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Top 15 Bananas In Pyjamas Quotes

#1. The wind howled in defiance as viscous clouds suffocated the moon, taking the night as their own. - Author: J.D. Barker
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#2. Beware the Sunday-morning faith that may get you through the week but not in heaven! - Author: Mike Bryan
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#3. One hundred percent of the bishops who oppose the repeal of anti-abortion laws are men and one hundred percent of the people who have abortions are women. - Author: Mary Daly
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#4. I no longer want to walk on worn soles. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#5. Next thing I know you've run off to Paris and thrown yourself under the nearest Frenchman- - Author: Nicholls David
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#6. Did somebody whisper something? I look left then right. Uh oh. I think I'm hearing voices now. Not, I AM hearing voices I THINK I'm hearing voices. Okay not voices, just a voice. Is thinking you heard it better or worse than knowning you heard it? Does the distinction matter? - Author: Penelope Fletcher
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#7. I just love every minute of my life. I love the variety. Every minute of every day I'm meeting fascinating new people, learning and working with wonderful teams of people creating wonderful things. - Author: Richard Branson
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#8. Each man is the steward of his own soul. - Author: Gavriel Savit
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#9. Alas! Alas! Life is full of disappointments; as one reaches one ridge there is always another and a higher one beyond which blocks the view. - Author: Fridtjof Nansen
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#10. I think we have to believe we are here for some purpose, and I know there are many cynics who will deny it, but they don't live as if they deny it. - Author: Joshua Lederberg
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#11. People can be creul,people can be mean, what they say about us is not true it makes it there opinion, and it doesnt mean thats how the rest of the world see's it. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#12. I can not remember even thinking that I was deaf when I was dancing. - Author: Stephanie Beacham
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#13. Over the years, I've trained myself to speak using the same language I would use if I were typing: meaning using full sentences in the way that paragraphs and scenes are arranged. - Author: Kevin J. Anderson
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#14. A million possible endearments ran through his head. But he said, Help. - Author: Robyn Carr
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#15. As all clocks need winding, so all human brains and bodies need to be wound up by sleeping. - Author: Julia McNair Wright
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