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Top 40 Bad Time For Me Quotes

#1. It was hard to accept that she had almost no feelings, maybe
none at all, for me as a man. This hurt so bad at times it felt like
someone was gouging out my guts with a knife. Still, the time I
spent with her was more precious than anything. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#2. Even if Douglas was trying to sacrifice me and harvest my creepy powers at the time, I feel like killing people for doing awful things is probably setting a bad precedent for dealing with negative behavior. - Author: Lish McBride
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#3. You always look so damn happy to see me," he said, low. "And it's like a fist in my gut, every time. I wait for it not to happen, for you to get used to me, or maybe you're tired or you had a bad day, so you're in no mood to shine, but no. There's always that smile." - Ty, Chapter Twenty-One - Author: Ann Aguirre
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#4. Thank you to the readers of the 'Huffington Post' for voting me the 'Hottest Freshman' of the 111th Congress. It's about time politicians from Illinois were known for something other than bad haircuts or having the ability to walk on water. - Author: Aaron Schock
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#5. I had a bad back for a couple of years. I had to do a lot of physiotherapy for it. What I couldn't understand at the time was why the therapists had me doing a lot of stomach work. - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#6. It took a long time for me to walk. I was falling down all the time. But I ended up being one of the dangerous men, who broke so many people's noses, which is bad. - Author: Dikembe Mutombo
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#7. When I see old photos of me on the beach I don't look too bad ... but it's hard trying to breathe in for such a long time when I spot the photographers! - Author: Gary Lineker
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#8. For the past several years, I have gone to sleep every night in this same little pocket, the most uneventful piece of time I could find. Same exact thing every night, night after night. Total silence. Absolutely nothing. That's why I chose it. I know for a fact nothing bad can happen to me in here. - Author: Charles Yu
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#9. The bad boy image is something given to me by the media. I have been in relationships earlier, even for as long as three years. I am not saying I am a saint. I am like any other guy, I guess. Unfortunately, every time I even meet a person, it is reported as a link-up. - Author: Yuvraj Singh
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#10. You are so fucking good for me and so fucking bad for me at the same time."
"It's not good if you don't have the mix of both. - Author: S.E. Jakes
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#11. Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I'll waste no time reading it. - Author: Moses Hadas
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#12. When an executive walked on our floor, it was at their own risk. As far as what others thought of working for me, I know I was very tough at times, and would storm down the hall after watching some bad animation from Korea. But overall, I feel we had a good time. - Author: Joe Murray
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#13. Well in two months, it'd be sunbathing time. That made me smile. I enjoyed lying in the sun in a little bikini, timing myself carefully so I didn't burn. I loved the smell of coconut oil. And I don't want to hear any lectures about how bad tanning is for you. That's my vice. Everybody gets one. - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#14. For the first time in my life I've done something for me and by choice and not because somebody told me it was good or bad. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#15. Will punched his shoulder. "Thanks for the assist. Six at once isn't bad." "Not bad?" Nico glared at him. "Next time I'll just let them run you down, Solace." "Ah, they'd never catch me. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#16. What is it? A prize or something?
