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Top 12 Badass Liam Neeson Quotes

#1. Your full potential can only be awaken by the spirit of a powerful and positive attitude. - Author: Joel Brown
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#2. I cannot cure everybody. I cannot help everybody. But to tell the lonely person that I am not far or different from that lonely person, that I am with him or her, that's all I think we can do and we should do. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#3. There's no greater lifestyle and no greater happiness than that of having a continual conversation with God. - Author: Brother Lawrence
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#4. Pretend to be dumb, that's the only way to reach old age. - Author: Friedrich Durrenmatt
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#5. From my perspective, you get up every day and you get out there and you make your case, and you reach as many people as possible. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#6. The true value of a big dream is who you must grow into to live that dream. - Author: Robin Sharma
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#7. I was simply frightened for my daughter - more frightened than you can understand - and such things trump anyone's feelings, no matter who they might be or what they might have gone through. - Author: Jonathan Rabb
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#8. No religion can be built on force. - Author: George Sand
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#9. But you are very good at passion. And if you have enough passion, you can almost learn to do anything well. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#10. Sarte was right, Hell is other people - Author: Tana French
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#11. I know some times you think I say I love you because I have to, but every time I say i love you I mean it that little bit more. It's hard to explain how I feel as I have never felt like this, and yeah it's scary because i could never see a life before you and now my life is you. - Author: Charanjit Singh Mannu
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#12. You have to die a human being to be reborn an individual. - Author: Henry Miller
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