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#1. Surfers have the most attitude. - Author: Shaun White
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#2. How does a cosmos without a bearded, bathrobed God in the sky pull off all the things that a bearded, bathrobed guy in the sky was supposed to have pulled off? If there was no God who said 'Let there be light,' where did we get all that light? - Author: Howard Bloom
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#3. Who can ever measure the benefit of a mother's inspiration? - Author: Charles R. Swindoll
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#4. Deep down you know you can be remarkable. You shouldn't settle for anything less than your best self, reaching ever closer to your potential
whether as a leader or in any other part of your life. - Author: Kevin Eikenberry
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#5. Removing one task can free up a couple of minutes of free time, every day... which turns into hours or days every year. Time - Author: Robert Plank
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#6. Jacques wants a pancake shaped like Mozart's Symphony No. 40! In G minor! - Author: Michelle Cuevas
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#7. For too long people have backed companies on hope value rather than solid products coming out. Now we are coming out the other side. - Author: Daniel Morgan
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#8. The tremendous acquisition of basic knowledge will allow a much more rational treatment of cancer, viral infections, degenerative diseases and, most importantly, mental diseases. - Author: Gunter Blobel
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#9. I worked for everything that I got and I worked long and hard before I got to this point so when I got it I thought I deserve it. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#10. High performance leaders capitalize on crises to galvanize the motivation and actions of people in the organization. - Author: Andy Hargreaves
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#11. To me, jazz is a place where anything is possible. - Author: Bill Frisell
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#12. Responding to the challenge of climate change is the ultimate political test for our generation ... Our package not only responds to this challenge, but ... is an opportunity that should create thousands of new businesses and millions of jobs in Europe. - Author: Jose Manuel Barroso
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#13. Mummy always had French maids, and Daddy always chased them. It kept their marriage happy. - Author: Rhys Bowen
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#14. I've always been pretty good at accepting the whole of someone, the good with the bad. I see it all, but try not to let it cloud my judgement. People are complicated. Life is complicated. - Author: Kim Holden
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#15. I live in one of the best places, bar none, to appreciate the wild natural environment. I also live in one of the most politically difficult places to work on its behalf: Alaska. - Author: Kate Troll
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