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Top 40 Barbarian Way Quotes

#1. Eyes and ears are bad witnesses to men having barbarian souls.


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#2. Besides, it left the humans in the Culture free to take care of the things that really mattered in life, such as sports, games, romance, studying dead languages, barbarian societies and impossible problems, and climbing high mountains without the aid of a safety harness.

Iain M. Banks

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#3. If there were a clear prospect that such evils were part of a barbarian past, then at least we might find a small crumb of comfort. No such prospect exists: no scientific analysis can even remotely answer or account for past and present horrors of human behaviour.

Simon Conway Morris

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#4. The savagery of the picture strange and alluring, Frank smeared with blood and absolutely at ease. Barbarian, primitive, visceral; if Tony had been given to myth-making, he would have wondered if there could be any more frightening god than one who was simultaneously provider and destroyer.

Aleksandr Voinov

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#5. The true barbarian is he who thinks everything barbarous but his own tastes and prejudices.

William Hazlitt

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#6. The middle class, that prisoner of the barbarian 20th century.

Sinclair Lewis

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#7. The true law of the race is progress and development. Whenever civilization pauses in the march of conquest, it is overthrown by the barbarian.

William Gilmore Simms

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#8. A barbarian who could not write a sentence of grammar and hardly could spell his own name ... One of our tribe of great men who turn disease to commodity ... he craves the sympathy for sickness as a portion of his glory.

John Quincy Adams

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#9. It was the mark of a barbarian to destroy something one could not understand.

Arthur C. Clarke

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#10. He was aware, as he did so, of a poignant air of tragic dedication in all his actions, the dutiful routines of a doomed picket manning his lonely watch, as, beyond the next range of hills, the barbarian horde mounted its conquering ponies.

Michael Chabon

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#11. Barbarian that I am, I had eaten all of it. It had tasted quite nice too. Still, I took note of this fact and resigned myself to throw away half of a perfectly good cheese if it was set in front of me. Such is the price of civilization.

Patrick Rothfuss

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#12. Word can travel fast when it wants to, but the truth? The truth is rarely so reliable.

Brian Wood

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#13. Many small businesses would rather face an angry barbarian horde than tackle their cash flow statement or price a new product.

Nicole Fende

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#14. After twelve centuries, a little hope had come into the world - and then came an illiterate prince to ride roughshod over it with a barbarian horde and...

Walter M. Miller

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#15. How DARE you and the rest of your barbarians set fire to my library? Play conqueror all you want, Mighty Caesar! Rape, murder, pillage thousands, even millions of human beings! But neither you nor any other barbarian has the right to destroy one human thought!

William Shakespeare

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#16. I'm the barbarian of Hollywood.

John Milius

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#17. They might play Extinctathon, or one of the others. Three-Dimensional Waco, Barbarian Stomp, Kwiktime Osama. They all used parallel strategies: you had to see where you were headed before you got there, but

Margaret Atwood

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#18. You can never destroy the barbarian culture of hatred, violence, and death by killing barbarians. You have to destroy the philosophy that makes them barbarian.

Debasish Mridha

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#19. When night came on, the Macedonians and the barbarian crowd suddenly took fright in one of those mysterious panics to which great armies are liable


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#20. I've been a barbarian my whole life. I'm just a smarter barbarian now. Evolution, you know?

Brock Lesnar

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#21. Barbarus hic ego sum, quia non intelligor illis.
(In this place I am a barbarian, because men do not understand me.)


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#22. It was a pleasure merely to hear the sound of her voice, with which, like an instrument of many strings, she could pass from one language to another; so that there were few of the barbarian nations that she answered by an interpreter.


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#23. He couldn't understand how he was awarded medals and honors for clubbing and bayoneting people, and be called a barbarian for killing seals.

Geoff Butler

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#24. Hrun the Barbarian, who was practilly an academic by Hub standards in that he could think without moving his lips.

Terry Pratchett

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#25. Isolated, he may be a cultivated individual; in a crowd, he is a barbarian - that is, a creature acting by instinct.

Gustave Le Bon

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#26. A native speaker of English who has never read a word of the King James Bible is verging on the barbarian.

Richard Dawkins

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#27. Why should we expect her to be exactly like ourselves?" Lucia went on. "How can we be sure that our way is better than any other"
from "A Fair Barbarian

Frances Hodgson Burnett

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#28. Now you fear punishment and beg for your lives, so I will let you free, if not for any other reason so that you can see the difference between a Greek king and a barbarian tyrant, so do not expect to suffer any harm from me. A king does not kill messengers.

Alexander The Great

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#29. There are, for example, so many kinds of tongues in this world; and none is without voice. If then I know not the power of the voice, I shall be to him to whom I speak a barbarian; and he that speaketh, a barbarian to me.

Paul The Apostle

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#30. It has been said that a specialist is a barbarian whose ignorance is not well-rounded

Stanislaw Lem

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#31. I would rather be the first man in a barbarian village than the second man in Rome.

Julius Caesar

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#32. All definitions of civilization along to a conjugation which goes: I am civilized, you belong to a culture, he is a barbarian.

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

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#33. What more you expect from a nation that honors a barbarian.

M.F. Moonzajer

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#34. I didn't know how to be any other way. I felt like one of those barbarian kings just coming to conquer the Roman Empire

Mike Tyson

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#35. If I paint like a barbarian, it's because we live in a barbarous age

Karel Appel

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#36. What resists phenomenology within us--natural being, the 'barbarian' source Schelling spoke of--cannot remain outside phenomenology. The philosopher must bear his shadow, which is not simply the factual absence of future light.

Maurice Merleau Ponty

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#37. It's not naive to trust your family.'
'I promise you, it is,' said Laurent. 'But I wonder, is it less naive than the moments when I find myself trusting a stranger, my barbarian enemy, whom I do not treat gently.

C.S. Pacat

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#38. Annabeth turned the blade of her drakon-bone sword, which Percy had to admit made her look pretty intimidating and hot in a "Barbarian Princess" kind of way. "So I guess your Death Mist is pretty useless, then," she said. The goddess bared her broken

Rick Riordan

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#39. Violence is the tool of the barbarian; aggression is the method of the primitive; bloodshed is the way of the savage; cruelty is the manner of the brutish! To be called as a 'civilised,' man must be peaceable!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#40. Evaluating and altering the way you use the word "we" in speech, thought and writing is the simplest, yet also one of the most profound changes you can make in your everyday life to secede psychologically from the global collective and become a barbarian.

Jack Donovan

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