavoring to put down in a more or less straightforward journalistic style something about my experiences with addiction and addicts. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#38. I have less time, less tolerance for bullshit, more interest in good taste, more confidence in my own judgement. The culture with which I surround myself is a reflection of my personality and the circumstances of my life, which is in part how it should be. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#39. I've changed my style somewhat, as you know. I'm less - I pontificate less, although it may be hard to tell it from this show. And I'm more interacting with people. - Author: George W. Bush
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#40. The more I dealt with adults, the less I wanted to be one. - Author: Alan Bradley
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#41. The letter K was the first one in the alphabet which had not, with more or less justification, been used to designate other vitamins, and it also happened to be the first letter in the word 'koagulation' according to the Scandinavian and German spelling. - Author: Henrik Dam
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#42. Anything that's human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone. - Author: Fred Rogers
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#43. It is the spaces we must be concerned with. With clearing them out. Because of the contexts within them. With less context reacting us, we might all be safer. More efficient. I stare at the building across the road, and I wonder about its presence. Its residential spaces. Its malice. - Author: Darin Bradley
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#44. Shall we always study to obtain more of these things, and not sometimes to be content with less? - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#45. With interest rates rising, gold doesn't pay an interest rate, but every other currency - it becomes not only less important to hold gold as an alternative, but more expensive to hold it as an insurance policy and so that will be a burden on the price of gold. - Author: Lloyd Blankfein
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#46. I'm not super-comfortable with it. I feel the less you project of yourself the more you can be believable as a character. I also think it's just better for your own mental health. Then you can be a human being and change your mind and nobody asks you questions about it! - Author: Evelyne Brochu
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#47. In the realm of culture in America, white European culture has held the floor for centuries; just as with any one-sided conversation, a balance can only be achieved if the speaker who has dominated speaks less and listens more. - Author: David Mura
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#48. Computer languages of the future will be more concerned with goals and less with procedures specified by the programmer. - Author: Marvin Minsky
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#49. The more one knows fairy tales the less fantastical they appear; they can be vehicles of the grimmest realism, expressing hope against all the odds with gritted teeth. - Author: Marina Warner
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#50. I really believe less is more. When you get older, too much makeup can be ageing, and when you're young, you should enjoy the fact your skin is free from lines and wrinkles rather than overloading it with products. - Author: Louise Nurding
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#51. Environmental justice [means that] no community should be saddled with more environmental burdens and less environmental benefits than any other. - Author: Majora Carter
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#52. If you can live with less of what you have.
You can be more of who you are. - Author: Celso Cukierkorn
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#53. A person who is obsessed with Jesus knows that the sin of pride is always a battle. Obsessed people know that you can never be 'humble enough,' and so they seek to make themselves less known and Christ more known [Matthew 5:16]. - Author: Francis Chan
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#54. Like language, a code of manners can be used with more or less skill, for laudable or for evil purposes, to express a great variety of ideas and emotions. In itself, it carries no moral value, but ignorance in use of this tool is not a sign of virtue. - Author: Judith Martin
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#55. I claim to be no more than the average person with less than average ability. I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#56. You'll never know everything about the person you've chosen to marry. But the more information you have before entering into this commitment, the less chance you will be confronted with unfulfillable expectations. - Author: Jerry Hardin
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#57. In order to govern, the question is not to follow out a more or less valid theory but to build with whatever materials are at hand. The inevitable must be accepted and turned to advantage. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#58. To be acknowledged for who and what I am, no more, no less. Not for acclaim, not for approval, but, the simple truth of that recognition. This has been the elemental drive of my existence, and it must be achieved, if I am to live or die with dignity. - Author: Robin Williams
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#59. Perhaps the most fundamental value of a liberal education is that it makes life more interesting. It allows you to think things which do not occur to the less learned ... it makes it less likely that you will be bored with life. - Author: Kingman Brewster Jr.
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#60. The more everybody knows about all aspects of the problems we face, the better off all of us will be. Less time spent explaining things means more time for coming up with creative solutions. - Author: Jesse James Garrett
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#61. Nikah is a contract that transfers responsibilities. Therefore know the man you're thinking of marrying, and be sure that he is able to take care of you, more than your dad did. Islam empowers women with honor and dignity. Don't settle for anything less. - Author: Nouman Ali Khan
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#62. I think horror movies are still - this can be said of all movies - but being with a group of people scared together is more and more something unusual and fun. Especially for kids who are going out less generally. - Author: Jason Blum
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#63. That's why I've kept you out of reach. It's like putting something you love away from everything so its beauty won't be tarnished. I want to be with you more, and them less. I want my life to change. - Author: Lucy De Barbin
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#64. If I had the remaking of man, he wouldn't have any conscience. It is one of the most disagreeable things connected with a person; and although it certainly does a great deal of good, it cannot be said to pay, in the long run; it would be much better to have less good and more comfort. - Author: Mark Twain
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#65. We have very little, so we have nothing to be preoccupied with. The more you have, the more you are occupied, the less you give. But the less you have, the more free you are. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#66. I'm less worried about accomplishment - as younger people always can't help but be - and more concerned with spending my time well, spending time with my family, and reading, learning things. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#67. Microinteractions are an exercise in restraint, in doing as much as possible with as little as possible. Embrace the constraints and focus your attention on doing one thing well. Mies van der Rohe's mantra of "less is more" should be the microinteraction designer's mantra as well. - Author: Dan Saffer
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#68. If you let your man-made actions to be more frequent than your man-said words you will travail with praise in man-win visions. Do more, say less, win big. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#69. What Alex and I shared was preternaturally right. I couldn't give him up no more than I could give up breathing. Did that mean that I loved Charlie any less? No. It just meant I couldn't be with him. - Author: Tammy Blackwell
