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Top 23 Barack Obama Funny Quotes

#1. A sportswriter once referred to him as our future president. With a name like Kevin, I don't know whether that's possible. - Author: Barack Obama
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#2. A relentless focus on the outward markers of success can lead to complacency. It can make you lazy. - Author: Barack Obama
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#3. It's funny, everywhere I go some people ask me whether it's going to be a Latino breakthrough, some people ask me whether it's going to be a female breakthrough, and then I'm reminded that five years ago we didn't even know Barack Obama's name. - Author: Gwen Ifill
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#4. Barack Obama may be black, but John McCain is the first Albino presidential candidate: he's completely see-through! - Author: George Lopez
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#5. Kit: Elemantary?
Ty: You know, Holmes never says, "Elementary, my dear Watson", i nthe books.
Kit: I swear I've seen it in the movies or maybe on TV.
Ty: Who would ever want movies or TV when there are books? - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#6. Church socials, beauty shops and barbershops. If two guys were standing on a corner, I would cross the street to hand them campaign literature. And everywhere I went, I'd get some version of the same two questions. "Where'd you get that funny name?" And then: "You seem - Author: Barack Obama
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#7. It often happens that when a person possesses a particular ability to an extraordinary degree, nature makes up for it by leaving him or her incompetent in every other department. - Author: Robert Shea
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#8. become deeply engaged in their team's project, and - Author: Laura Vanderkam
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#9. I think the beauty of growing up is not really knowing and figuring it out for yourself. - Author: Khloe Kardashian
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#10. It is true, I worry about the hype. The only person more over-hyped than me is you. - Author: Barack Obama
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#11. Be ashamed to catch yourself idle. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#12. The presidency has a funny way of making a person feel the need to pray. - Author: Barack Obama
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#13. It's not because John McCain doesn't care. It's because John McCain doesn't get it. - Author: Barack Obama
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#14. God has a funny way of reminding us we're human. [About his impromptu water break during his delivery of the GOP rebuttal to President Barack Obama's State of the Union on February 12, 2013] - Author: Marco Rubio
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#15. That MySpace is the story of the year. Everyone but my mother is on it. - Author: Dane Cook
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#16. If you have spent any time with Barack Obama, you know he's a funny guy. He's a good guy. He knows sports. - Author: Ed Rendell
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#17. Wishing I had the words to truly describe the way my heart swells with both relief and gratitude when I think about how even the tiniest snip of the threads in the tapestry of time could have sent our lives spiraling down different paths. - Author: J. Kenner
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#18. Time spent on solving a problem with the same level of thinking that created it is time well wasted - Author: Sekoni Sullivan
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#19. I remember in second grade, everybody in the class had to come up with adjectives for each other, and I got shy. In a way, I force myself to perform, because if I didn't, I'd stay home rolled up in a ball watching 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' all day. - Author: June Diane Raphael
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#20. I have a crush on Steve Tyler. He's funny, he rocks, and has a voice like a god. There is another one who I have discovered can sing. I should try and make an album with him ... it's Barack Obama! - Author: Lulu
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#21. But you see, a rich country like America can perhaps afford to be stupid. - Author: Barack Obama
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#22. My Longhorns are registered and I am a member of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association. - Author: Janine Turner
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#23. My mom had four kids, one with special needs. She had a full-time job, and she still came home and made dinner for us every night, from scratch. It was amazing. - Author: Eva Longoria
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