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#1. Ludwig von Mises referred to Ayn Rand as 'the most courageous man in America.' If that doesn't say it all about the economist's man-centric frame of reference, I don't know what does. - Author: Ilana Mercer
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#2. The Putin regime is and always has been about one thing: money. Specifically, about how to move it into the bank accounts of Putin's - Author: Garry Kasparov
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#3. Remember that underlying all our fears is a lack of trust in ourselves. - Author: Susan Jeffers
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#4. I cook rarely, but I've kind of got two or three dishes that I stick to. I do a great sweet potato and lentil curry. - Author: Chris O'Dowd
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#5. Being alone onstage is like legalized insanity. - Author: Robin Williams
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#6. I personally call the type of government which can be removed without violence 'democracy,' and the other, 'tyranny.'. - Author: Karl Popper
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#7. No, this wasn't just about sex, but for the next hour or so, it was going to be mostly about sex. - Author: Jennifer Crusie
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#8. She must find a boat and sail in it. No guarantee of shore. Only a conviction that what she wanted could exist, if she dared to find it. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#9. When God talks to humans he doesn't want humans to hear his voice. - Author: Gao Xingjian
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#10. Stop doing things that waste time. Don't replace time with your family or things that you need to do. I needed to put together two fantasy teams this weekend because that's something I enjoy, but I did stop playing Nintendo Wii for hours on end. - Author: Gary Vaynerchuk
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#11. I've always been real close to film world. I love film, and I will do things in film, but music is more satisfying. It feels more like me. - Author: Robert Coppola Schwartzman
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#12. The flakier your mission, the fiercer you have to be on the business side. - Author: Ira Glass
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#13. The lady hasn't lost it yet - the sound of freedom. When she laughs, you can hear the wind in the trees and the splash of water hitting pavement. You can sense the gentle caress of rain on your face and how laughter sounds in the open air, all the things those of us in this dungeon can never feel. - Author: Rene Denfeld
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