No. It's not a prize and I'm not a prize. But it's mine. It belongs to me and I can only give it away once, and I want to be so sure when it happens. I don't want to say that the first time for me was bad or it didn't mean a thing. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#17. I warned you the next time you spread your legs for me, I wouldn't be a gentleman. Did you expect a gentleman, Chelsea?" Rate St. Sebastian - Author: Samanthe Beck
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#18. I tried for the longest time to find out what deconstructionism was. Nobody was able to explain it to me clearly. The best answer I got was from a writer, who said, 'Honey, it's bad news for you and me. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#19. But ... as bad as it was, I learned something about myself. That I could go through something like that and survive. I mean, I know it could have been worse
a lot worse
but for me, it was all I could have handled at the time. And I learned from it. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#20. I'm very shy and awkward. I think the best thing is to embrace it. It's about accepting who you are and what you want to become and knowing all that you've got to work with, whether it's good or bad. My music was the only place I could be me for the longest time. - Author: Hunter Hayes
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#21. For me, addiction never really included telling myself that everything was okay. By the time I was deep in my addictions, I knew things were pretty bad and I had no control over them. - Author: Rob Roberge
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#22. Women call me all the time and tell me, 'You inspired me to get out of a bad situation,' or 'You inspired me to take the reigns for myself and go and do this.' I try to tell people to live their best life, and do what you know you need to do for yourself and your family. You need to be supported. - Author: Kimora Lee Simmons
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#23. I was reaching for one of the handles when I heard Heidler's voice from behind me. 'It would not be wise to enter. It is a bad time to disturb the dead. - Author: Micheal Rivers
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#24. By March '87 we're down to seven thousand, by the end of the year we're down to twelve hundred. The whole bottom just fell out of the market. It was bad for me because I was in Australia at the time. - Author: Eddie Campbell
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#25. I didn't have a role model. My role model was Michael Jordan. Bad role model for an Indian dude ... I didn't have anyone who looked like me. And by the time I was old enough to have what could have been a role model, they were my peers. Aziz Ansari is my peer. Kal Penn is my peer. - Author: Utkarsh Ambudkar
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#26. I had a bad knee injury when I was about seventeen. I wasn't able to climb for about six months. It was kind of like a transformative time for me, because it was really hard for me not to be able to climb. It forced me to appreciate things without just climbing. - Author: Chris Sharma
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#27. I think I'm bad luck for Tiger because he missed the cut in Charlotte with me. But yeah, those are two of the best players of all time. Tiger's the best player of all time in my opinion, so when he's not in the field, it's a relief because he's such a great player. - Author: Webb Simpson
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#28. When you think of me as a football player, I would like for people to think that I put it on the line every time. Good or bad, win or lose, I put it on the line. - Author: Joe Greene
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#29. You pay to have a good time, you don't always want to pay to be schooled or sad or reminded how bad you got it. To me a movie theater ain't always the place for that. - Author: Ice Cube
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#30. Well, let's see. Guardians spend all their time watching out for
others, risking their lives, and wearing bad shoes. Me? I have great
shoes, am currently massaging a pretty girl, and sleep in an awesome
I made a face. "Let's not talk about where you sleep, okay? - Author: Richelle Mead
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#31. An accent like mine and a face like mine, I think a lot of the time it's easy for casting directors to just stick me in as a bad boy, but 'Being Human' took a risk on me - bless 'em - and I'm not that bad boy no more. - Author: Michael Socha
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#32. I try to read, but my attention span is so bad, and ever since Netflix was invented, that's all I do in my spare time, which is really bad, but it's like a chore to read for me. - Author: Eliot Paulina Sumner
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#33. Look," she told me. "A good kreda is very hard to find. I invested a lot of time and memory in you. I had no intention of giving all that up, just because you were going to be in a bad mood for a decade or two. - Author: C.S. Friedman
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#34. I remember one time I went to Craigslist to find something; that's how bad I wanted it. It was a pair of Raf Simons - this was like 2010. But Raf said he was going to make them for me. - Author: ASAP Rocky
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#35. The only time you've been under me is when I've been inside of you and even then, you're never truly under me. I always remain under you. - Author: Kenya Wright
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#36. Last time I was sober, man I felt bad,
Worst hangover that I ever had.
It took six hamburgers, Scotch all night,
Nicotine for breakfast just to put me right. - Author: Mark Knopfler
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#37. What I really love is touring on a bus with my band playing shows every night and feeling the audience, feeling the presence of people actually listening to my music. Feeding my soul is what touring feels like for me and I absolutely refuse to have a bad time doing something I really, really love. - Author: Christina Perri
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#38. I skate for the fans. It's not as fun without them there supporting me. I get energy from them and I want to skate well for them. They relax me. They make me happy when I skate for them. I feel the Americans like me more and more each time I tour. - Author: Evgeni Plushenko
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#39. I am just coming out of five years of night, and this orgy of violent lights gives me for the first time the impression of a new continent. An enormous, 50-foot high Camel billboard : a GI with his mouth wide open blows enormous puffs of real smoke. So much bad taste hardly seems imaginable. - Author: Albert Camus
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#40. It was very bad for me that my deafness happened at around the same time as I discovered my clitoris. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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