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#1. Nothing Good Can Ever Come Out Of Violence, Abuse Or Hatred!
Nothing Ever Does. - Author: Timothy Pina
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#2. Occasionally an unsuspecting innocent will stumble into a movie like this and send me an anguished postcard, asking how I could possibly give a favorable review to such trash. My stock response is Ebert's Law, which reads: A movie is not about what it is about. It is about how it is about it. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#3. At the sight of blackbirds Flying in a green light, Even the bawds of euphony Would cry out sharply. - Author: Wallace Stevens
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#4. In 1983, NASA invited Canada to fly three payload specialists, in part because we had contributed the robotic arm that is used on the shuttle. - Author: Marc Garneau
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#5. Anything that has to do with money, I want to be in that business. - Author: Robert Johnson
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#6. Doubtless any horoscope seems "true" if it tells that you are highly attractive to the opposite sex and your worst fault is generosity. - Author: George Orwell
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#7. If an angry bull is running toward you, and your pants become wet despite holding the red cloth, make sure the other side of the cloth is white. - Author: Waheed Ibne Musa
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#8. In the 24th century there will be no hunger, there will be no greed, and all the children will know how to read. - Author: Gene Roddenberry
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#9. Unless hours were cups of sack, and minutes capons, and clocks the tongues of bawds, and dials the signs of leaping-houses, and the blessed sun himself a fair hot wench in flame-colored taffeta, I see no reason why thou shouldst be so superfluous to demand the time of the day. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#10. O world, world! thus is the poor agent despised. O traitors and bawds, how earnestly are you set a-work, and how ill requited! Why should our endeavor be so loved, and the performance so loathed? - Author: William Shakespeare
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#11. The silent majority distrusts people who believe in causes. - Author: Brian Moore
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#12. I am thoroughly sick of pearls. They make one look so plain, so good and so intellectual. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#13. Look, very clearly there are things that need to be done urgently in relation to climate change, and of those the most obvious is to have an enforceable and equitable arrangement delivering deep cuts in emissions into the middle of the century. - Author: Peter Garrett
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#14. I have to erase my Google search histories, because they always lead to an obituary. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
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#15. Anyone? On Snow's visit before the Victory Tour, he challenged me to erase any doubts of my love for Peeta. "Convince me," Snow said. It seems, under that hot pink sky with Peeta's life in limbo, I finally did. And In doing so, I gave him the weapon he needed to break me. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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