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#70. I don't really know what people's perception about Palestinians.All art is to better life. We want to create hope and share with others. Create more pleasure, and object to despair. Really it's about that. A space where we can be less aggressed upon. - Author: Elia Suleiman
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#71. The less unnecessary effort you put into learning, the more successful you'll be ... Doing the wrong thing with more intensity rarely improves the situation. - Author: Tony Buzan
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#72. He was marked out by his relentless ability to find fault with others' mediocrity
suggesting that a certain type of intelligence may be at heart nothing more or less than a superior capacity for dissatisfaction. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#73. We are graduating members from the class of we made it, not the faded echoes of voices crying out names will never hurt me. Of course they did. But our lives will ever always continue to be a balancing act that has less to do with pain and more to do with beauty. - Author: Shane Koyczan
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#74. Am I the I she tried to save, still lopsided with trying to be a little less or more, escaping who I was a minute ago? - Author: Philip Schultz
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#75. I think opinions should be judged by their influences and effects; and if a man holds none that tend to make him less virtuous or more vicious, it may be concluded that he holds none that are dangerous, which I hope is the case with me. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#76. The considerations upon which expectations of prospective yields are based are partly existing facts which we can assume to be known more or less for certain, and partly future events which can only be forecasted with more or less confidence. - Author: John Maynard Keynes
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#77. As you get older, you tend to be a little less patient with people - people who are not prepared, people who have unrealistic expectations, people who make unrealistic demands, people who think they're more special than other people. - Author: Steven Pacey
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#78. Chances are no matter how bad your troubles seem to be, someone somewhere, with less resilience, has successfully conquered a more severe version of your problems. - Author: Gary Hopkins
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#79. This invitation [to deny oneself] is less about depriving the self, and more about disowning, or renouncing a relationship with the part of ourself that is not what God created us to be. - Author: Marilyn Vancil
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#80. The sooner we get started with alternative energy sources and recognize that fossil fuels makes us less secure as a nation, and more dangerous as a planet, the better off we'll be. - Author: Lindsey Graham
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#81. The nurse looked surprised. 'You're a bit high on the totem pole to be taking statements.' Carol debated momentarily how to describe her relationship with Tony. 'Colleague' was insufficient, 'landlord' somehow misleading and 'friend' both more and less than the truth. She shrugged. 'He feeds my cat. - Author: Val McDermid
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#82. I think the more we fill our lives with more and more things we have to do, the less and less time we are spending on who we have to be. - Author: Patrick Rhone
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#83. Life is a journey. Perhaps we may be more or less pointed towards a general direction, but whether we pave that road with diamonds and gold or just plain dirt and cement is up to us. - Author: Alex Tan
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#84. With just a little effort, life can be more or less exceptionally tolerable. - Author: Gene Simmons
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#85. I still love being creative. I still love the aspects of working together with great, talented people. But it's a weird dichotomy; I'm being blessed with more opportunities, but I'm going to be taking less of them. - Author: Sandra Bullock
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#86. If time be of all things most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality, since lost time is never found again; and what we call time enough always proves little enough. Let us then be up and doing, and doing to a purpose; so by diligence shall we do more with less perplexity - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#87. Most of your struggles with managing your time are due to the self- limiting beliefs. Change your Mindset and you will be able to do lot more in lot less time - Author: Vivek Naik
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#88. You could always count on Amy to give them a laugh. Though to be fair, it was less a laugh and more of a cackle. The writer Alex Baze described it as the sound one hears when running over a raven's foot with a shopping cart. It is, without exaggeration, one of my favorite sounds on earth. - Author: Amy Poehler
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#89. Her cake is a failure, but she is loved anyway. She is loved, she thinks, in more or less the way the gifts will be appreciated: because they have been given with good intentions , because they exist, because they are part of a world in which one wants what one gets. - Author: Michael Cunningham
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#90. While positive mental states may be associated with less stress and more resilience to infection, positive well-being might also be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. - Author: Michael Greger
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#91. You are born with a sound; everyone is, less or more. And this sound has to be developed. I am not talking about vocal technique; I am not talking about how to sing. I am talking about how to produce a sound. - Author: Montserrat Caballe
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#92. The more mechanical becomes the weapons with which we fight, the less mechanical must be the spirit which controls them. - Author: Archibald Wavell
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#93. People with a sense of humor tend to be less egocentric and more realistic in their view of the world and more humble in moments of success and less defeated in times of travail. - Author: Bob Newhart
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#94. Those who love life do not read. Nor do they go to the movies, actually. No matter what might be said, access to the artistic universe is more or less entirely the preserve of those who are a little fed up with the world. - Author: Michel Houellebecq
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#95. Like it was different up here with him now. Less solitary.More complete.The freedom to be and the freedom to enjoy. - Author: Barbara Delinsky
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#96. In a basic agricultural society, it's easy enough to swap five chickens for a new dress or to pay a schoolteacher with a goat and three sacks of rice. Barter works less well in a more advanced economy. The logistical challenges of using chickens to buy books on Amazon would be formidable. - Author: Charles Wheelan
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#97. I'm incredibly impatient; I'd like to be less so, and more content with the now. - Author: Naomie Harris
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#98. If you think the solution is more rules and less humanity, I fear you will be disappointed by the results. Organizations that can bring humanity and flexibility to their interactions with other human beings will thrive. - Author: Seth Godin
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#99. I more the "Autism World" gets imploded with politics the less voices will be heard. - Author: Paul Isaacs
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#100. Each person has a self-image that, to some degree, does not match reality. A significant difference between self-image and reality can be harmful. The more self-aware you are, the less likely you are to be vulnerable to your illusions. The more aware you are, the more you can do with your life. - Author: Robert H. Bolton
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