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#1. Wall Street shouldn't be deregulated. I think Wall Street and Main Street need to play by the same set of rules. The middle-class can't carry the burden any longer, that is what happened in the last decade. They had to bail out Wall Street. - Author: Stephanie Cutter
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#2. When a pagan race comes in contact with a Christian race, they are converted, absorbed, or exterminated. - Author: Joseph R. Bartlett
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#3. The game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; several very valuable qualities of the mind are to be acquired and strengthened by it, so as to become habits ready on all occasions, for life is a kind of chess. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#4. I don't know if there will ever be an ideal way of selling an original picture. Because everything you're doing, you're inventing. - Author: Peter Weir
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#5. The Creator must have been tired when it came time to make men; sometimes they hardly seemed human. And - Author: Robert Jordan
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#6. Connection, he explained, was the essence of pop music, according to his boss, Jimmy Iovine: "Jimmy always says it's all about the connection between the artist and the fans," he says. "This whole business, it's just about that connection. - Author: John Seabrook
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#7. I come from good stock. Both of my parents are big - my dad is a big guy; my mom is a big lady. - Author: Frank Thomas
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#8. Sometimes when we have to speak suddenly we come closer to the truth than when we have time to think. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#9. U.S. computer networks and databases are under daily cyber attack by nation states, international crime organizations, subnational groups, and individual hackers. - Author: John O. Brennan
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#10. I just tried one where my client claimed he was urinating in a back alley. Turns out he was jerking off on a street corner. The prosecution had twenty-one witnesses. They were nuns." She looked pained.

"I understand," I said gently, patting her on the back. - Author: N.M. Silber
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#11. Going through life solo isn't very exciting if you can't share it with somebody, you know? - Author: Tommy Lee
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#12. A wrong doesn't become a right just because it all ends well. - Author: Dannika Dark
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