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#1. When building sand castles on the beach, we can ignore the waves but should watch the tide. - Author: Edsger Dijkstra
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#2. All we can do is find the courage to stand still and to look backwards. - Author: Joshua Oppenheimer
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#3. You have to understand that to have a revolution when you are 18 years old is completely different from normal political leaders who were born in a democracy and will die in a democracy and never to have experienced that change. I have seen that change. - Author: Jose Manuel Barroso
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#4. When it seems that there is no way, the way is to think insistently that there is a way! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#5. Sleep came to them, quick and easy, like money to millionaires. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#6. All art is a form of artifice.For in art there can be no prejudices. - Author: Arthur Symons
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#7. Arabs and their allies are conducting a total war against Israel. A total war means a war of lies. The PA [Palestinian Authority] promotes lies; lying in Islam is permitted. - Author: Manfred Gerstenfeld
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#8. But I was no philosopher, and the sun was beginning to let me know that it was the hour when only mad dogs and Englishmen exposed themselves to its rays. - Author: Anne Fortier
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#9. I was very surprised how many people were earnestly reminiscing about the '80s. It's such a stupid thing to do, like, to be honestly invested in nostalgia. It never even occurred to me to do that. - Author: Michael Ian Black
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#10. Life is all about embracing each moment that is given to you. - Author: Evangeline Lilly
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#11. I still want to be as approachable and relatable as possible - when I meet fans and they're crying, I'll say, 'Calm down, there's nothing to cry about.' - Author: Katy Perry
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#12. For it is one thing to declare one's love for someone and quite another to accept that loving that person requires sacrificing one's dreams. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#13. It can be a little difficult to command attention when surrounded by lunatics, - Author: Adam Foulds
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#14. I'd always had quite a privileged lifestyle, to be honest. I've never wanted for anything, but I do know the value of things. I'm not, like, a brat. - Author: Abbey Clancy
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#15. That can be the cruelest part of happiness--its tendency to disguise itself in boredom."
- Marie-Helene Bertino, Safe as Houses, title story - Author: Marie-Helene Bertino
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#16. I wanted to be a ballerina as a child - I had a tutu, and I used to stage my own ballets in our front room with my family as the audience. - Author: Lucy Hawking
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